Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! Today is Mom’s birthday, and I’m surprising her with her favorite cake and flowers!

I have my work cut out for me today to keep Mom’s spirits up! It’s Mom’s first birthday without Ruby, who left us five months ago today. Ruby always made Mom laugh on her birthday with her silly demands for tuna cake.

It’s also going to be a very strange birthday, because Mom won’t be able to go out. She hasn’t really gone anywhere for two months now. She says it’s because there’s a scary virus out there, and everyone is being told to stay home. Mom only leaves the house once each day to go for a walk, and then she comes right back home. She’s not even going out to hunt for food and stuff, but thankfully, that’s all being brought to us, including my food! Whew!

But I digress. Mom loves to eat out, and for as long as I’ve been with Mom, she’s always gone out with friends to her favorite restaurant to celebrate. I know she’s sad that she won’t be able to do that this year – and so am I, because sometimes she brings yummy leftovers home!

I love having her home with me so much, even more than normal, but I also know that she gets lonely at times and misses her human friends. I miss her human friends, too! It’s been a long time since somebody has come to visit us.

I’m going to work really hard to make Mom smile today. I’m going to purr and sit on her lap and stay by her side even more than I normally do. I want her to have a good birthday, despite everything.

Please help me make my Mom’s birthday a good one by wishing her Happy Birthday!

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89 Comments on Happy Birthday to My Mom 2020

  1. Happy Birthday, Ingrid!
    Loved Allegra’s description of you going out hunting for food. So cute.
    Give Allegra and yourself lots of comforting hugs. Thanks for sharing your special day with us.

  2. Happy Birthday Ingrid! Hope you enjoy your day! I lost two of my babies this yr, it’s not easy but we must carry on. Try to remember all the good times you had with Ruby. She would want you to enjoy your birthday! Best wishes to you and Allegra!

  3. Happy birthday, Ingrid! It has been a strange year but I hope you still are able to find joy in celebrating your special day and know that we send you best wishes and keep you in our thoughts during these odd times. Viele liebe Gruesse zum Wiegenfest.

  4. Happy Birthday Ingrid!! Wishing you a wonderful day! Thank you for all you do for the feline community! I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate your insight and devotion to our cats health and wellness.
    Sherry Cassin

  5. Wishing you the best birthday possible, Ingrid. You certainly bring enough joy and humor into my life! Take care!

  6. Happy Birthday, Ingrid! Hopefully Allegra will make it a good as can be for you! And Ruby in spirit will be thinking of you as well. Hopefully in the future you can get back to see your human friends soon. Have a good one and do something for yourself today!

  7. Happy Birthday!! Although we’re in such strange times, I hope you enjoy your day as much as possible!! Stay healthy and enjoy those purrs and cuddles with Allegra!

  8. Happy birthday Ingrid and I know Allegra will do her best to ensure it’s a good one. I hope this is all over soon so we can all see our friends and families again. Thanks for everything. I enjoy Concious Cat

  9. It is a tough birthday month for most people. But hope you enjoy the day and have a Happy Birthday and brighter days are ahead!

  10. Happy Birthday Ingrid !!
    I hope you can celebrate your birthday at home in some personal way today !
    Maybe order yourself a nice gift !
    And a pizza !

  11. Ingrid,

    Happy birthday! Your sweet Ruby is, looking out for her Mom! Allegra is doing her best for Mom too. Unfortunately, the pandemic has put the hold on many outings.

    Just have the best day possible! You and Allegra have a good time!

    Grayson, Milo, Hamish and Nancy

  12. Happy birthday, Ingrid! Hope you can find some fun today, and of course extra snuggles with Allegra.

  13. Happy Birthday Ingrid! I know Allegra will make your birthday special with her purrs, headbonks, and other antics. Ruby is remembering too and is with you in memory.

  14. Happiest birthday wishes to a sister cat mom who is stuck at home. Isn’t it wonderful that we have companions to give us love? And I know you have it in spades. Congratulations On your special day, and I wish you the best of love and health in the year to come.

  15. Happy Birthday Ingrid! Hope you have a wonderful day with Allegra and your beautiful thoughts and memories of Ruby. All three of you are in my daily prayers. God Bless!

  16. Wishing your mom a super HAPPY HAPPY Birthday today! You let her know that she can and will have a BIGGER celebration next year. In the mean time be sure to spoil your mom with bunches of kisses, head bonks, and purrs. Love and Hugs! Purrs

  17. Good job, Allegra. Happy Birthday to your mom. Her birthday will be different, but with you in it, she’ll be okay. And there will be a few other surprises as well 🙂

  18. Wishing you a great . Enjoy every moment. Allegra will be at the ready to help celebrate.
    I love your blog. It makes the quarantine much less lonely. Thank you.

  19. Happy birthday, Ingrid! ❤ Allegra, you’re so sweet for taking such good care of your mom! Love and purrs!

    • Happy Birthday Ingrid! You will have to celebrate at your favorite restaurant when the quarantine is over. Meanwhile Allegra will help you celebrate.

  20. Happy Birthday, Ingrid!
    Wishing you and Allegra every happiness and peace always.
    Your friends,
    Agatha & the kitties

  21. Happy Birthday Ingrid!
    Wish you a wonderful day, filled with love and cake (not the tuna kind!) and cat purrs.
    With love from Sweden!

  22. Happy birthday to your sweet mom Allegra! You and mom should be very happy you have one another and this is all that counts. We have all been forced to change our plans and ways of life all around the world (I live very far away from you) but this situation made us all more inventive and creative, which is interesting and fun, isn’t it? I am sure we will soon have lots of time to celebrate again with all our friends and anyhow, we do not need special occasions to celebrate don’t you think? We can indeed celebrate any day! Give your sweet mom nice kitty kisses and enjoy your precious time with her! Lots of love and happy birthday from your distant friend, Anastasia.

  23. Happy Birthday, Ingrid! Health and happiness to you and Allegra in the coming year and beyond! Hang in there!

  24. Winston, Dawn, and I wish a Very Happy Birthday to Ingrid. And a special shout-out hello to Allegra for keeping her mom’s spirits up.

  25. Happy birthday Ingrid! Thank you so much for everything you do and the stories you share, it has helped me get through a lot. I know Ruby is at rainbow bridge with my babies Taz and Faith but, I know she is proud of you and Allegra. Also, my boys Eli and Leo send their happy birthday wishes as well.

  26. Happy birthday Ingrid! And thank you Allegra for telling us.
    My birthday was in April and I usually go out with my husband to dinner. But not only did I not go, I had to work all day! I’ve been deemed essential but as a part time employee, I usually work 4 1/2 hour shifts.
    Then to top it off, my husband thought my birthday was today! Lol

  27. Happy Birthday, Ingrid! My fiance’s birthday, my birthday, and our 7th anniversary were in March JUST when everything was shut down… Celebrating with take out isn’t the same. Ruford, Bella, and Lucky agree with Allegra – our kitties make everything better in these times! Hang in there, Ingrid! : ) You are not alone!

  28. Happy Birthday to you
    My birthday was last month and I always go out to dinner too. Of course not this year so I’m planning on going out to twice next year. I did have a Zoom party though and that was nice.

  29. Happy Birthday Ingrid
    My mummy had her birthday last week…and she couldn’t go out either… Daddy couldn’t even buy her a nice cake. We tried to get a make at home cake..but stoopid people brought all the cake mix and flour… so we ordered McDonalds pancakes to be delivered instead…
    I know you are both lonely without Ruby..but I know she is still all around you in spirit
    Sending many birthday wishes and hugs to your Mummy
    Love and Purrs from Koko the little Aussie kitty

  30. Happy Birthday Ingrid!

    And thank you for telling us about it, Allegra. It might may your mom feel a teeny bit better to know Ruby’s spirit lives on at our house where Aryana WILDcat has taken up the rallying cry for “TUNA CAKE!!!” We’d never heard of tuna cake before Ruby, and now it’s a daily bit of humor in our circle as Ary tries in vain to persuade our friend who’s a professional baker to create one for her…

  31. Happy birthday to your human! My human really misses going out to eat with friends too. Her birthday is near the end of July… she has no idea if things will be any better then.

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