I don’t know whether this is the result of too much time on your hands or just a case of being super creative, but apparently, crocheting tiny cat sofas has become a thing – and a very adorable one at that!  For those of you who crochet, the patterns are available from Ravelry.com. For more adorable photos of Kitty Couches, visit MyModernMet.com.

If you missed any of the stories featured on the Conscious Cat this week, here’s a recap: on Sunday, I offered some suggestions on how to keep yourself living in the present moment when things get too overwhelming, on Monday, we told you how the Assisi Loop helped a formerly feral cat heal from a neck injury, on Tuesday, we reviewed the FURminator DeShedding Edge Cat Brush, on Wednesday, we shared how one rescue group is handling contactless adoptions during the pandemic, on Thursday, we asked you to complete an interactive survey to help cats with chronic pain, and on Friday, we reviewed Gwen Cooper’s new feel good book, The Book of PAWSOME.

Today’s video is sure to make you go “awww” – enjoy!

Have a great weekend!

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6 Comments on Mews and Nips: People Are Crocheting Tiny Sofas for Their Cats

  1. It would be nice to see the “plans” for the couch. I’ve tried all way to download the plans without any luck. Could you please tell how to download the plans
    Thank you

  2. This is the most adorable cat furniture I’ve ever seen. It would sell out in minutes. I would need to have a double sized sofa for my Winston as he is a big boy. The biggest domestic cat I’ve ever seen, actually. If I were, say, 5 years-old, I could ride him.

  3. Those kitty couches are really cute! People should sell them. I love every picture of the cats lounging on their couches.

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