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The Jackson Galaxy Go Fish Cat Toy puzzle toy will let your cat go fishing for treats!

This food puzzle is designed to satisfy your cat’s hunting instinct and keep her mentally stimulated. The silicone fishtails are removable for cleaning and the base is dishwasher safe. The base has rubber feet to minimize movement on hard floors.


Go Fish Features

  • Sprinkle cat treats among the tails and watch as your cat “fishes” them into the trough
  • Silicon tails rotate easily so you can change up the puzzle
  • Tails are removable for cleaning
  • Melamine base with rubber feet limits excess movement on hard floors
  • Dishwasher safe


Putting Go Fish to the test

This is a simple puzzle toy, and Allegra made quick work of retrieving the treats. I used freeze dried sprinkles for a second round, and that kept her busy much longer since the treats are so much smaller.

Ruby feels that she shouldn’t have to work that hard for treats.

The Jackson Galaxy Go Fish toy is available from Amazon, Jackson Galaxy, and Petmate.


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4 Comments on Review: Jackson Galaxy Go Fish

  1. Go Fish looks like fun! Allegra, you go girl; the idea is work off some calories then you get rewards, a win win situation. But my darling Ruby, let’s chat, ‘ Ruby, get off your tail and move, nothing in life is free.’ Although, Ruby, I would probably give them to you for free, but don’t tell Allegra.

  2. So funny….my little girl, Darla, will work for a piece of kibble in a similar set up, but our boy, Spanky, will wait till a piece of kibble falls near him!

  3. I agree with Ruby! Why do we want to frustrate our cats? 🙂 But then, I hate complicated puzzles for humans 🙂

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