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Do you have a cat who gobbles up his own meal and then steals everyone else’s food? Do you have a cat who needs to eat a diet that’s different from what everyone else in your household eats? Does the dog eat your cat’s food? The new SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder may solve these problems for you. The feeder uses RFID technology to read a cat’s veterinarian-inserted microchip and determine whether or not to let the cat inside. The feeder also works with the SureFlap RIFD collar tag. When the feeder is not in use, the food compartment is covered with a clear lid. As the cat approaches the feeder, it reads the cat’s chip and the lid retracts.

For more details about this innovative feeder, please read SureFeed Microchip Feeder Solves Food Problems in Multi-Pet Homes.

Enter to win a SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

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For more information about the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder, and to purchase, please visit SureFlap.com.

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56 Comments on Giveaway: Enter to Win a SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

  1. I’d love to win a feeder because out kitten keeps scarfing down our adult cat’s food, and the poor thing is losing weight because of the piglet!

  2. My dogs are always sneaking and eating the cat’s food. It’s hard to tell how much she is really eating herself. I’d love to have this feeder for her.

  3. This would be wonderful to have for our Annabelle. She is very gentle and a slow eater and often gets shoved out of the way unless we’re supervising. Thank you for the giveaway!

  4. I would love to win this, I have a multi cat household with one very slow eater who gets bullied out of his food if im not there to make sure no one steals it. So this would make it easier for him to eat his own food at his own pace and not worry about the others stealing it.

  5. I have a rescue dog and a rescue cat. The dog wants to get into the cat food when I’m not looking so this would be a great product.

  6. I love this is a worldwide giveaway… in Chile (Southamerica) is really hard to find these amazing products, and this is a very useful pet feeder, perfect for people like me, living with cats with different nutritional needs (and some who are just very very picky as well!! xD)

  7. I would love to win because my cat is overweight. He was a stray I rescued but even after 3 years of being an indoor kitty, he still eats like it’s his last meal. We’re trying to get 2-3 lbs off him but it isn’t easy.

  8. We have a slow eater in this household. This bowl would be a God send for Mom. With that bowl she doesn’t need to guard our food bowls.

  9. my cat tom tom would love to eat out of that he might think he was fancy hahaha naw for real i would like to own a nice feeder

  10. I have a multi cat home and one with suspected food allergies. Would really love one of these to help keep the others out of his very expensive special diet.

  11. My cat is on a special diet for kidney disease and this would be perfect for her. It’s so important for her to eat that I’m always refreshing the food in her dish. This would prevent a lot of wasted wet food.

  12. We love ours but have had mixed results. Our senior on a special diet adapted to hers within two weeks and continues to do well with it. Our other senior Ruby is on her third training session and still does not like it. We’ve taken our time with getting her used to it but she’s a tough nut to crack.

  13. I have wanted one of these feeders for a long time. Would love to have this so that Oscar doesn’t wake me up at 6AM!

  14. Dewey always gulps his down and Jupiter can never eat his in peace because dewey’s after it. THIS would help so much!

  15. I rescued a starving, pregnant cat from my backyard over 3 years ago. Sadly, she has never quite realised that she doesn’t have to eat everything in sight. Her weight has gotten out of control as she is always eating her brother’s food along with her own. I would love to have a feeder that reads her microchip to help her get to a healthy weight.

  16. I have two neutered boys with urinary tract issues necessitating a special (very expensive) diet for them….the problem is, keeping the other cats away is difficult….this would solve my problem, easily! I’m excited!

  17. We have to stand guard while the cat’s food is out so that the dog doesn’t scarf it down in two seconds flat. It would be nice for the cat to be able to eat a more leisurely meal 🙂

  18. I would love to win one of these for my cat that is on a diet. I have a multicat home and this would let the thinner cat eat more and make it so my chunky cats food can be controlled better.

  19. We have three cats, including my senior girl, Moko. Moko had a really hard time with her annual allergies this year and since they has been off her regular food. I’ve been giving her extra canned food, but cat #2, Arata, likes to eat it. This would keep Moko’s food safe from Arata.

  20. We adopted 2 younger kitties (age 4) and one elderly (18) and the young cats want to eat the older kitty’s low protein food! We don’t know how to keep them separate as the older cat is deaf and mostly blind. She is used to where her food is. The younger ones don’t need this many carbs! This microchip feeder would be great!

  21. I would love as my cats are on special diets and one likes to take a break while she is eating and if you don’t watch the other cat she will swoop in and eat all the remaining good!

  22. I would love to win this for my mom. She has 4 cats and one likes to bully himself into the others food. It would be nice if there could be some control with one of these feeders.

  23. I feed my 4 cats wet food and I have to monitor them while they eat or they’ll try to finish each others’ food. I don’t work, so most of the time it’s fine but I worry about when we go on vacation. My cat Pumpkin is a “scaredy” cat and won’t come out around anyone except me or my husband. So, I’d like to win this for her to use when we go on vacation to ensure she is getting her food.

  24. That looks like a great idea especially when the cat household of 9 special needs kitties, need to eat unique diets and/or have meds put into their foods. Would love to try it especially with one of my cats who desperately needs to lose weight but is in an area where they all have to share both food, and space.

  25. I have one lovely but oh so greedy kitty cat who eats her food really fast and my other cat grazes her food throughout the day so having this amazing cat food bowl would help me and my cats so much!

  26. We have two cats – one suffers from cystitis and has a tablet sprinkled on her food twice a day. The problem is they swap over, so for her only to have access to her own bowl is a great idea

  27. My cat Leonardo has special wet food of his own that the other cats aren’t supposed to eat (as in take from him); maybe if it were in this special feeder he could get it when he is supposed to have it.

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