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Curl Up with a Cat Tale series features humorous and heartwarming short stories about the ongoing adventures of Gwen Cooper’s feline family. I find myself falling a little bit more in love with Gwen’s cats with each story. This month’s installment features Fanny, one of Gwen’s two black cats.

Fanny used to be shy and highly sensitive to anything from loud noises to sudden movements. Then one day, Gwen brings home a small sample of dry food from the pet store – something that she’s (editorial comment: wisely!) not feeding her cats except as maybe a very occasional treat. Fanny’s reaction to this forbidden treat confirms that dry food is, indeed, “kitty crack.”

The former little angel becomes a determined little devil in pursuit of food, any food, at all hours of the day and night. Gwen’s wonderfully descriptive writing will have you laughing out loud as you find out whether Fanny’s newfound love affair with food can be contained.

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  1. Thanks for the share. We love reading books that make you get into the story so much that every page you read you can’t put the book down. We are going to get a copy of this book. Thanks for the review. Have a wonderful weekend.

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