To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. ― Thomas Campbell

Today is Memorial Day in the United States, a day when we honor the memory of the men and women who have died in military service. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and today, I’d like to introduce you to Scout, a black and white cat who saved a soldier’s life after he returned from Iraq after sustaining a traumatic brain injury in a mortar attack.

Scout appeared out of nowhere during a thunderstorm on a night when Josh was ready to take his own life, then disappeared again, only to reappear at another pivotal moment in both of their lives. “Even before he was my cat, before he even knew me that well, Scout saved my life,” said Josh Marino. “He put me on a different path. He gave me the confidence to try to come back from all the adversity that I was feeling.”

Mutual Respect, an organization dedicated to celebrating the bond between people and their pets through sharing stories in film and print, produced this beautiful film.

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As you celebrate the holiday today, please take a moment to remember those who gave all, recognize the sacrifices our military personnel makes every day, and thank them for their service.

13 Comments on Mutual Rescue: How a Black and White Cat Saved a Soldier’s Life

  1. I loved your story and believe God sent scout to save your life. You in turn gave him love, attention and a wonderful family to call his own until the day he passed. I have two cats and a dog and had become a widow the previous year when a black and white kitten showed up at my door. My daughter fed him and he stayed that was it he was ours and off to the vet we went to treat his injured paw, vaccinate and neuter him. Percy came at time I needed him as I was a widow and my only daughter was going to leave for college to live at the dorm. It’s great to know we both needed each other. He is now a feisty affectionate cat who loves our dauchshund. Grace thinks this is her “puppy” as she never had puppies of her. They are so cute together and often play

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this with your readers. It reminded me of the FeLV kitten I fostered named Paolo, who lived only about 1 year. It’s a terrible, terrible disease.

  3. God speed to a wonderful “Scout” and all of the other pets whom tolerate & rescue us veterans daily. Life would be empty without a loving stray pet to come home to and care for.

  4. Thank you for sharing the beautifully powerful and touching video honoring Scout. I appreciate the tribute to vets and the powerful reminder of the daily struggle for some. Made my Memorial Day.

  5. A beautiful story! My husband is a retired Air Force pilot. We have a dog and two cats, all of whom are rescues, as were their predecessors. They are our family and support system. Fur Therapy is wonderful!

  6. I loved the article about Josh and Scout..Animals do have the power to heal and sooth and teach..I have 7 cats and 3 dogs and I will soon be 74..I am active and I work part time, but the center of my world is my animals..I may not always have this many, but I never will be without animals..They do more for me than I do for them..I like people, but I love animals..Their souls are so much more beautiful than ours…

  7. I’m still trying to dry my eyes from that video. What a touching, sad, heartbreaking powerful story. My own old man/best friend of 23 years died in my arms, and this brought back a flood of memories. Thank you.

  8. Such an amazing story, the life saving power of animals never ceases to amaze me. Still, I wasn’t prepared for the beauty of this story as I try and type through the tears. Thank you for sharing this.

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