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If you trim your cat’s nails, you’ve probably been there. Even though you know to only take off the tip of the nail, if your cat moves while you’re trimming, there’s always a chance that you might cut off too much. And there’s no worse feeling than having inadvertently injured your cat. With the Zen Clipper, you never have to worry about hurting your cat again.

Why Zen Clipper?

The Zen Clipper is designed to only clip the tip of the nail. It has a patent-pending conical blade that slides over the tip of the cat’s nail. Once the nail is positioned in the hole, you clip. There is simply no way that you can cut the quick. It’s like putting the nail into a small funnel – only a limited amount of the nail will fit.

The Zen Clipper also features another interesting design element: a spring between the two sides limits how far the clipper can open. This is a pretty clever feature, because it gets the clipper ready faster to move on to the next nail than if you had to open and close the clipper manually.


Most adult cats will need the XS size. These clippers are a fantastic choice for individuals whose close-up vision is compromised, since they will not allow you to cut off too much of the nail.

Seven sizes for different nails

The Zen Clipper is available in seven sizes, and it’s important to get the right size. Too small, and you’ll have to trim your cat’s nails more frequently than needed. Too large, and you’ll cut the quick. If the size you order turns out to not be the right size for your cats, they will exchange it for you at no extra charge.


My experience with the Zen Clipper

Trimming Allegra’s nails can be challenging. She is not a cat that you can restrain, so I can usually only trim one or two nails at a time, and I have to catch her when she’s very relaxed. She will bite at my hands and pull her paws away if I’m not quick enough.The Zen Clipper has been a game changer. Now I don’t have to worry about her jerking her paw away from me at the wrong moment. Additionally, the blade is super sharp, and she doesn’t seem to feel as much pressure from the cut as she did with regular trimmers.

Ruby was pretty good about having her nails trimmed, but I was always nervous after accidentally cutting her quick one time. She always reacted with a little grunt or even hiss with each clip with other nail trimmers. There was absolutely no reaction from her with the Zen Clippers. Not only did I not have to worry about hurting her, the whole nail trim session went much faster than it had in the past with regular trimmers.

I absolutely love these clippers, and awarded our Seal of Approval a while back.


For more information about Zen Clipper, and to order, please visit their website.

The Zen Clipper is available from Amazon with free shipping for Prime members.


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6 Comments on Make Nail Trims Worry Free With the Zen Clipper

  1. This is an interesting concept, but I bet takes some practice. One of the things I encounter with my cats is how much they hate having their nails trimmed and tend to pull back. Would they be able to pull the paw back quick enough without the nail getting hung up in the hole. It might work best with two people, one holding the cat and one trimming.

    • I don’t think the nail could get caught in the hole, but I suppose it depends on how curved the nail is. For most cats, nail trims are going to be easier with two people.

    • I started my cats out with these a few weeks after we got them, and they are now two years old. I hold the cat firmly but gently under one arm, and use that same hand to hold the paw while the other holds the clipper. I stroke her head and murmur soft words to her between paws. They cats still don’t really like it, but they have learned that once I sit down with them they won’t be able to wiggle out of it. So they make only half-hearted efforts to pull their paws back.

      After a few times of doing this procedure, it will become really easy. I can now clip the nails on all four paws in about two minutes, and that includes pausing and reassuring the cat between paws.

    • You’ll have to take your best guess. Most adult cats will be XS. If the size you order isn’t the right size for your cats, they’ll exchange it for you at no cost.

  2. I am probably one of the few cats the Zen Clipper doesn’t work for because I have so many different claw sizes! Some of them are thick, and a few of them are thinner. I’d need probably three of these in different sizes to match each nail, front and back.

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