Do you love to knit? So do the founders of Three Cats and a Dog. They collect handmade knits to highlight shelter animals’ inner cuteness and engage communities in the lives of these animals. Donations of handmade sweaters, bandanas, blankets, and the like are used to bring attention to animals in need of homes.

Penelope, the beautiful tortie shown in the photo above, had been at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington for almost a year. Three weeks after the shelter posted a the photo with her sporting a gorgeous handknit yellow bow, Penelope found her forever home. “We can’t for certain claim it was the picture,” says the founder of Three Cats and a Dog, “but I know one of the shelter volunteers thought the picture did the trick.”


The donated items are also used as blankets in cat enclosures, and even as beds for little kittens.


You can find the patterns for Penelope’s bow, the blanket, the kitten bed, and more on Ravelry.

Editor’s note, September 9, 2018: Three Cats and a Dog is no longer active.

All photos provided by Three Cats and a Dog, and used with permission

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