Founded by holistic veterinarian Dr. Jeff Feinman, Holistic Actions! offers resources to educate cat (and dog) parents on how to care for their pets holistically so they can live their longest and best lives. Rather than managing symptoms, HA!’s mission is to help veterinarians and cat parents focus on disease prevention and avoidance of unnecessary diagnostics and treatments.


Their free Bronze membership includes access to fundamentals that include all you need to know about nutrition, vaccines, exercise and other holistic actions you can take to help your cats have the best vitality and balance. The paid Gold membership includes weekly live support and access to licensed veterinarians.

HA! also teaches people who work with rescues animals how to enhance their quality of life and offers scholarships to HA! seminars.

Their website offers extensive resources on holistic care for pets.

For more information, please visit Holistic Actions!

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  1. Very very grateful for this link and that they have a free membership level!! Thank you for once again providing excellent material for us, your community!!

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