If you’ve only recently come to join our Conscious Cat community, you may not know about the cat who inspired this website. Amber was my first tortie, and surprisingly, she didn’t share any of the traits that make up the famous tortitude so many of these cats exhibit, which just goes to show that while there may be some commonalities in cats with the same coloring, ultimately, every cat is an individual.

In a recent article for, I shared my love story with Amber. Click here to read the full article.

Sunday Purrs of Wisdom will return next week.

7 Comments on When Love Grows Slowly: How a Shy, Unassuming Cat Changed My World

  1. I love reading your story about Amber – each and every cat I’ve had (or been owned by) have made huge impression in my life, in different ways. I’ve learned so much from my feline friends over the years.

  2. What a beautiful story….things happen for a reason. All along, you were supposed to be Amber’s Mommy…that’s why no one else adopted her. Amber was meant for you:)

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