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Who doesn’t love a good mini series? And better yet, who doesn’t love a mini series featuring super cute cats? Litter Genie®, the hassle-free compact cat litter disposal system, presents “Real Cat Lives, Meow Moments,” featuring 10 shelter cats and kittens as the stars of the show. 

Cat-racters include

• Apricot: “Some might call me a lazy house cat, but I prefer spiritually unmotivated.”
• Bandit: “Mess with my treats and there will be a cat-astrophe.”
• Ginger: “If you touch my stuff, we will have a paw-blem.”
• Marshmallow: “I never asked for a life of fame, this constant filming stresses ME-OWt.”
• Tiger: “You know what they say… an exercise a day keeps the vet away.”

Meet all 10 cats in the video below:

The filming of “Real Cat Lives, Meow Moments” took place at Meow Parlour in New York, the city’s first cat café, which combines sweet cats and sweet treats in one magical place. All of the cats at Meow Parlour are available for adoption.

Visit to watch these adorable kitties entertain you with their antics. While you’re visiting, make sure you download the $5 off coupon for any Litter Genie® Pail.

Litter Genie® products are available from many online and brick and mortar retailers, including, Petco, Pet Smart, Target, Amazon, and Chewy.

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