Hi everyone, it’s Allegra and Ruby! That Ghandi guy must have been pretty smart, and he must have been a cat guy, because cats have always known how important it is to rest and relax.

It can be hard to get Mom to slow down, so we’re really happy that she’s taking this weekend to unplug and just be. But don’t worry, it’s just a short break. Mom said there will be a Sunday quote tomorrow, and she’ll be back for our regular programming on Monday.

We wish you a relaxing weekend filled with sun puddles and purrs!


10 Comments on Mews and Nips: Taking a Short Break

  1. Thank you for all the good wishes! I had a lovely, relaxing weekend, and the girls had fun with their cat sitter, but they were very happy to see me when I returned yesterday.

  2. It’s always purrifect),if there’s such a word) to hear from my favorite girls, ‘yes, that means you, Ruby and you, Allegra.’ Now, while the mom is away, you, feline love bugs, better not play, play in a bad way; ‘if you two no what I mean!’ Stay close to the sun puddles and think of that ‘Guy, Ghandi’ of how really smart he was and how smart you two can become with all the naps you’re both catching up on. Dream of ways to welcome Mom back home, helpful things such as that, instead of dreaming about all the trouble you both can get into. Love ya, both.

  3. Hmmm…your Mom is taking a short break? Tell Mom I saw her doppelganger in Detroit last night! We KNOW Mom’s break didn’t involve a trip to Detroit, (at least we don’t think so!) The doppelganger looked SO MUCH like your Mom that my mom almost went over to her!! Have a great weekend! Love, Cody

  4. Your mamma needs her *independence* from her great, but prolific blogging. Enjoy each other’s company and stay far away from the noisy fireworks

  5. You deserve a break, Ingrid:)
    Us Canadians have a long weekend, with Canada Day being Monday…..but you will all have a Holiday on Thursday:)
    Happy 4th of July!
    Sending love from kitties Bug, Peach, Clara, & Tigger
    Di in Bracebridge, Ontario

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