Whether your kids are human or furry, enjoy your special day!

Father’s Day can be a bittersweet day for those of us whose fathers are no longer with us. Depending on how fresh your loss is, even seeing Father’s Day card pop up in stores, and getting countless emails with Father’s Day gift suggestions, may bring sadness and even tears.

Last year, I shared some reflections on what it’s like for fatherless children, no matter what our age, to commemorate our fathers on Father’s Day. If Father’s Day is a difficult holiday for you, perhaps you’ll find some comfort in my suggestions on marking the day in a meaningful way. Click here to read the post.

Ingrid King with her father
Dad and me, during our last visit together

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5 Comments on Happy Father’s Day 2015

  1. I loved my father so much, although we were so much alike that we clashed and sometimes had serious arguments. He passed on 14 years ago, on the prettiest day in May of 2001.
    My husband and I married a year earlier, it was a “surprise” wedding, not only because my dad was really sick, but because we didn’t wan’t a large wedding, just our parents and a huge strawberry cake. Dad loved strawberry cake! When it actually sunk in, that he was going to see his daughter and only child get married. he burst into tears and said to my husband-to-be -“now you have got the best thing I’ve ever had”.
    That from a man with so much emotions, but afraid of showing them even to his closest family.

    Today I made toast, scrambled eggs and ham for lunch, telling my husband that my dad would’ve loved this. Unaware that it is Father’s Day in the US (and perhaps other countries too). In Sweden, Father’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday in November.
    In my heart, every day is Father’s day. And Mother’s day 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing this memory of your father at your wedding, Maria – it brought tears to my eyes. And what a lovely way to remember him with a special lunch.

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