Jackson Galaxy just announced a series of live events titled Total Cat Mojo Live. Jackson will appear in 15 cities across the United States. You will leave the even with all the tools you need to deepen and improve your relationship with your cats. Jackson will get up close and personal with attendees – there will be time for questions at each event. And, it’s going to be a giant cat party!

Watch Jackson talk about Total Cat Mojo live:

The Total Cat Mojo Live Tour is sponsored by Litter Genie. For more information on the events, and to purchase tickets, please visit https://www.jacksongalaxy.com/events

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    • I agree 100 % !! We need ya Mr.Galaxy up here in the Toronto area! Hamilton ON (where I’m from) has a large cat over population problem that could really inspire the young and wise to adopt more and fix those precious fur babies asap to help keep our furry neighbors alive and free from harm xox

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