Traveling just a got a little less stressful if you’re flying through Minneapolis. 11-year-old Stitches provides purr therapy at the busy Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. According to The Twin Cities Pioneer Press, the tabby mix is the first cat to join the airport’s comfort animal support team, the 96 Animal Ambassador program. Stitches is usually being wheeled around in a stroller with a sign that says “Pet Me!” on the top. She even has her own business cards that people can take with them after a nice neck scratching session. For more about Stitches and a video of her on the job, visit Travel and Leisure.

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Triple T Studios

The kitty in today’s video made me smile – just look at that blissful little face!

Have a great weekend!

Photo via Travel and Leisure

4 Comments on Mews and Nips: Therapy Cat Helps Ease Travel Stress at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport

  1. HOpefully she gets lots of down time

    In Hong Kong recently I noticed videos of puppies and cats – very relaxing.

    We are so lucky to have our animal friends to settle our nerves!

    Love to all cats, dogs, and other domesticated pets xxx

  2. Stitches is the perfect ‘Therapy Cat’ who probably gives out more love and warm feelings then she ever thought possible. However, Stitches, head sure isn’t lacking for getting tons and tons of pats that make her feel loved by all the people who pass by her cart. Good for you, Stitches, keep on giving out all those good deeds and they’ll triple in their way back to you.

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