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Embraced for decades by holistically oriented pet parents and holistic veterinarians, raw feeding is becoming more mainstream as pet parents look for alternatives to feeding highly processed commercial pet foods.

Darwin’s Raw Cat Food

I feed several brands of raw food, and I’ve been impressed from the time I first discovered Darwin’s, both in terms of what’s in the food and what’s not:

• 100% meat – no animal-by-products or fillers
• gluten free and wheat free
• human grade ingredients
• all the meat that goes into their food is from free-range and cage-free animals
• no GMO ingredients
• no steroids
• no hormones
• made fresh: you will receive your meals 4-6 weeks from production. (Darwin’s uses a manufacture date instead of an expiration date.)
• ready to serve – complete and balanced raw pet meals
• human grade ingredients

In short: they’re doing everything right.

Raw Feeding made easy

Darwin’s makes raw feeding easy. Not only does their food come packaged in convenient 8 ounce sealed packs, but it’s delivered straight to your door.

It takes about 24 hours for one pack to thaw in the refrigerator, so feeding is no harder than feeding canned food. The only difference is that instead of opening a can, you’re defrosting a pack of food.

The food is more nutrient dense than some of the other brands with higher vegetable or moisture content. One 8 ounce pack is just right for one day’s worth of breakfast and dinner for Allegra and Ruby.

Free menu consultation

If you’re not sure how much to feed, and how frequently you should have your food delivered, Darwin’s offers free pet food consultations.


Darwin’s Home Delivery Program

Darwin’s offers a convenient autoship schedule so you’ll never have to worry about running out of food. The timing of delivery is flexible, and Darwin’s friendly customer service team will gladly adjust your schedule as needed.

Darwin’s is packed in a Styrofoam cooler with dry ice, and unlike some other raw food brands I ordered online in the past, it arrives completely frozen. In fact, it arrives so frozen that it actually hurts my hands a bit getting it from the box to the freezer. I’ve learned to wear gloves now when I unpack our delivery!

I also like that Darwin’s is environmentally conscious about all the packaging it takes to ensure that raw food is shipped and delivered safely. Each shipment provides a prepaid UPS return label. All you have to do is seal the box back up and either drop it off at your nearest UPS service center, of, if you’re lazy like me, just leave it out when you know you’re getting your next delivery from UPS (I put a note on the box for the driver to alert them that it’s a prepaid return so they don’t get confused.)

How to order

Darwin’s has an introductory offer that can’t be beat so you can try this for your own cats: For $14.95, you get 10 pounds of raw food. You can customize the flavors depending on your cat’s taste preferences.

Once you place your introductory order, you are automatically set up for automatic shipments (you choose the frequency of shipment,) but you can cancel this at any time.

For more information and to order, please visit

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  1. I’m actually a recent ‘first timer’ with Darwins, within the past few weeks, and thought I’d share.

    I already raw feed, generally RadCat, but have been looking for a second company to purchase from because I worry about isolating my cats food to just one manufacturer. Darwins seems like a logical choice both because of their location, local to myself, and then the price point is reasonable. I hoped to feed chicken/turkey from Darwins, and the pork from RadCat.

    With their initial offer, it was a no brainer to give it a shot. I split the original order between turkey and chicken. My cat does not appreciate lamb and will gladly make that known by vomiting the lamb back into my shoes. The original order took some time to ‘ship’ but I was eventually given a ‘ship’ date. The ship date came and went, plus several days. We were baffled that the food had not yet arrived but thought it was just an estimate or perhaps was still in transit. On day 3, our neighbor found that the package had been dropped off at their home, at a little used side door. The food had to be thrown away. We felt bad but had not realized that the ‘ship’ date was actually a ‘delivery’ date or we could have been more proactive.

    We contacted Darwins, explaining the situation and they were kind enough to schedule us for a second shipment. This shipment we were told would include one package of lamb. Frankly, I just let it go. I figured I’d throw it away rather than bug the people at Darwins more.

    The day before the second delivery was scheduled we had a bit of snow. Now, in Portland, some snow is often a big deal so it was not a surprise when our delivery was rescheduled from Wed to Friday though snow itself was in short supply. Then it was rescheduled again to Tuesday, both times via an email announcement. Tuesday came and went, no package. This time I was on the trail, sending the husband door to door in the neighborhood, driving to check similar house names in our area. Nothing. I emailed Darwins that night letting them know we hadn’t seen it and had it been delivered? I never received a response.

    The next day, Wednesday, we did find the delivery on our doorstep! We were very excited. Sadly, once we opened the box we found that there was 1 chicken and that the rest were lamb so had to be disposed of. I emailed Darwins again, both to let them know I had received it and to let them know that most of it was not a product I could use. I don’t know why the delivery was a day later, and I was mildly concerned that it had been delivered to the wrong house again (and the home owners had brought it to me) but it seemed cold enough. I never received a response on that either.

    This is where we stand now: My senior cat likes the chicken. He seems really happy with it. There was no transition period. The texture seems good. Not too smooth, or too rough. I like the packaging, which is basically more of a plastic bag than a plastic tub. The packaging feels like it has a lot less waste associated with it and at the same time I can defrost a lot less at a time. That part seems great. The delivery idea seems fine too. I mean, some aspect of it didn’t work out that great for me but my house IS sort of hard to locate so I cut a little slack for that. They would figure it out eventually. I do have concerns about communication, shipping the incorrect meats, etc. At this moment I haven’t decided if we are going to move forward with them and it’s an active conversation in our home so it’s great to see this conversation happening.

    Finally, I’m not overly concerned about the recalls myself but have been keeping on eye on them. I find many companies have them and the reasoning behind these don’t seem significant. Larger bone chunks (from my point of view) are not a sensitive issue and I’ve had food poisoning myself before. While to be avoided it’s not something that we don’t see in human food products regularly. I don’t think it will weigh heavily on my choice of ordering or not again.

      • Aimee,

        Thanks you for reaching out. I’ve gone ahead and emailed you. I really think that many of these items are minor and will be ironed out with time. 🙂


  2. Switching over to Balanced Blends. Been doing Darwins for about 1year now and have received bad packages of turkey where it’s brown on top when opening and smells really nasty!! Also would like to feed some “red” meat and they don’t offer beef. They do have lamb as they’re red meat, but it’s way to expensive. Good luck!!

  3. I think it is important to know that Darwin’s Raw Food has had a number of recalls of their dog food in recent years.
    The company had its first widely announced recall in December 2017, involving about 17,000 packages of raw dog food, after tests confirmed that some samples were contaminated with salmonella and listeria. However, according to an investigation by Food Safety News, contamination problems with Darwin’s pet food had been ongoing for more than a year before that recall, with at least 2 other “silent” recalls taking place during the 14 months prior. In all, according to Food Safety News, a staggering 23 tons of dog and cat food were recalled by the company during 2016–2017. In February 2018, the company announced another limited recall of 2 varieties in its ZooLogics dog food line. The cause was potential salmonella contamination.

    • I’m aware of the recalls, Fran, and of course, I was concerned when I first heard about them. I feed Darwin’s, it’s one of my girls’ favorite foods. Darwin’s is one of our sponsors, and if you’ve read me long enough, you know that I do not accept sponsorships from brands I don’t fully trust. And I certainly wouldn’t continue to feed it to my girls if I didn’t trust the food!

      For me, the measure of whether I trust a company after they’ve had a recall has more to do with how they respond than with the fact that they had a recall. I’ve not seen anything in Darwin’s response that has me concerned. That being said, I reached out to Darwin’s earlier today and got the following response from Jay Goldstein, VP of Marketing:

      “Darwin’s number one priority is providing pets with meals that are healthy and safe. Our customers know that feeding raw is a very healthy way for pets to eat. And we are committed to continuously improving all aspects of our products to make them the healthiest alternative for pets. We acknowledge that we have had recalls over the past 2 years. Each time Darwin’s finds such an issue, we send out a voluntary recall to any customer who is affected (all of our recalls have been voluntary). As we are a direct-ship-to-consumer business, we know which customers received the affected product so we are able to specifically let them know (and we contact them up to 5 different times – through email, phone calls and postal mail – to ensure they have this information).

      To address pathogens, Darwin’s created a process with respected food scientists to apply bacteriophages (aka “phages”). Phages are the most abundant, naturally occurring microorganisms on Earth, and they work naturally to eliminate bacteria in food products. Our process showed pathogens such as salmonella were reduced to non-detectable levels. But, given the recent recalls, we recently underwent a full review of our pathogen control process and, out of an abundance of caution, we have increased the amount of phage that we apply to help further ensure the safety of our meals.

      While we recognize and understand the concern about the presence of salmonella, it is important to know that the digestive systems of dogs and cats are evolved to be hostile to such bacteria. This is through a combination of acid levels in pets’ stomachs and their shorter digestive tracts – which gives bacteria little time to multiply. This is why pets routinely eat items that would make a person sick, but with no harm to the pet. In fact, the FDA calls out on their website that dogs and cats are generally not affected by Salmonella unless they are already ill with some other condition – Further, our recent voluntary recall showed that at the time of the recall, over 99% of the product had already been consumed by pets, but less than 1% of our customers reported any issues. Of these, most were relatively minor conditions such as diarrhea. The few that had more serious issues related to us that their pets had pre-existing illness or weakened immune system. In these cases, we recommend cooking the food lightly (i.e., to 165 degrees) for 8-to-12 minutes to help eliminate pathogenic risks.

      Again, Darwin’s takes this situation very seriously, and we continue to focus first and foremost on providing pets with meals that are healthy and safe.”

      • Very well said! Darwin’s recalls have been few and far in-between No one company is 100% perfect and when dealing with ANY raw product there’s always a chance that it may be contaminated Darwin’s ALWAYS notifies consumers as soon as they find out they do NOT want to lose customers as they value each and every one!

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