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I’m a big fan of James Bowen and Bob, and have been following the pair’s remarkable story for the past seven years. I interviewed James twice (read my interviews here and here.) I’m looking forward to his newest book, The Little Book of Bob: Life Lessons from a Streetwise Cat, which comes out in October. And I was delighted when the Daily Mail broke the story of James’ engagement to a woman who is owned by a tortie!

Madame Pompadour, who goes by Pom Pom, belongs to James’ fiancée Monika. The pair live together in Bowen’s Surrey home, and according to the Daily Mail, Bob welcomed Pom Pom with open paws. “They took their time to get to know each other,” Monika told the Daily Mail, “…but soon they were playing and running around the house and curling up together to sleep. They really love each other.”

Read the full story of how James and Bob found love, along with wonderful photos, in the Daily Mail.


Photo via Daily Mail

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6 Comments on A Street Cat Named Bob, a Tortie, and a Love Match

  1. Bob is quite handsome; he actually doesn’t appear to be streetwise! Actually I’m wondering what a ‘streetwise cat’ should actually look like. But then I guess, my mind is thinking, the cat should appear to be frumpy or kind of torn up; I’m being silly James, please forgive me. On the other hand, I’m thrilled Bob found Pom Pom, the gorgeous Tortie. Nice move Bob!

  2. I met James & Bob last year & they are wonderful. I got the new book when it came out in the U.K. & it is great! We are going to the fundraiser at the House of Lords. I am so happy for them. Best wishes to their new family!

  3. I love hearing how James met Monika and even happier that Bob and Pom Pom get along so good. I have been following James and Bob for a long time too and this news really makes me happy.

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