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When it comes to litter boxes, cleanliness truly is next to godliness. Cats are fastidious creatures. Using a dirty litter box is, at best, uncomfortable for them, and at worst, will cause them to eliminate outside the box. A dirty litter box, to a cat, is the same as a public restroom with unflushed toilets and toilet paper all over the floor is to us. How many times have you walked out of a restroom like that without using it, no matter how badly you needed to go?

Litter boxes should be scooped to remove urine clumps and feces at least twice a day, or more frequently if you’re home. This not only makes your cats happy, it will also keep your litter box and your home odor-free.

The Litter Genie Cat Litter Disposal System

The Litter Genie is a cleverly designed litter pail that locks litter and odor away in three easy steps. The compact design fits even into small spaces and holds up to two weeks of litter (for one cat.) The Litter Genie uses seven-layer refill bags with odor lock technology. An added microbial prevents odors caused by bacteria on the pail.

Putting the Litter Genie to the test

I was quite happy with my litter scooping system and didn’t really think I needed the Litter Genie. Since I work from home, I pretty much scoop whenever Allegra and Ruby deposit something in our two boxes. I drop urine clumps and feces into doggie waste bags, and deposit them in the trash can in the garage. Odor has never been an issue in my home.

So yes, I admit, I was skeptical. I felt uneasy about not immediately dumping my baggies in the trash in the garage. After using the Litter Genie for a week, I have to say, I was impressed. The Litter Genie lived up to its promise: there was no odor whatsoever. Not having to make several trips a day to dump baggies in the garage trash was an added bonus.


Where to buy

The Litter Genie comes in regular and plus sizes. The regular size comes in silver, the plus size comes in silver, navy, espresso and black. Litter Genie is available from Amazon* with free shipping for Prime members, and from retailers such as Petco, Petsmart, Target and many more. For more information, please visit

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13 Comments on Review: Litter Genie Cat Litter Disposal System

  1. Not impressed. The opening at the top is small. Big clumps don’t go in easily. I end up spilling over edges and then having to sweep up the floor every time. That doesn’t happen when I hold a bag over the litter box. I have 3 cats and it fills in 2-3 days. It is also then 3 times heavier to carry out then if I cleaned and carried it out once per day. I’m glad I got mine with petsmart free rebate offer. Guess they figured they’d make money on the refills. I’ve gone back to my old once a day with a plastic bag and out to the garbage can. It doesn’t smell either. I found the entire litter genie process a pain.

  2. Although I appreciate the convenience of Litter Genie and not having to collect plastic bags anymore, I am at my wits end and, sadly, am going to have to go back to collecting bags after all. I just wasted two complete cartridges trying to get them to start properly but as the cut edge was doubled back to more than 3 feet into the cartridge, it meant that I had wasted more than 7 feet of cartridge by the time I found it. Second cartridge from the two pack – exactly the same thing. I have four cats, so having purchased our third Litter Geneie, I was also frustrated to find that it did not include the specially sized scoop to go with it. This whole system is turning out to be a waste of money.

  3. I have both the Genie and Pet Mate litter disposals. I much prefer the Pet Mate (which seems to be out of production). Local pet stores carry only the Genie. I’ve wasted too much of the refills just getting a new refill to start. Wish I could get another Pet Mate and this Genie would be in the trash.

  4. Great for your cat family Very easy to use and does what it says it wills. Glad my friend told me about the system.

  5. I’ve used a Litter Genie for a few years now and I love it. I live in a one bedroom apartment and, not only is there no odor, but guests don’t even know what the Litter Genie is and so they don’t notice it in the bathroom.

  6. I LOVE the Litter Genie, but not buying refills. If you want to buy the refills, they can be found much cheaper on Amazon if you buy 6-12 at a time. However, a friend gave me a tip – line the reservoir with a grocery bag, and use the litter refill, but only pull the bag down far enough to direct the scoops into the grocery bag below, which will make the refill last much longer. The Litter Genie is especially helpful for a multi-level house; I have two cats who live in separate bedrooms upstairs and having Litter Genies in their rooms is so much more convenient than running up & down stairs with my grocery-bag lined litter bucket – and their boxes get scooped way more often.

  7. I have the litter genie and I love it!!! For someone that has the use of one hand it helps to hold the bag open!!! I ran out of the refills and just use plastic grocery bags and it works just fine!!! It’s an awesome product!!!

  8. I’ve used the Litter Genie for a few years, and I swear it’s the best litter disposal system out there. I much prefer the Litter Lifter scoop to the one that comes with the Litter Genie, however, and fortunately the Litter Lifter travel size fits in the little compartment on the side of the Litter Genie pretty well.

  9. I’ve used the Litter Genie for several years and love it! It controls odor better than anything I’ve found.

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