Remembering Ruby: That Time When Ruby Watched the Tree Trimmers


We’re coming up on about a year ago that Ruby first started to get sick and then rapidly declined. It’s hard to believe that she’s been gone almost ten months. There are days when I feel the grief as acutely as if she had only left yesterday. Memories are both comforting and painful, as you would expect when you’re grieving. I’m grateful that I not only captured so many on photos and videos, but also in her “Ruby’s Reflection” column. Today’s memory goes back to the summer of 2012.

When a giant branch from one of the trees in my backyard got a little too close for comfort to my roof, I had a tree service come and cut it off. Ruby was never afraid of loud noises, but I knew this would be louder than anything she’d ever heard before. Read Ruby and the Tree Branch for the full story.

Bonus memory: the changing leaves made me remember the adorable video below of Ruby trying to catch them through the glass – enjoy.

11 Comments on Remembering Ruby: That Time When Ruby Watched the Tree Trimmers

  1. Melissa & Mudpie
    October 25, 2020 at 6:05 pm (8 months ago)

    What a precious memory and video. If only they could stay happy and playful like that forever.

  2. Kim
    October 22, 2020 at 1:51 am (8 months ago)

    Sweet video! I can’t believe it’s been a year, the pain comes in waves and I wish I had something more profound to say. I’m still stuck on “not fair” like an angry child but these are our children. Its a beautiful memory and I hope that your good ones are more frequent than the sad ones.

  3. Connie Fischer
    October 21, 2020 at 6:23 pm (8 months ago)

    Oh, precious Ruby. You are so very missed. How strange that my tortie, Sophie, came to rub up against my legs as I’m reading this.

  4. Ann
    October 21, 2020 at 5:58 pm (8 months ago)

    Thanks for sharing these memories. They stirred both the sadness and the joy that I feel with the memories of some of my favorite kitties. I only wish that I had been a better photographer, and had learned to use the video function on my cell phone to capture some of the more recent cats’ experiences.

  5. Dee
    October 21, 2020 at 5:01 pm (8 months ago)

    She was such a love. Its so hard to adjust t our grief in losing one of our kits or pets. For mr it took years. I still grieve sometimes but mostly i smile and am grateful for having known and loved them❤️

  6. Mary McNeil
    October 21, 2020 at 4:35 pm (8 months ago)

    What a sweet memory.

  7. Timmy Tomcat
    October 21, 2020 at 2:12 pm (8 months ago)

    Yes we so miss our Buddy Budd and then think of our Buttons and others. It is a process

  8. Steph
    October 21, 2020 at 12:12 pm (8 months ago)

    Thank you for sharing your precious memories of dear Ruby. Tuesday will always belong to her. ❤

  9. The Creative Cat
    October 21, 2020 at 9:31 am (8 months ago)

    She is still totally sweet. her memory lives on.

  10. Janine
    October 21, 2020 at 6:33 am (8 months ago)

    I loved reading Ruby telling the story of the tree branch. I could just picture the girls when it was taking place. I really enjoyed seeing her trying to catch the leaves too.

  11. Summer
    October 21, 2020 at 2:53 am (8 months ago)

    Aww, what a cute video of Ruby.


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