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Losing a beloved cat is devastating. While there are commonalities in how we mourn, grief is a very individual experience, and no two people will deal with loss in exactly the same way. But there are some things that can help ease the pain of loss. Finding ways to memorialize a cat who has passed on can be an important part of the healing process.

From photo tributes to planting a tree to having a portrait painted to creating a special memorial space in your home, there are many different ways to memorialize a pet. One of the more unusual and admittedly extravagant ones I’ve come across recently are Eterneva’s memorial diamonds.

Memorial diamonds from ashes

Diamonds are naturally formed through a combination of heat, pressure, time, and carbon. Eterneva created machines that can simulate these same conditions and grow a real diamond from the carbon in your loved one’s ashes.

Through a collaborative and, going by the testimonials offered on Eterneva’s website, uplifting process, they help families and friends honor the bright moments of a life by taking your cat’s ashes and turning them into a diamond. They will need about 1/2 cup of ashes to create a diamond.

Eterneva understands how personal this journey is. To get started, you will fill out a form for them to better understand you and your cat and what he or she meant to you. From there, they will follow up with helpful resources tailored to you, and they will be there with you throughout the process.

Learn more about the process

Visit Eterneva’s website to learn more and talk to an expert. Fill out the form online and receive a call from one of Eterneva’s experts to answer your questions. There is no obligation to purchase, the call simply provides a chance to gain further information about the process and the cost.

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5 Comments on Remember Your Cat With a Memorial Diamond

  1. Thank you so much Ingrid for this information! I had no idea about this. I kept the ashes of all my cats and like Theresa, I want all my cats ashes to be buried with me, but if some day I can afford it…

  2. i am not sure i could wear this because i would be crying all of the time. I had a beautiful urn, with a glass like picture and brass plate, in mahogany wood.

  3. All my cats ashes will be buried with me when I am cremated and buried. I already told my brother to put them in my urn (which I have already purchased).

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