On Saturday, August 6, Urban Outfitters partnered with Best Friends to stage adoption events in all of their stores in New York City. Urban Outfitters paid the adoption fees for all 95 cats and kittens that found new homes that day.

I was in New York that weekend, and visited the Urban Outfitters store on 5th Avenue. It just so happens that I love Urban Outfitters, and it always makes me happy when a brand I like also does good things for cats. By the time my friend and I got to the store around noon, all but three cats at the store had found new homes, and one was in the process of being adopted.


I asked Community Events and Programs Coordinator Amanda Craft how Best Friends screens potential adopters. “Each person has to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire,” said Amanda. “Then they sit down with one of our trained adoption counselors for an indepth conversation.” Adopters sign a contract that ensures that if, for any reason, the adoption doesn’t work out, the cat will be returned to Best Friends.

While I was chatting with Amanda, Clarence’s new guardians finalized the paperwork to take this handsome guy home.


This event is a wonderful example of what can happen when corporations and rescue organizations work together to save lives. Not only did 95 cats and kittens find their forever homes that day, finding homes for these cats also made it possible for Best Friends to pull that many cats out of a shelter and bring them into their program.

For more photos from the adoption event, visit the Urban Outfitters Blog. For more information about Best Friends New York, visit ny.bestfriends.org.

7 Comments on Urban Outfitters in New York City Partnered with Best Friends to Find Homes for 95 Cats in One Day

  1. Best Friends is a great organization and this is a great initiative, however, I do hope that some background checks were done on the adopters. Finding a home for all these kitties is great but when massive adoption events take place like this, I think that it’s more a question of emptying the shelters no matter what rather than truly finding good permanent homes for the animals. But I would trust Best Friends so I suppose that this event was a good thing to do.

    • I had concerns about the cats being adopted out on the spot, too, Nathalie, which is why I asked about their screening procedure. Given how many thousands of animals Best Friends Animal Society has adopted out over the years, I have to believe that they have the experience necessary to ask the right questions and assess potential adopters appropriately.

  2. May all of these kitties and their wonderful new families share love-filled lives for years and years to come!

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