The images and news coming out of Ukraine are beyond distressing and heartbreaking. Anxiety, anger, helplesness, hopelessness, anger, and numbness – these are just some of the emotions we may be feeling as we follow news coverage of the war. It’s important to stay informed, but you may need to limit your news exposure to preserve your mental health, which for many of us may already be frayed after the last two years of constant stress caused by the pandemic.

Most of us are looking for ways to help those affected by the ongoing crisis. There are many worthwhile organizations who are working to help refugees, some even specifically help refugees who escaped with their pets, and they all need donations.

One easy way to help is to support Etsy sellers in Ukraine. Imagine that from one day to the next, your business is essentially eliminated because you can’t ship products any longer. Enter digital downloads. There are many Ukranian Etsy sellers who offer downloads of cat-related art. This is an inexpensive way to support artists and crafters in Ukraine, and get a beautiful download in return.


From the image at the top of the post to the beautiful picture above to knitting, crocheting and embroidery patterns, to all sorts of art prints, I’m sure you’ll find something you’d like to support. Etsy’s editors rounded up a number of Ukranian sellers who offer digital downloads, or you can simply search Etsy on “Ukranian seller cat” to find more options.

7 Comments on Support Artists in Ukraine with Digital Downloads

  1. This is a wonderful idea! Thank you!

    On a different but related topic, I’ve seen so many images of Ukrainians carrying their pets in their arms to safety. Are there any organizations providing soft or hard carriers to help carry dogs and cats? I would love to contribute $$ or actual carriers, if possible. (I’m guessing these items would have to be shipped to rescue groups who are getting supplies in through various borders.) I can’t imagine trying to evacuate my home with my cats in my arms!

    • I’m not aware of any organizations specifically donating carriers, but I, too, have been amazed at how many of these refugees are carrying their cats. And I’m amazed at how these cats seem to be taking things in stride.

  2. Ukrainian people do love their pets, and many Ukraine displaced people are tightly holding onto their pets not only for comfort, but so their pets won’t get lost. It’s a very sad situation,
    especially for the children, the elderly and the animals. That was a very good idea Ingrid, to
    download art from the Ukraine. Ukrainians are very talented people. I’ve been downloading to show my support and to give Ukraine a voice. Hopefully, everyone will remember this country and the people in their prayers

  3. I can’t even imagine all the poor abandoned pets that have been left behind. I have seen stories of Ukranian troops adopting some dogs that have been left behind by their fleeing families.

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