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Cat litter is a fact of life for all of us, and while it may not be the most exciting aspect of sharing life with a cat, it’s a necessity. You can make it sound cutesy by calling it “kitty” litter, but that really doesn’t change all the negative associations some people have with it: Heavy. Dusty. Tracked through your house. Why can’t someone invent some a litter that isn’t all those things?

Oh wait! Someone has!

It’s called PrettyLitter, and it brings veterinary science into your home and eliminates some of the negatives associated with traditional cat litter.

Health monitoring

When your cat urinates in a litter box filled with PrettyLitter, the litter changes color. Yellow and olive green are good and mean there’s no sign of health problems in your cat’s urine. Other colors like red, blue, and bright green mean your cat may be dealing with a health issue.


PrettyLitter does this by by reacting to the pH of your cat’s urine. Because many feline health problems cause dramatic shifts in urine pH, this is an excellent way to signal pet parents that something may not be quite right.

PrettyLitter also changes color in the presence of blood. Conditions like kidney stones and bladder crystals can cause blood in the urine, so when PrettyLitter turns red, you know it’s time to take your fur baby to the vet.

Works with any litter box

While some litters require a certain type of box (“Must be four inches deep and at least 12 inches wide and come with a lid and a satellite dish!”), this litter works with any litter box. Tall, deep, shallow, wide, self-sifting, mechanical, – any litter box will do. It’s light enough to not jam up self-sifting litter boxes, and it’s tiny silica granules are small enough to fall through even the most serious litter scoops.

Superior odor control

PrettyLitter starts off odorless and stays odorless.

PrettyLitter is made of tiny silica crystals that quickly absorb moisture from urine and feces, trap odor-causing bacteria, and let the moisture go via evaporation. The bacteria remain trapped and odorless in their little silica prisons until it’s time to change out your PrettyLitter. Pretty Litter does not use artificial fragrances or perfumes to mask odors.

Easy maintenance

With traditional litters and natural-media litters, you may need to change out the litter every few days. With PrettyLitter, you’ll only have to replace your cat litter once per month. PrettyLitter is such a pro at letting go of moisture while holding on to odors and bacteria that it lasts far longer than traditional clumping litters.

In fact, PrettyLitter doesn’t clump at all. Rather, when your cat makes a deposit, the solid bits are easily scooped out with a litter scoop while the liquid evaporates. Simply remove and toss the solid bits, stir the litter around, and you’re done!

One bag of PrettyLitter will last one cat one month.

Better still, PrettyLitter is shipped right to your home so you never have to worry about forgetting your cat’s precious soil at the store or wondering when it’s time to change out the box. Just change your litter whenever your new pack arrives on your doorstep.

Lightweight and dust-free

Lightweight litters are all the rage these days. The idea is great in theory, but some of these cat litters now come with an added problem: more dust. Lightweight clay litters become airborne much more easily, which can cause problems for both you and your cat. Dust clouds can carry harmful bacteria into your respiratory tract, and even new, clean litter can irritate nasal passages and lungs and cause respiratory problems for cats and humans, including asthma.

PrettyLitter gives you all the benefits of lightweight litter without the dust. A one-month supply of PrettyLitter weighs four pounds. And because PrettyLitter is made of silica, it creates zero dust.



There are a lot of hidden costs associated with traditional litters.

First, you’ll go through a lot more of it each month than you will if you use PrettyLitter.

Second, because clay litter sticks to anything moist, it’s easily tracked through your house on your cat’s paws. When that litter makes its way onto your carpet, sofa, or other furniture, it can wear down your fabrics with every step.

Third, Pretty Litter helps you save on veterinary costs. Since PrettyLitter gives cat parents a way to monitor their cats’ health, and detect problems even before symptoms appear, Pretty Litter lets you take care of health issues before they become advanced, and potentially more costly to treat.

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13 Comments on PrettyLitter Alerts Cat Parents to Health Issues Early

  1. please be advised, as with ALL lightweight litters, this has caused deaths/illness in multiple cats due to litter being inhaled. If you are looking for dust free, I highly recommend the recycled paper litter, also really great if your cat has urinary track issues.

  2. I’m so glad to read your reviews!! Just started using Pretty Litter 3 weeks ago! My sweet, pickey, Tortie kitty, balked…
    as cats do! But…with a little Catnip, and coaxing, Voila, she tried it, and she too loves it! It is just odor..just stir the urine around a bit, scoop the poop, and it’s so pretty!
    Seems soft on their feet as well. I am going to look up the effects of Silica should they ingest it tho…just in case. It’s the Nurse in me. If I find anything, I’ll post it! Good Luck!

  3. Many years ago (prior to 2010) I decided that I could no longer stand those litters with the “odor control”, aka nasty chemicals. I could never stand going down the laundry aisle at the supermarket either! The litter boxes had all been moved to the basement (kitty preference!) and when one kitty came up to the second floor to lie next to me, I could smell it on him! THAT was the final straw. I tried MANY different kinds of litter – pearls, paper, walnut, wheat, etc. The funny part is I avoided World’s Best, mainly because of their claim in the name – how can anything be best? I eventually tried this and have stuck with it since.

    What I like about it:
    it is corn based, thus biodegradable/flushable
    it clumps nicely
    if ingested, it isn’t chemical based
    no discernible odors, at least for me
    no cleaning of the boxes for months, just scoop and refill as needed
    limited tracking (I find ALL litter tracks to some degree)
    no concerns with silica dust

    Yes, there have been concerns posted about possible corn allergies, but I would be more concerned with corn in the food (and dry food – cannot find enough times to stress that!) Having been using this now for 8 years+, not one cat has developed an allergy. IS it possible? Sure. But that would be found by you via some reaction and then a vet check – if there is an issue traced to it, switch to something else! Some people do not like the odor, even when freshly opened/poured into the box. I do not find it noticeable and have had multiple comments about how my house does NOT smell of cat urine (I currently have 12 cats!) Although they make “scented” and “multi-cat” versions, I have stayed with the original and have had NO issues.

    As for the litter detecting something – I do not recall which brand it was, but one of those I tried had something like that. I found that if the urine is there for a bit, the colors changed anyway but we had NO medical issues. It probably has something to do with the breakdown of the urine after it exits the body and sits for a while. I do scoop many times/day, but when working, it can sit for a while. I certainly would not trust a litter to evaluate my cats! Observation and regular check ups are key. If someone is having litter issues, such as straining, or peeing outside the box, you are likely to know it and need to see the vet! For instance, much larger clumps can indicate dilute urine, which can be caused by several medical issues that require treatment (CKD, hyperthyroid, etc.) Another issue was brought up already – how do you determine who is having an issue in a multi-cat household? Like you, Ingrid, I can pretty much ID anyone’s poo… urine? Not so much. My formerly hyperthyroid and early CKD stage kitty has that dilute urine. I knew this before any medical testing because she drinks a lot or water and makes larger than normal urine clumps! Yes, I can ID hers. You all know your kitties behaviors and norms – YOUR observation is better than any litter can be!!

    I also have mine delivered via Chewy (I had another source, wholesale price, but that went away), so I do not have to haul those heavy bags from the store. Since they are heavy, I dolly them into the house via the garage, store in covered totes (mice WILL get into it!) and use empty 33OZ plastic coffee containers to prep for delivery to all the boxes, eliminating the need to carry the bag upstairs (and I love reusable items!)

    The downsides:
    some tracking, but again, every litter I have tried tracks, no matter what they tell you!
    – this can be reduced by using litter mats, but I have one area where this cannot be used.
    a little dusty sometimes, but not really noticable

    Although it indicates it is flushable, with 12 cats and a not-so-new septic system, with unknown prior care, I won’t flush (one station is near a toilet, so the solids are flushed in there, which includes a little litter sometimes.) I did not flush it at my previous home either, mainly because of having a septic system there and multiple cats too. What I do is collect it in old kitty litter buckets (reuse again!) stationed near all the boxes and pitch it outside later, in an area away from any people use. I learned at my previous home to “spread the wealth”, aka do not dump it all in one place as it takes much longer to break down. If you have a small yard (or none for apartment dwellers), trash or flush would have to suffice. I have more acreage now, so I spread it around (buckets are only filled for a few days, about 1/4 full, and put in garage until there are a few to pitch, ported via dolly). Each bucket’s contents is pitched/flung, so as to ensure it spreads out. A few days later (sooner if rain or snow occurs), there is no evidence of it!

    So, every person’s needs and preferences are different – having tried many, I am satisfied with this choice for now. If anything comes up to make this questionable, I will revisit it. Having used this now for over 8 years, I cannot fathom anything untoward with it.

    Now, if someone has a nifty way to reduce cat floof, I’m all ears! Even after just sweeping up, not 10 minutes later a floof tumbleweed or two swirls around the room or down the long hall! All carpeting was removed by me, so it is all hard-surface floors. I have started calling it Savoir Faire, because it is EVERYWHERE!

  4. Has anyone had experience regarding how well the cats adapt to this type of litter? I ordered a “different” type of litter a while back but my cat just didn’t like it.

  5. I am concerned about silica causing intestinal distress what with cats licking their paws. Anybody know?

    • If you go to their website they have a great video and lots of answers to questions about ingredients and safety. I was concerned as well but did a little more research and felt comfortable with the product.

  6. I usually do not comment on posts ever! With that said, my 8 month old cat suddenly had a UTI. Being so young I was concerned. After bringing her to the vet I realized it could have been her clumping litter(I was using a high end brand) .
    I instantly started doing some research and came across pretty litter which is non clumping. It’s a total game changer. I absolutely love it. I adopted a second cat who is now 5 months old and they share 2 litter boxes between them. Of course they both have to use the same one at the same time 🙂
    The litter has been fantastic. I have moved one of the litter boxes to our family room end table. I never smell a thing. It works exactly like they say it does with the exception of tracking. It does track just not as bad as other brands. It’s a fine sand like consistency so their paws sink into it much like yours would at the beach. It’s not much of a problem for me as I have purchased litter boxes with a design to track less litter all over. I would pay attention to the size of your litter box. They do on their website tell you the appropriate size to use for 1 bag of litter. I believe it’s 11×15 or something like that. I know it sounds small but it’s not. Like I said, both my cats use it with no problem. The customer service is stellar. They answered all my questions and even customized my order. BTW when you purchase it automatically sets up an auto delivery for you so you don’t ever have to worry about going out and getting litter. It comes straight to your door. It’s super light weight. I bought in bulk and received a great price. I had the room so I purchased 24 bags. Enough for both cats for a year!
    The bags a small and light. I can’t say enough about them. I am extremely happy with my purchase and how it’s preforming. I highly recommend to anyone with a cat to help monitor their health with just litter 🙂

    • I have 2 cats and 2 litter boxes also. Based on your comment I may just get off the fence and try it. Thank you Michelle. I don’t comment much either, so I appreciate you taking the time! I usually order litter from Chewy and it is nice having it delivered!

  7. This is a great idea. But I wonder how well it would work in multiple cat households. I guess you would need to watch each one as the used the litterbox to know who’s pee turned what color.

    • Yes, you would definitely need to know which cats does what, Janine – but regardless of which litter you use, it’s a good idea to try and keep track of each individual cat’s litter box behavior. I know it’s not possible all the time – I certainly can’t do it with my two, even though I’m home a lot. But I can usually tell just by where the clumps are, and what the stool looks like, whether it was Allegra or Ruby, and if anything ever looks slightly off, then I’ll know to pay closer attention.

  8. I have been reading about Pretty Litter for sometime now and have been quite interested. But I would love to hear the opinion of cat professional’s that have actually used it, as well as cat parents. I’m concerned about the urine odor with only changing once per month. I know what the description says, but still, it’s a concern. If it wasn’t for the subscription I would have tried it by now.

  9. We love the idea of Pretty Litter (in fact, my human prefers silica litter when we travel because it’s lightweight), but we aren’t quite as enamored of being pushed into a subscription model. Yes, it’s possible to opt out, but it’s still kind of annoying.

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