“My name is Susan, and I have wanted to be a vet since I was four years old. I love to rescue animals. When I was two years old, a baby kitten followed me into my house. Nine years later, she is still at home with me. I have helped find homes for over 20 animals, 15 of them ended up becoming part of our own family! Right now I have four pets – three dogs and, of course, one cat. I think I want to be a small animal vet, but I really don’t know yet. Right now I am looking for somewhere to volunteer with animals.”

“Hi, my name is Grace. I’m 12 years old, and in the 7th grade. I’ve always loved animals, but I never knew what type of job I would get. But, then I considered becoming a vet when I went to a vet camp. I loved it! I felt like I finally found my passion and I could see my future all laid out.  Right now, I’m living with my cats,- one of them has been living with me ever since I was born!- and my hamster.  I love them so much, and have no idea where I would be without them.”


These are just two of the stories kids shared on VetSetGo, a web community designed for aspiring veterinarians. The site helps future vets connect with today’s vets, and also serves as a resource for teens and tweens who want to learn more about the science of animals.

When Vet Set Go surveyed veterinarians, 23% of them said “a special pet” influenced their decision to become a veterinarian. Wanting to be a vet is the number-one career choice of ‘tweens and the majority of vets practicing today decided to be a vet before the age of 13.


VetSetGo is running  contest to give a vet camp scholarship to Auburn University’s Junior VET camp to three lucky middle school students this summer. The contest is intended to encourage future animal lovers and professionals to follow their dream. The contest runs from April 4 through May 4. For more information about the contest, and to enter your teen or tween, visit

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