Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day. This “holiday” was created to help dispel some of the myths and ridiculous prejudices that surround these beautiful cats. If you share your life with one or more of these black beauties, every day is Black Cat Appreciation Day, because you already know just how special they are.

Black cat superstitions

Prejudices and misconceptions about  black cats range from the ridiculous to the bizarre. They have played a major role in superstitions, folklore and mythology for centuries. In the Middle Ages, black cats were believed to be witches’ familiars, and many even believed that black cats were reincarnated witches or messengers of witches or demons. This association of black cats with witches has become so ingrained in our culture that they’ve become synonymous with Halloween.

Black cats in different cultures

Interestingly, the folklore surrounding black cats varies from culture to culture. In Britain and Japan, having a black cat cross your path is considered good luck; in the United States and several European countries, having a black cat walk by is considered bad luck. It even seems to make a difference from which direction the black cat comes from: In Germany, some believe that black cats crossing a person’s path from right to left is a bad omen, but from left to right brings good luck.

Black cats help us find romance

In Japan, young women are encouraged to own a black cat to attract romance. I suppose attracting a guy who loves black cats is a pretty good start to a relationship!

Black cats can “color shift”

Due to a special pigment called melanin in their fur, many black cats will temporarily turn a dark brown color if they’re in the sun.

Black cats may be more resistance to disease

Research suggests that two genes associated with melanism may cause black cats to be more resistant to bugs.

Thankfully, despite all of the myths and superstitions these black house panthers have a large, loyal following of people who appreciate the sleek, gorgeous creatures in all their beauty.

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14 Comments on Black Cat Appreciation Day

  1. Everyone needs to be owned by a black cat. They are SUPER special. It is almost as if they compensate for their “lack of color” by having such wonderful personalities. I’ve had several black cats (both male and female) and they all had the best and sweetest personalities–very loving to my other cats and to me. Black is my favorite color!!!

  2. Lucky hinted that she was ready to be rescued and adopted from my former workplace 4 years ago. Another lady took her sister at the same time. Both are beautiful black kitties with golden eyes. Lucky is a special kitty and loves her big sister Bella and ancient brother Ruford. Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day! 🙂

  3. This is in honor of Spookie & Dante.
    Rainbow Bridge Black Cat Angels – Frank Man, TomCat, Scat Cat, Big Boy, Little Girl, Desperado & Tomma.
    I love you all Big Time!

  4. In her book, “Animals Make Us Human”, Temple Grandin states that she believes that generally speaking, black cats are more intelligent and socially advanced than other feline colors, because they have adapted over hundreds of years to environmental and societal challenges to their survival. And from the standpoint of the owner of black cats (and others!) I would tend to agree!

  5. I love black cats! They are gorgeous. I have one black feline nephew and one black niece named Hally and two black and white nieces named Jan and Kit Kat. Lovely cats all of them!

  6. Two of the three little orphaned brothers brought to me as wee wild kittens back in 2009 were sleek, solid black [Grant and Garreth]; the third was the most beautiful solid grey plush-ball, Greyson. Grant was prematurely taken by the ‘rescue group’ to be a barn cat; worst decision for him ever. The remaining two brothers stayed here together until Greyson died unexpectedly in early 2015he “rescue group” that had brought them to me demanded that their stats look better so they took Grant away to be a barn cat [which he would survive doing as he was too tamed, yet too skittish yet to be a lap cat but had made remarkable progress when he was prematurely re-homed to a barn without humans to keep socializing him. The other two brothers continued their progress, albeit slow. Greyson died a sudden and unexpected death in early 2015. I miss all the kitties that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge, loved every day they were here. Garreth is here, still very skittish and wonky from a spine/hips birth defect, but gets along and around, just fine to date; he still has that sleek beautiful black coat as when he arrived in early 2009. He’s goofy but I do love him so much.

  7. Thank you for this great post, Ingrid (very interesting to learn that black cats may be more resistant to disease, too). This is a very meaningful day for me, since I am owned by several beautiful and loving black cats. Happy Black Cat Day!

  8. I am the proud guardian of a black cat- he turned up as a stray at the hospital where I work.

    I love the way his eyes just pop out of his head- and he is very snugly !!

    Adopt a black cat- you will not regret it!!

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