You may have seen the headlines: “Study: Cats May Legitimately Be Psychopaths.” “Is  Your Cat a Psychopath? Probably, Researchers Say.” “If Cats Were People, They’d Probably be Psychopaths, Scientists Say.” I cringed every time I saw one of those headlines, not just because they are simply ridiculous and ultimately harmful to cats, but also, because the referenced study is extremely flawed.

Feline behaviorist Mikel Delgado, PhD, who has been working with cats for over 20 years and was a postdoctoral researcher at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis, published a comprehensive article debunking this ridiculous study.

“The authors propose that there has been a lack of research on feline psychopathy because there’s no available questionnaire for exploring these traits in cats. I might instead argue that there’s no point in studying something that doesn’t really exist.” writes Mikel. As she dove further into the study, she found herself wondering “have these researchers lived with any cats?”

I encourage you to read Mikel’s article on her excellent blog, What Your Cat Wants – and to cut to the chase, no, your cat is not a psychopath!

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  1. Whoever, or whatever group or institution said cats are psychopaths are out of touch with reality and veterinary science. Cats are wonderful loving creatures, that are psychic and in tune with nature and mankind, but no way are cats psychopathic creatures.

  2. Such utter and complete baloney!!! These so called “studies” are infuriating. On the contrary, it is HUMANS who are most often the psychopaths! I am middle aged now and have literally had cats in my life since I was born. I have never had anything other then sweet, loving cats. Yes, they all had their own personality but they were/are all beautiful souls.

  3. Wish the article was from a secure source, but it’s not. I would love to read it as I have 4 beautiful male cats all with different personalities.

  4. I’ve heard of this “Are cats psychopaths” before, but I thought it was a JOKE! I had no idea anyone had been foolish enough to try to research this & say it’s real! I agree w/ what Mikel said about “have these researchers lived with any cats?”!

  5. I know more people that are psychopaths than cats. If cats are treated with love and respect, there are no psychopaths. I know of strays that have become adoptable with TLC and are appreciative of a forever home.

  6. Thank you for this, Ingrid!
    I love felines, always have, and don’t believe for one second that they are psychopaths!

    Di – Ontario, Canada

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