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Guest post by Amy Wermuth

While doing a recent renovation on my newly purchased home, I was unsure how to best remove cat urine from the carpet the home came with. I wasn’t sure if I should even attempt such a feat, since I didn’t know what the backstory was with the urine in the carpet. Was it from one cat during an acute situation, or was the urine introduced to the carpet over a long period of time? No matter what, I felt the task of getting the odor out was going to be difficult at best, if it was even going to be possible.

How I chose OdorKlenz

Even though I had no experience with cat urine or odor issues in carpeting, I knew that if I was going to try to keep the carpet in the den of my new place, I was going to need something other than the typical pet store/grocery store options. After some research on how to remove cat urine from carpet, I was turned on to OdorKlenz Pet products. I was immediately attracted to the fact that this was a legitimately science-based product line, and it was earth friendly at the same time.

I was also instantly drawn to the fact that this product line’s concept educated me above and beyond the typical chemical process capabilities that you regularly hear about. You know, the “just deodorize” concept most cleaning products currently push, versus actual, proven removal of the urine in all its glory. I purchased two products. The Pet Urine Eliminator (in order to try and remove the cat urine from my carpet), and the Sub Floor Treatment Kit (because of my mistrust that the Pet Urine Eliminator would get the job done.)

Would OdorKlenz get the job done?

I really wanted to keep the carpet, as it would be less expensive than replacing it, but I had a backup plan to remove the carpet if the cat urine couldn’t be removed to my liking.

I didn’t need the backup plan after all. The Pet Urine Eliminator can be used in a variety of ways on a variety of fabrics. I liked the fact that you don’t have to use it in a carpet steam cleaner for it to work. I did a spot check first and was happy with the results, but I decided that I would not just spot clean the one specific corner of the room where the odor was strongest, I would also use my carpet cleaning machine on the entire room. The 58 oz. (half gallon) that was included in the OdorKlenz Pet Urine Eliminator was more than enough to get the job done.

The product itself looks like milk and has no odor. There are no masking- agents in these products. No crazy deodorizing fragrance to mask cat urine – just chemical technology that is extremely neutral and earth caring to remove the urine and odor. Using an ample amount of this product was enough to not only do the den carpet, but another larger room as well. I kept my leftovers for residual odor if it came back.

No  more cat urine odor

The cat urine in this carpet was pretty intense, but after a full week after cleaning, there was no cat urine odor whatsoever.

I have yet to even use the Sub Floor Treatment Kit. I am okay with having purchased both together, as the two products cost me less than hiring a professional cleaning service that would probably have used ineffective deodorizing technology that isn’t remotely eco-friendly. I spent $19.99 for the Pet Urine Eliminator and $29.99 for the very impressive looking Sub Floor Treatment Kit.


I tried to explain my experience with this product in a pretty simple and basic way. A complete explanation of this pet urine removal product is available at the OdorKlenz website.

Bottom line: my carpet has no odor at all. There is no trace of cat urine in my carpet and I am even more impressed with these products since I was pretty skeptical to begin with!

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  1. This has been a huge problem for years: people coming to my house and complaining about a funny smell…even if I keep cleaning I can’t get rid of that odor. I don’t care about reviews, I just want to try it, I rather try than just sit around and complain. May be this is what I was waiting for!

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