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Editor’s note: Mimosa’s foster mom, who wanted to remain anonymous, shared Mimosa’s story with me.

At the end of January, a very pregnant stray cat was brought to the local pound. She was a stray and had been wandering alone, trying to survive the bitter cold, until someone found her and surrendered her to the shelter. I knew her kittens would be vulnerable to infection at the pound, so as soon as the shelter staff called me, I rushed over to pick her up. The very next day, Mimosa’s five tiny kittens were born – as if she were waiting for a safe place to have them.


Weeks passed, and Mimosa’s kittens grew up strong and healthy. They went up for adoption in April and were all adopted quickly. Mimosa, however, had given all of her strength to her kittens and was left thin and exhausted. Her immune system was so compromised that her hair began falling out.


Mimosa was spayed and began to build up her strength. Now, her fur has grown back in, and her eyes are bright as she remembers how to play and be a kitten again. She was a wonderful mother, and now that all of her kittens have been adopted, she desperately wants a human family to be a part of.

Mimosa with her daughter Sparkle

Mimosa is about 2 – 3 years old. She’s an outgoing cat who loves attention and being around people. She loves playing with feather toys, and she gives kisses by rubbing her nose against your cheek (which I adore!). She has a sweet little voice and even likes to have her belly rubbed sometimes.

Mimosa is very proud that she has captured the feather toy

Mimosa can be adopted through Cat Adoption and Rescue Efforts in Richmond, Virginia. CARE will consider out-of-state adopters within a reasonable driving distance. Please visit Mimosa’s profile for more information about her. You can also spread the word about CARE’s adoptable cats through their Facebook page  and Instagram.

CARE put together this beautiful video about Mimosa and her kittens.

Let’s help find this beautiful girl a home! After all she’s been through, she deserves to find the wonderful family who is meant to love her.


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11 Comments on Mimosa’s Story: A Tortoiseshell Mother Cat’s Love

  1. I so hope that Mimosa gets adopted soon. She looks so much like my Buttercup. When we adopted her she was about a year & a half & the rescue told me had had one kitten that she was an excellent mother to who had been adopted. We adopted Butter cup to be a companion for our Rosie, she is only about three months younger than Rosie. While she & Rosie have bonded & become best buds she has also brought so much to my husband & my life, we are older retires & our three cats are our life. We have Fluffy who is 17.

  2. Such and adorable little tortie, those eyes… reminds me of Kajsa’s stunning green eyes. She should get a loving forever-home soon.

  3. Such a beautiful story and so glad Mimosa had a safe place to have her babies. I am sure that is what she was waiting for…Praying Mimosa finds a loving furever home soon…thank you Ingrid for sharing xoxox

  4. I love that picture of Mimosa with her look alike kitten !! I hope Mimosa gets the Best home with wonderful guardians !

  5. If I were not in Scotland and didn’t already have three cats, I would take pretty Mimosa in a heartbeat. What a sweet little girl!

  6. While these stories always make me cry, at least part of it has been positive. I still have Sigrid the best momcat ever to her 5 newborns who were brought to me April of 2011, as well as one of her babies, named Gisela, now 6 miraculous years old. Sigrid’s 4 healthy kittens, Lars, Erik, Greta and Ingrid were adopted out through two different public rescue groups once Sigrid mothered them to 2 lbs and they were spayed and neutered. Poor little Gisela was found to have severe hydrocephalus and not expected to live to see 6 months, and not without other complications which may take her life at any day. We tried to show Sigred at the same retail store that showed adoptable cats but she was freaking out because she knew 4 of her babies were in kennel cage just below her and she could not get to the,; plus, her special-needs baby was still at my house and the only one who could take care of her best was Sigrid. So I brought Sigrid back home and reunited her with her special needs kitten, Gisela who to date, has never even had a seizure; while very odd looking, is in most ways very normal and functional. Her spay surgery was delayed until we thought she would survive it and the anesthesia, and she even dis well from two eyelid surgeries that allowed her to keep her vision. They are still here six years later and inseparable. There have been a few adoption candidates early on but they wanted to separate them, and shortly thereafter both candidates proved to not be fit as the human parent(s) to any cats especially any that were special needs. They are here among many other special needs kitties, most of them seniors now, but I guess that was what was meant to be.

  7. Hi
    I live in australia, but cannot recommend highly enough adopting a cat.

    I have 5 altogether. And they give me more than I give them.

    My Esme, a tortie with attitude, is particularly special.

    I hope this lovely Momma finds her special loving home

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