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Jackson Galaxy hasn’t met a cat he couldn’t help, as he’s proven for eight seasons on Animal Planet’s popular show, My Cat From Hell. If you’re at your wit’s end with your challenging felines, here’s your chance to apply for personal help from Jackson.

Is your cat exhibiting any of these behaviors?

  • Attacks you, other pets, or family members?
  • Escapes any chance they get?
  • Eliminates outside the litter box?
  • Destroys valuable things in your house such as clothing, furniture and wires?
  • Keeps you up at night making loud noises?
  • Any other problem not mentioned?

Jackson Galaxy is ready to help. From excessively scratching, biting, growling, ruining furniture, tearing the house apart, escaping, etc., Jackson can help transform your cat back into the feline you love.

How to apply

Visit http://mycatfromhell.castingcrane.com. For priority consideration, you are welcome to submit a short along with your application, telling them about the specific behavioral issues for which you are seeking help and how your cat’s behavior is negatively affecting your life.

Also casting inspirational and hero cats

They are looking for inspirational cats and their brave owners who have uplifting and incredible stories to feature on the upcoming season.

  • Does your cat have a sweet or unlikely friendship with another animal?
  • Do you know a one of a kind cat with an amazing skill or talent?
  • Has your cat overcome incredible odds or done things for others that the world needs to hear about?

To apply, visit http://herocats.castingcrane.com. For priority consideration, you are welcome to submit a short video, telling them your inspiring cat story, along with any footage highlighting or demonstrating why your cat or story should be considered.

Will you be applying to be on the show?

Please note that Jackson Galaxy no longer works with private clients, and he will not answer questions left in comments on this post.

You can find a wealth of information about all aspects of caring for cats on his website and in his newest book, Total Cat Mojo: The Ultimate Guide to Life With Your Cat.


Feline Behaviorist Recommendation

If you are looking to work with a feline behaviorist, I highly recommend Mikel Delgado http://www.felineminds.com/ and r. Marci Koski http://www.felinebehaviorsolutions.com/ Both offer remote consultations.

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41 Comments on Is Your Cat Behaviorally Challenged? Jackson Galaxy to the Rescue: Now Casting Season 9 of My Cat From Hell

  1. My cat doesn’t really need help. He is a joy to be around, although he doesn’t have a predatory bone in his body. The reason why I’m writing is that I have a great picture that you may want to see, possibly use on one of your shows. I just need to know where to send it.

  2. I have tried to get this down 4 times. I lost Max a year ago, I have another named Bear because he isn’t afraid of anything, but I can’t forget Max. It is a long story, I think I need of help.

  3. Is it possible to apply for this current season? I have a cat that serious posessive behavior over toys. He hisses and growls and acts crazy. He gets into this state. He once had a ripped open toy that he wouldn’t let me take from him, with it’s stuffing exposed. I was afraid he would eat it and get hurt. I had to get kitchen gloves and pounce on him. I want to be able to play with him, but I want it to be a pleasurable experience in a less aggressive state of mind… and I don’t want him to get hurt, or to hurt anyone else… his “brother” kitty included.

  4. Sensed I moved into my new apt my cat has been going in the litterbox and sticking her crotch out and peeing on the floor and she’s real crabby if you go by her she gets mad when you try and pet her she hides when new people around and she doesn’t like other cats and she seems a little jealous I’m not sure if she’s jealous of me or my one year old if you pick her up she growls then you try and lay down with her to calm her down she will br mad and growling then you’ll be trying to move her off you and she will be mad your touching her. This isint the most urgent. But I would like to find out why she is like this

  5. We require a divine intervention! Boogie(DSH tuxedo) is like the Mahdi, and Dickie Boy(Russian Blue) and Willamina(tabby), two younger cats and true siblings, are like Sunni and Shiite terrorists, stalking, challenging, bullying, fighting our other cats. As a result, they spend their time in lock-down/the master bedroom which totally sucks!

  6. I just purchased a rescue cat that is so very shy and not sure what to do as she just wants to hide. I have another cat and 2 small poodles. She is very small and would like to know where to begin to have her adjust to our environment. Wish you could come to Colorado Springs. Any help would be so appreciated. Thanks so much!

  7. I desperately would like to get on the show my cat from hell and receive some help from Jackson galaxy please call me at 254-733-1852

    • My niece is totally blind. She has 2 dogs which are awesome and 2 cats. I rescued the calico cat she is having major issues with. As a kitten this cat was so sweet, we had her “fixed” in her 2nd heat cycle and she has been a totally different cat. She is getting very aggressive. She hides, hisses at people, you can’t touch her. She is up to date on her yearly shots as of now, but I know we will never be able to catch her to continue her vetting. When it’s just the cat and my niece she is okay sometimes, anyone else who comes to visit the cat goes into a panic. Now, even my niece can’t touch her. She needs HELP!!! Soon!! Please. Any advice would help so much. 07/14/2020. (Side note). I’m very concerned because yesterday we had to catch her to put her flea medicine on her. She got very aggressive with my niece and myself. Thank you!!

  8. Hi so i recently got a new cat and she’s 2 years old and were having problems. I have 2 other cats 1 is 11 years old and the other is 8. Our 8 year old is completely freaked out by our new cat he keeps running from her and refuses to eat until hours later or even the next day. And i am not sure what to do. But that’s not our only problem with our 8 year old, he keeps clawing up everything and has clawed up the couch so bad that he can hide in the couch. But i also one more problem our dog keeps attacking our new cat. And she refuses to go downstairs because of our dog. If i cant fix this i will have to give her back to fasa and she may be put down. Please if anyone has suggestions that would be amazing.

  9. Hi. I have a 6 year old female Bengal cat named Jasmine. I’ve had her since kitten-hood. My cat is very shy of anyone except me. She goes and hides when new people come around, Very sensitive to environment change. My mother recently visited for 6 weeks and my girlfriend comes and visits me couple times a week (we just started going out). What has changed is that she started peeing in various places in my apartment. Dr. visit ruled out UTI. So most likely it is behavior related. She also has not tolerated any other cats except her sister who passed away. My GF and I will be moving to a new place soon. She has 2 cats and a dog. Please help me. I really do not want to give my cat up. Any tips are welcome. Thank you.

  10. Hi, I have a question I have three cat’s 2 females and one male I that I need to get them all fixed . The one I’m most worry about is my almost 4 year old cat Maggie she is a Tortoiseshell cat she’s been in the bedroom for the 10 month’s she doesn’t get a long that we’ll with the other two cats that we had just about a year now. She’s just started pee on the bed again ever time in clean the blanket she does it and her litter box is in from of the bed I need help what can I spray on the bed so she won’t pee on it again.

  11. I have a cat found him outside he’s awesome I just wish he wasn’t so scared of everything and everyone especially loud noises and men it’s not like he’s terrified but he will like hunker down and slink away he’s so cute but I would really love advice on how to help him even if it’s just a little I believe he was abused and I don’t want him hurt again but he does attack my arms like he’s playing even when I play constantly.

  12. I have a cat that we adopted at first she had a urinary tract infection which was why she had started peeing on my bed okay so i get her the necessary medication. It clears up i clean my bed like deep clean ( im severely ocd and had major anxiety and panic attacks each time she peed on my bed) well it gets taken care but she has now taken to still peeing on my bed and blankets she doesn’t have a urinary tract infection or anything and im really getting triggered as well as angry she only does this to my bed and i even bought a protective cover and she still pees on it . What can i do i dont want to rehome her but I’m mentally breaking down i want to completely throw my bed away, but cant afford it

  13. I have four cats, 2 11yrs old and 2 1yr old. I watched your program and I have an oddity. I have found that in many cases that your clients wear the same clothes in all visits. Could you explain?

  14. Is My Cat from Hell still casting new problematic cats for a season in 2018 or was the show discontinued?

  15. We have a 14 year old cat that poops outside the litter box frequently (just feet away) He urinates in there all the time and sometimes poops in there. We have tried different litter boxes, different litter, moving the litter box where he poops, litter box is cleaned twice a day, etc. Nothing helps. All this has started within the past year. Need some assistance before we go CRAZY!!!

  16. My cat Otis is 9 months old was found abandoned & in bad shape. We saved him & he has become very attatched to me. We have 2 other cats, Lizzy 7 yrs old & Wally almost 2 yrs old. Otis is very jealous & I cannot even pet them without him getting angry and jumping on them. This is not fair to them & I feel like I am neglecting them because I dont want Otis to jump on them I ignore them. What can I do?

  17. my cat Was Malnourished at a young age and is now stuck in a kitten brain type of thing, basically hes medically retarded and he keeps getting on out kitchen counter. i know what is living on there feet because of my profession and its gross. I have tried squirt bottle, upside down mouse traps, a electrical collar but he just sits there and lets it shock him. i have run out of ideas.. just really need some more helps!

  18. Never a cat person-a year ago found a white Siamese who after neutering and helping with a health issues found a forever home thru a small rescue group. My 7th cat is a Russian Blue, “Dusty”, about 2-3yrs, feral male whom I have adopted due to fear of scratching others. After 1wk found he had been hit by a car & began healing along with pain meds. Attacked legs anytime placing food down or knocked from hands. Someone told me about your shows which helped me learn behavioral cues but “Mr. Crankypants” drew blood from petsitter when I went on extended vacation. Changed to scheduled feeding, increased play to 3-5 per day, but still hisses & attacks at food time. Since my return, Dusty is affectionate to me, cuddles, looks for me. Will still try to hit at feeding and no one wants to sit him. Dusty has learned “humans have value”, a year later is all healed, and has learned to use his cat tree & scratching post, chase squeaking toys & feathers & rattles BUT … how do I stop the continued slashing after a
    year? He races to food & swats with claws despite keeping from room when placing food out. Now he started protecting his litter box! Is a good eater, no medical problems, sleeps in my bed and his own, inside-only cat. HELP.

  19. My gram has a cat named Sophie. She is a short hair domestic black and white. Sophie has always acted fairly “ferral” when Gram got her about 2 years ago she was just old enough to have had a litter. The family we got her from adopted out all the kittens and said she had to go. When Gram got there all that was left was Sophie. The first few weeks she was inside all the time but attacked people including Gram, but we figured it would get better as she got acclimated to the space and the family. She was always trying to get out and sometimes would get so nasty gram would have no choice but to let her out, one day she came home preggo (only had her a few months with an appt to have her spayed) she had 5 kittens. GRAM got very attached to the kittens so they stayed. Now there are 6 cats. All have been spayed and neutered. Sophie goes out most of the day and some nights because she comes in and attacks people and pets alike. Outside she rolls around, climbs in and on the cars, goes in the neighbors houses for short amounts of time and is in general a wonderful cat. Indoors is a whole different story she is a terror and a cat from hell. She has sent two people to the hospital after attacks. And Gram had to have antibiotics for awhile after her run-in. If people or cats are in the kitchen she attacks, it’s not safe to let my 2 year old neice in the house at the same time because she doesn’t know the difference between the mean kitty and the cuddly ones. In the evening after work sometimes we will sit and watch tv, Sophie will sit on my lap but if I speak or move my arm or leg there’s a 50% chance I will be attacked. Please help!

  20. I really want a cat but my parents won’t let me because we had one general Max but he got spooked so he ran away (on his porch) across the street and we had an FBI agent across are House my dad was to scared to go get him

  21. We have 3 indoor cats. My uncle’s cat is old and she just sleeps and eat all the time. Not concerned for her cause she’s normal. My grandma’s cat is 6 years old and she has minor anxiety and usually closes herself off of society to have her alone time. Well, ever since I got my kitten, which is is now 11 months, my grandma’s cat has been acting weird. My kitten has had several accidents when she wasn’t potty trained. Well, in a specific place, which is by the TV, my grandma’s cat has been peeing there constantly and we can’t get her to stop. We tried a lot of things to cover up the odor and smell but it’s not working. In thinking that It’s a territorial thing, even if my grandma’s cat is fixed. Any suggestions of what to do to have my grandma’s cat stop peeing in that spot?

  22. We have 4 indoor cats (6mo male, 1 yr male, 1 yr female, 3 yr female) and two barn cats (1 yr). The barn cats I took in when they were 3mo old. They were from a shelter who deemed them unadoptable/too feral. Their last chance was the barn cat program where you take them and let them live in your barn or out building for shelter and supplement their food. Well, over time of me feeding them EVERYDAY and talking to them when I was in the barn, they grew up to me more and more comfortable with me, still skittish but much more comfortable. Then when winter hit I built them a small three sided structure on my deck with hay,put a modified cooler fill straw and blakets in it,and have the open side right up against my sliding door so that I could feed them right from the house and they would have a safe shelter.
    This worked so well that they became friendly enough to come in the house. One of them even visits EVERYDAY in the house to get loving and pets and snacks. He’s a total love bug. His brother is still skitish but comes in to play and hang out.
    When the weather got below 10 degrees I brought them in, took them to the vet and tried to have them be indoor cats. My cats are used to them. They all get along, all play, eat together etc. The only issue was that the friendly outdoor cat kept urinating on my antique furniture. I figure it must be territorial for some reason but I don’t know what to do about it. They’re back outside until I can solve this problem but I fear for their safety everyday. They are fixed also so I really don’t understand.
    Like I said , they get along with the indoor cats, and they are fixed. any ideas? Need Help!

    • I too am having this problem. I rescued a black cat who is shy. I have an existing cat, a tuxedo male 9 yrs old and a five year old Newfie border collie mix. They all get along really well. My new shy black kitty uses the litter box regularly. About one a week he goes on my loveseat. I got him in October and was full acclimated by December. I know something is stressing him out but I can’t figure what it is. When I do I’ll post a reply to you in hopes that some aspect may help your kitty.

  23. Hello my cat is female 12 years old she just started peeing on my 2 batheroom rugs I bought them in feburary ? she never has peed anywhere else Why is she doing this ? no changes in our home she under no stress.

  24. Jackson Galaxy has always been a hero to me. I love cats more than people, so watching him sort through a cat’s issues is always delightful to watch.

    Sadly, despite many years of smooth sailing ownership, a move and 2 new kittens has turned my life upside down. After finding 2 sick kittens on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere I took them in. My cat Goggles loved them at first, Mallow just tolerated them…..

    Now Goggles is constantly growling if he even sees the littlest kitten move. He’ll go out of his way to chase her and smack her. She just wants to be his friend again. He used to groom her and they’d sleep together.

    Goggles has started peeing outside of his litterbox now and then and he is being incredibly jumpy. He has even bit me!! It comes as a shock because he has always been so sweet with a Maine Coone personality. Now I have scars from his teeth.

    I just don’t know what to do anymore. 🙁 Nothing makes sense. The constant growling, hissing, sound nails scrambling across the laminate flooring is driving me crazy.

  25. I just got Lily,a beautiful Calico cat, from my brother, who resides at my residence at the moment. she has a litter box but refuses to use it right now.
    she has ruined a couple of pair of sleepwear pants by urinating on them while I had them on. She does this when I am trying to give her loves at night before I go to bed for the night.

    • I have a cat that is finicky about everything, if she gets mad about a change she will wait until we are asleep and then per on my husband’s feet.

      Sometimes I fix the problem right away, sometimes it takes a few days to figure out. She has urinated on me twice while holding her. I’m taking her to the vet next week to check for urinary issues. Hopefully they will get it worked out. I use a odor buster laundry additive urine be gone I think or urine destroyer. It’s a white bottle with red letter and red lid.

  26. Our SaraLee (tortoiseshell) is perfectly ordinary – (to most) -she has no naughty ways, and has not done anything extraordinary – but, boy-oh-boy she should be convicted of theft ’cause she has stolen out hearts!

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