Browser, the beloved library cat of the White Settlement Public Library in a Fort Worth, TX suburb, will be fired from his job because the town council recently decided animals are no longer allowed in public buildings. The library mascot has until July 14 to find a new home. The mayor of White Settlement is planning to appeal the decision at the July 12 council meeting. For more about Browser and the controversy his firing has caused, visit ABC News.

Update: At an emergency meeting Friday afternoon, the council voted unanimously that Browser can stay.

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Is your cat a toilet paper artist? Today’s video shows one of the most talented ones I’ve seen!

Photo of Browser via White Settlement Library’s Instagram

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16 Comments on Mews and Nips: Beloved Library Cat Fired from His Job

  1. As long as people outlive animals we will always grieve over losing a pet. Years ago I had to make the decision to let our dog Alex go. He had an inoperable brain tumor at age 14. 5 years ago I lost my very first cat Maxximus to an undiagnosed sudden illness at age 11. I will never forget either of them. It took my other two cats a long time to get over losing Maxxi. We would all three of us sit on my bed and mourn him. Me, crying and they consoling me. But that’s no reason not to allow animals into our lives and love them for as long as possible. They need us as much as we need them.

  2. To all “Conscious Cat” readers. Today,July 2,2016 was a very sad day for me , as I said farewell to my beloved, beautiful Siamese Mix of almost 13 years, “Snow”. She was chocolate/cream with light blue eyes and an absolute sweetheart! The diagnosis – Lymphoma which affected her GI Tract. I miss her, and always will! My other cat “Torti” (10) senses the loss. Please keep us in your prayers, Thank you

    • Rosalie, I so feel your pain. In 50+ years of having kitties (currently 12 adopted/rescued kitties), I have lost many. . . sending out love and prayers for healing, peace and comfort at this most difficult time. . . ♥

  3. Hi, I live in this town, and it was unanimously voted at the special meeting that Browser would remain at the library!

  4. I hope that everyone who reads this story will go to the online petition & sign it. The more a spotlight is shone on this bureaucratic B.S., the harder it will be for these 3 (yes, just 3!) Council members to discriminate against Browser.

  5. This is close to my area and I saw the story on the news last night. They said he is allowed to remain in the library because everyone loves him.

  6. Ingris, I just got an update. Browser is *safe* — for now. Hopefully, we can keep it that way. . . ♥♥♥

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