Your cats may not come when you call them, but that doesn’t mean they’re not listening. Past studies have shown that cats know their own names, but a recent study in Japan found that cats recognize and remember the names of their feline housemates. I don’t think the findings are surprising, but I loved learning how the study was conducted. Visit LiveScience for more information.

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The kitty in today’s video demonstrates some serious tortitude – enjoy!

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5 Comments on Mews and Nips: Cats Know Each Other’s Names

  1. I saw this tiktok, video, it was in my news feed. this lady has trained her cats to talk using the push buttons on the floor, the cats know their names, tell her they want food, water, clean the litter box, play, feather toy, etc. it was amazing. i think i saw 4 cats in her house on the videos. the cats know the other cats names, they push the button that has the other cat’s name on it. they tell her if they are not happy, not feel good, having a bad day.

  2. Cats do know their names and even other pets and people in the home. Some
    people just don’t realize how very in tune cats are to their surroundings.

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