Medical marijuana (or cannabis) has been used for thousands of years across many cultures. More recently, cannabis is used to effectively treat symptoms of cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, pain, glaucoma, epilepsy, and other conditions in humans. Use of medical marijuana is controversial.

Cannabis, CBD & THC

There’s quite a bit of confusion about the terms used when it comes to using components of the medical marijuana plant for pets. Cannabis sativa is a general plant name. There are many different strains of this plant. Some strains are used to make the federally illegal marijuana. Others are used to make hemp for industrial and therapeutic use.The cannabis plant that makes industrial hemp differs from the plant that makes medicinal hemp. In general, cannabis plants contain both CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). These are both medicinal compounds. CBD alone does not cause a “high.” The “high” is caused by THC, which is the psychoactive component. Products made with less than 0.3% THC are legal in all 50 states.

How can medical marijuana help your cat?

Medical marijuana can help with a wide variety of conditions because hemp naturally contains compounds which affect the endocannabinoid system, an internal pathway found in mammals. Nearly every tissue contains receptors which respond to the components found in cannabis, acting separately but holistically with the body’s other receptor systems.

  • Control chronic pain & inflammation associated with arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis, and FIC/FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease)
  • Act as a neuroprotective agent reducing seizure frequency and intensity
  • Decrease nausea and stimulate appetite
  • Reduce cancer-associated symptoms
  • Aid in decreasing severity of dementia
  • Reduce bronchial spasms in asthmatics
  • Lower anxiety thus increasing focus during training sessions
  • Support the immune system for conditions like food allergies and immune-mediated diseases

In most cases, medical marijuana is not designed to be the sole treatment. It works best when given in conjunction with other treatments, and often allows reduction in medications that may have significant undesirable side effects. Hemp has no known negative interactions with other medications or supplements.

Does medical marijuana have any side effects?

Your cat will not get high from cannabis products with less than 0.3% THC, because these products focus on the non-THC portions of the plant that seem to have the best benefit without giving animals the high that recreational users seek. In higher concentrations, THC can be toxic to dogs and cats. That is one reason why you  should never blow marijuana smoke in your pet’s face or administer human medical grade cannabis to pets.

The most common side effect is mild lethargy, which usually subsides in 3-4 days. A less common side effect is softer stools and an increased bowel movement frequency. Cannabis products that use the whole plant will have a high fiber content, this may cause problems in sensitive cats. A lower dose usually resolves the fiber sensitivity issue. Rarely, vomiting or increased skin itchiness are seen, which would require discontinuing the use of cannabis-based products.

Are cannabis products for pets legal?

Unlike human medical marijuana, which is governed by state law (currently, 30 states have passed laws that allow medical marijuana use), cannabis products designed for pets are supplements and meet the current definition of hemp supplements under Unites States federal law.

What is Canna Companion?

Drs. Sarah Brandon and Greg Copas, two Seattle veterinarians, pioneered the use of medical marijuana for pets two years ago. They developed Canna Companion, a hemp-based supplement for pets. I had a chance to speak with both of them at Global Pet Expo, and I was fascinated by the many possible uses of this natural supplement for cats.

Canna Conmpanion is a unique blend of Cannabis sativa strains, frequently referred to as hemp, designed to enhance the medical benefits of the cannabis plant while minimizing the ‘high-inducing’ concentrations of THC. Each capsule contains a combination of phytocannabinoids, the main group of compounds in hemp, terpenes which help to modulate phytocannabinoids, and flavonoids, potent anti-inflammatories which are found in a wide variety of foods we and our pets eat. The capsules also contain omega 3 & 6 fatty acids and vitamin B6, the latter of which increases bioavailability. All of these ingredients are naturally found in the cannabis plant.

Canna Companion is manufactured in Washington State. For more information, and to purchase, please visit

The remarkable “side benefits” of Canna Companion and other cannabis products

When I spoke with Dr. Brandon, she shared an experience with three cats with me that is a testament to the benefits of Canna Companion. “We started our product for these older kitties with joint discomfort,” said Brandon. “They also had histories of FIC (feline interstitial cystitis – as diagnosed by their veterinarians). All responded well regarding their joint aches but the surprise came after 2 months of supplementation: their FIC symptoms resolved.” Brandon said she can’t be sure whether this was due to less stress due to more comfortable mobility or if there were direct anti-inflammatory actions on the bladder from the cannabinoids. “None the less,” adds Brandon, “the cats are now more comfortable and their quality of life has improved on many levels, which is all we wanted for them.”

How to find a reputable cannabis product for pets

Under current law, unlike physicians, who can recommend (but not prescribe) cannabis for their human patients, veterinarians in all states are legally prevented from giving pet parents advice on the use of medical cannabis. This makes it challenging for pet parents to find reputable products among the slew of new companies entering this growing market. Green State, a digital magazine navigating the new cannabis culture, has a comprehensive article on what veterinarians think about the safety and benefits of cannabis for pets.

I’m as excited about the possibilities this safe and natural supplement offers for helping cats with a variety of conditions as Dr. Brandon. “The future of cannabis in the cat world is quite positive,” says Brandon. “I believe within 2-3 years it will be a commonly offered option in veterinary hospitals for pain and inflammation reduction, neurological conditions and mild behavioral concerns. Cannabis is not a cure-all and we certainly don’t advocate discontinuation of prescribed medications without consulting your cat’s veterinarian.. None the less, it does have its place in the feline world and we’ll see more of it as time goes on.”

Would you consider using medical marijuana for your cats?

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  1. Hi,
    Does anybody know if cbd oil would be any good for a cat with recurrent mouth ulcers? Not much for the pain as she doesn’t seem bothered, more for the antiflamatory propertyies.


  2. I have a question. I have a cat and I tried to feed him, but it seems that my cat is not eating. I tried to feed him with all types of cat foods, but Im losing hope. I did some research on my own and found out that feeding cat pot oil does give their metabolism a boost. Like this article about a marijuana strain If this is true I can’t find any solid conclusive evidence that speaks to its efficacy. Any personal experience or testimonial would be highly appreciated. Thanks

    • I would listen to Ingrid. Marijuana oil will make your cat tired and he will sleep longer so he will go even longer without food or water. A Vet most likely will diagnose the cause of him not eating and treat it appropriately.

      • This is not always true. Depending on the kind of cbd oil. Some are derived from the sativa strain which will actually stimulate them, make them more active and illicit appetite. The indica strain will relax and promote rest. Both should aid in appetite. Although, the cat might not eat if the cbd oil was derived from the indica strain until he wakes. CBD oil, which has no thc if not derived from the whole plant, is very good for your pet; helps fight cancer, reduces tumor, and actually perks your pet up. I have tried both.

        • You’re talking about cbd oil from hemp, he asked about marijuana oil which will have both thc & cbd and will make the cat sleep. Cbd oil alone will not cure cancer. In order to cure cancer u need whole cannibus extracted oil. Everything from the plant (cannibus not hemp) must be extracted and given for cancer.

          • No, I am talking about marajuana oil, but it is also known as cbd oil (whole plant extract) meaning from the entire cannabis plant; both hemp and cannabis side. This is referred to as CBD oil as well. And I did give my cat this; one was sativa strain, one was an indica strain. The sativa strain gave him an uplift.

          • And either way every cat will act differently. Cats are carnivorous hunters, they might be domesticated but they arent human. 24 hours of not eating should be fine, 2 days maybe but after that its going to be something crazy like cancer, something like a (hopefully simple) parasite inside likely but maybe even fleas, or your cat is simply so bored and sick of eating out of boredom. Or even bored of the same food day in day out. Likely scenarios and easy to troubleshoot. Weed, human’d or not is a plant, and very difficult for felines to process. If it stops drinking water, then worry.

  3. For journal article on current research for cannabinoid derivatives you can see Int. J. Cancer 2017 Feb 1; 140(3) 674-685. This study was done using WIN-55 which can be thought of as a synthetic THC that is legal for scientific studies. Due to legal compliance issues it’s hard to find studies that test THC directly. My CAM oncologist recommended HempRx for cat with a Bcell cancer. He hates the taste as I’m supposed to put it in his cheek (best absorption) and drools profusely to get out the taste. I’m going to start putting it in a capsule as I’m not trying to make him upset.

    • Tia,
      My cat has an oral cancerous mass and I’m using a THC hemp protocol. He hates the taste as well, and if I don’t get this stuff into him his prognosis is not good. How are you planning on putting the oil in a capsule? What kind of capsules are these, where do you get them? I assume they are empty til you fill it with the oil?

        • Thanks Ingrid. I read that you shouldn’t give your cat capsules because they could potentially cause a choking problem and many times they sit in the cats esophogus for a long time.

          • If you follow giving the capsule with a bolus of water, tuna juice or meat broth (4 to 5 cc’s given with a syringe) or give a small amount of wet food afterwards, you shouldn’t have any issues with the capsule sitting in the esophagus.

        • Do you know how Canna Companion and Canna-Pet CBD oils differ? I have looked at both sites and their products seem comparable, but when I inquired with Canna Companion they told me they do differ, but because of legal reasons they couldn’t tell me how.

        • Donna: That sounds rather suspicious why Canna-Companion can’t give you more info. If they provide their ingredients, you can compare them to Canna-Pet.
          I’m trying to find something in Canada. The only one I know of is Miss Envy and emails just won’t go through to them and they have no tel. number.

          Does anyone know what KIND of cannabis oil to use (is there a name or something) if it is purchased through a weed dispensary (as in medical marijuana dispenser)?

          • One consideration when using marijuana. I use the medical marijuana oil, and though it has a low THC, it gives you a lot of energy and can linger for hours (10-12hrs). I would be VERY cautious when using on a very small or frail pet (cat).
            Here’s a tip: use a dropper and start with one drop at a time.
            Believe me…my oil recommends 1ml to start and that is too much for me. I use 2 drops for me and I feel the affects. That is HUMAN oils with both THC and CBD.
            Just something to think about.

      • I use CW Web Hemp Oil and just put a couple of drops right on my cats wet food. Goes right down. Even a different brand I used that was green and tasted bad to me went down the same way! Capsules are difficult and giving them and a bolus of anything to a cat is stressful. I’d try the oil on the food first.

  4. Hello
    I have a cat who’s been suffering with inflamed bowel disease for years now. I’ve been treating him with all the medication and steroids that the vet has prescribed. Nothing really helped him get over it. A little bit of relief here and there, but he’s obviously in discomfort.
    I’ve been reading up a bit on your product, and I think it may benefit my cat. I live in Canada, so I’m not sure how to obtain your product. Do you ship to Canada? I’m sure I could get a prescription from my vet. Or is there anything anyone can suggest? Please help my kitty! Thank you

  5. Cat #1: Will this product help reduce and prevent future bladder stones (female)
    Cat #2: She has low thyroid, but traditional meds make her VERY sick. Will this product help?

  6. One of my cats has bladder stones. Will this product help reduce the size of those stones and avoid surgery?

    I have another cat who has thyroid issues. Traditional thyroid medications make her VERY ill. Will this help her?

    Thanks so very much…

    • I have used D-Mannose (at health food stores and 100% effective for tough bladder and UTI infections in humans) and sprinkle it on my cats food (just a 1/2 capsule) everyday until the infection is gone. Long hair cats are particularly vulnerable to them. D-Mannose has cured even the most difficult to cure UTI’s in humans that antibiotics could not get rid of. I keep it in my medicine cabinet year round. Miracle stuff.

  7. Hi I have 2 questions. Number one. Is this available for sale in stores somewhere in colorado or is it order only? Also I use a strain of medical cannabis for my back pain with less than 1% thc and is considered a non psychoactive medical only strain for humans. Would this be acceptable to extract and give my kitty or would this still end up too potent. I do not want to hurt my buddy but I’ve been told it could be extremely beneficial to him and faster is good! Thank you ahead of time!

  8. My little one is 18 years old and is a chronic kidney disease cat. She’s been battling with her CKD for two and a half years but is a fighter. It’s starting to get worse now and she has lost a good chunk of weight, which for her is extremely dangerous. To give you an idea, she was 4.4lbs about 4 months ago (she’s always been small for her size, most she’s ever weighed was 9lbs) but now she’s closer to 3.5. She also has arthritis which is worsening (I’ve done acupuncture for her which worked wonders, so I’m probably going to do that again) as well as potentially hyperthyroidism. The hyperthyroidism is unknown at this point because the methimazole has been making her sick so I stopped using it, but my vet said she no longer has it so…? Anywho, I’m looking into alternative options and that’s when yesterday it dawned on me that cannabis kills cancer cells, well it might also help with her kidney disease. At the very least it would increase her appetite which is about nonexistent. I have already tried to contact CannaVet and not heard back, but I did get a response from VetCBD in California (I live in OR so it was just for info) and found out the ratio of CBD:THC needs to be 19/20: 1 so basically around .18% THC at most for anyone who is shopping around for their fur child. Anyway! at this point I want to reach out and find out a few things..

    A) although it’s not recommended, I currently have medical grade CBD oil (brand is magnatrophe). Has anyone used human medical grade oil on their cat and if so, what were the effects? Was it safe?

    B) Are there any best types of CBD oil for your pet that you’ve found/where at?

    C) any success stories with cannabis on their cat? Besides just increasing appetite?

    • The brand you are using (Magnatrophe) is a Extra Virgin Olive Oil CBD extract…the ratio is 30-1 and THC is content is .30%. Your pet has the same endo-cannabinoid system as you. CBD oil would probably benefit your pets health, but in much smaller doses…drop or 2 cpl. times a day on a treat, or directly in her mouth.

      • Olive oil isn’t ideal for cats. I’d use coconut oil or MTC oil base for a cat if you can find a formulation. In Calfornia, Treatwell tinctures are very high quality and 3rd party tested, soil grown, US grown, organic product. I use human-grade Treatwell tincture on my CKD kitty because it is stronger than Treatwell’s pet CBD tincture (so I use a smaller dosage and save money.) Canna Pet capsules can be shipped anywhere. CBD oil/tinctures & CBD capsules help with appetite, arthritis, anxiety, and general well-being for my elderly CKD kitty.

        • What strength of Treatwell are you giving your cat? I’m looking into buying their blends for my senior cat that was just diagnosed with GI small cell lymphoma, although I’m considering buying the larger “dog” version and giving a smaller dose. I know the human blends are the same except with no salmon oil, but the human blends also have other ratios like 3:1

  9. Where can I find the documentation on THC being toxic to cats in x-concentration?
    I hear a lot of people saying it, but not a single cited article explaining it.

  10. Pepper ,my 5 year old (feral) cat has allergies that cause him to itch on the nose and the nose is blood red from his scratching. (sun and misquitoes we think).
    Another female (5month old female feral kitten) has adopted us and Pepper is aggressive and chases the kitten and fights with her. We want to continue feeding this little girl and thought maybe that some “POT” therapy might help with the allergy and agressiveness.
    Suggestions needed.

    • Please contact Canna Companion USA through their website and request a free consultation with one of their veterinarians. They can best advise you.

  11. Is it useful for a cat that is having a hard time dealing with her recent amputation of her hind leg? She is 13 and gets easily frustrated with herself. Eating habits and bowel movements fine. Grooming as well. Just very irritable and frustrated. Guide me. Thanks

    • CBD oil/tinctures/capsules are excellent for helping kitties deal with stress and anxiety (and physical discomfort) so it would likely be very helpful with a kitty coping wth the stress of amputation. You must experiment with dosage, frequency and which product to use. This is a very individual thing for both people and pets.

  12. My cat has mammary cancer. I would love to hear any experiences with cannabis and kitty breast cancer. What do you think about cannabis salve on the area around her nipple that swells and bursts? I’ve had a lot of success with Essiac Tea, Turkey Tail mushrooms, Vitamin C etc etc but I’d like to keep changing things up and adding new things to the mix. I’m learning about honey tears, CBD and salve, etc but am having a hard time finding info specific to cats. I have access to these things locally. Does it have to be pet specific? Thank you so much to any and all with any info or ideas. She is 18 months post diagnosis and doing very well, no nausea, pain or trouble eating. She hasn’t had chemo or anything like that. I’m hoping to find a way to use pot to kill the cancer rather than needing it at this point for pain management.

    • Michelle my Kitty has mammary cancer also. I am going to try cannabis treatment. She had surgery to remove a mass from her breast (nipple) area, when it was diagnosed as cancer I was so sad. She doesn’t know she is sick yet. My name is Diane Rizak look me up on facebook and tell me how your cat is doing. I have no info about honey tears or Turkey tail mushrooms please contact me and fill me in!

      • Kitty had the same surgery and now we have another mass. I can’t loose her. Help
        Because she is so tiny the vet says surgery is not an option

  13. I just wanted to do a shout out 🙂 Dr Sarah Brandon was my old kitty, Cupid, vet for his senor years and he had severe arthritis and bladder issues. He passed a few years ago but before he did I went “rogue” and changed his traditional meds over to Green Lipped Mussel Powder and edible marijuana. Dr Brandon had not yet started Canna Companion or I would have gone that route. He did WAY better on the GLM and marijuana than anything else Dr Brandon had prescribed. I think she is doing a wonderful thing venturing out to “alternative” yet traditionall methods of making our pets pain free. My other kitty is now getting old and I am suspecting he is developing arthritis. I will be looking into Canna Vet now. Thank you for the article, it’s such a controversial topic and it’s good to see people trying to take the stigma away. Our pets deserve to be pain free with the least amount of side effects possible.

  14. My cat is 14 and allergic to the drops for her glaucoma, she is on methimazole and amlodipine for hypertension and hyper-thyroid. Those issues seem to be well controlled, also she is on a kidney-friendly diet. She went blind from feline retinopathy, but seems to be adjusting to that. It’s the eye pressure from glaucoma that can bother her. I’d like to try one of the hemp supplements, anything to make her feel better. Has anyone done this for feline glaucoma?

  15. Cannabis extract that contains ALL cannabinoids is the most effective, and using pure CBD extract, like using pure THC extract, is less effective. Marinol is synthetic THC, and it has little therapeutic value, because cannabinoids work together synergistically. I grow a strain that has a ratio of THC:CBD of 50/50, along with all the other cannabinoids. Pure CBD made from hemp is not going to be as useful medicinally, but it still helps!

    • I appreciate your comments, but you’re making a lot of strong statements without substantiating any of your claims. Can you point us to any studies that validate this information?

      • As we appreciate your comments and statements but can you point us to any studies that validate your information? No need to point you anywhere, take 3 minutes and research the Internet and the countless number of people supplying their cats with anything from raw cannabis to any extract under the sun to second hand smoke to first hand vaporization then administered. I believe it’s you who should be supplying us with more information on your thoughts theory’s and products testing and effectiveness. I’m in no way opposed to your view but from a testing point of. Ie and online access to real humans and their cats, I believe it would be nice if you gave more I site into your claims. Which I hope are all true for the sake of animals in need.

        • Please contact Canna Companion USA through their website. They will be happy to provide the information for you and answer any additional questions.

  16. My cat does not pill well. Has anyone or is it possible to open capsule and sprinkle in her soft food? She was diagnosed with cancer and I really want to make her comfortable & try cannabis. Thank you

    • You can open the capsule, but the cannabis has a very strong taste, so mixing it in with food may not work. I would recommend trying to put the capsule inside a pill pocket. You can also try giving it with a little bit of yogurt or cream – dairy tends to mask the strong smell and taste a bit. All my best to your kitty!

      • Put some on the cat’s body, and she will lick it up! My dog loves the taste of cannabis-coconut extract, which she licks off the tit where she had a mammary gland lymphoma, which I cured using cannabis. They love the taste, so no worries! For a seriously ill cat that doesn’t like the taste though, I’d recommend a glycerin extract of cannabis, which can be given by dropper directly into her mouth. If it’s a cancer on the outside of her body, then put the cannabis-coconut (or glycerin tincture) extract directly on it, and let her lick it off. Cannabis cures cancer, and most other illnesses too.

        • pharmerdavid where can one get a glycerin extract of cannabis for a cat with a brain tumor? I am going to do radiation and i’ve seen evidence that the two, radiation and marijuana oil work together to kill tumors.

        • You have to talk to the company. For example, Treatwell told me the only difference in formulation of their CBD tincture for humans vs pets was that 1) the human tincture concentration is stronger, and 2) the pet formula includes salmon oil. Turns out my kitty prefers the flavor without the salmon oil, so I save money by giving fewer drops of the more concentrated human tincture. But this is a very transparent and open company that will openly share all such information with their customers. Not all companies will.

      • Where can someone get all this stuff like “a glycerin extract of cannabis”? Thanks its for my cat who has a brain tumor.

        • I would recommend contacting Canna Companion USA. They offer free veterinary consultations and can advise you as to which product is best for your cat.

  17. Our 14 yr old Ragdoll Max has been diagnosed with severe liver cancer. There is no treatment as the cancer is too wide spread. Can this supplement help his discomfort ?

  18. My poor girl Gracie who is ten years old, is having the worse case of itching. She is sore on her back and neck where she has been itching for a long time now. I gave her flea treatment and she has no fleas, but still she is itching. It’s wearing her out. I’m desperate. Docs don’t seem to help. I’d like to have a scraping of her skin and look at it under the scope I think there is something bugging her. lately, I’ve been using neem oil and it seems to help a little. I made up some cannabis tea from my garden, I’m going to wipe it on her fur and see if it helps. Any suggestions are appreciated. I don’t want to give her steroids to stop her from itching so she can heal. I will if I have to, but don’t want to.

    • I would highly recommend using unrefined raw organic coconut oil. I use about a teaspoon a week or so. Application is easy. Just put the oil in your hands and rub so that it melts, that’s if it’s colder than 70 degrees F. Then simply massage it onto the skin and fur, and go across the growth to insure proper application. The oil is also very beneficial for their diets as it’s high in omega fatty acids. This product has so many usages for you, your pets and home. Good luck to you!

      • Coconut oil has been reported to have an amazing number of benefits on the human side, but I don’t think there are any studies on its benefits for cats, although I don’t doubt that they exist. I certainly use it for myself! Just be aware that coconut oil is very messy, so if you use it externally, chances are it’ll get all over your furniture, carpet, etc.!

  19. Do you ship to Belgium? Our Elvis has adenocarcinoma of the mouth and this may be helpful for him.

    Thanks, Katie

  20. Thank you Ingrid! I’m very excited about the possibility of this helping my 18 year old girlkitty’s arthritis. Do you know the difference between the products sold by at the two websites you list (CannaVet and Canna Companion)?

    • They’re both the same company, Karin. Canna Companion is changing its name to CannaVet. Since the new website is still under development, they are maintaining Canna Companion until it’s finished.

  21. Good morning Ingrid. Thank you for this article. I have already contacted CannaVet to place an order. My Pepper has TMJ and although he is managing I have been told that there is nothing else I can do for him and he will eventually succumb to the disease. I refuse to accept this and continue to fight for him. He even has his own therapy cat. One of my other cats has instinctively become his therapist by comforting him during pain episodes and pushing him to the food dish when he refuses to eat. Surprising relationships develop when the need exists.
    God Bless you Ingrid. You have guided me in this journey unknowingly.

    • Hi. I hope your Pepper is still with you and hanging in there. Have you tried DMSO topically or added to food? It might help. In cats it has to be fairly dilute no more than 30% if applied topically and even that may not be enjoyable. I have used it at 50% repeatedly on a cat (4x/day for 4 months) and she had no dermal irritation in terms of visible irritation, but her attitude told me she was feeling the prickles that come with DMSO in some users. Another cat got reddened skin with 30% concentration so different cats have different tolerance. The one who couldn’t handle it on her skin, started to get in subcutaneous fluids instead and was fine. The SQ concentration was very low. I have played with .5-5% solutions adding it to sterile saline infusing gently through the injection port (do not add it to the bag as it is likely not compatible). The cat getting the injections started acting like a kitten again. I wish I could post videos here of her pouncing on her toys and jumping and almost doing complete back flips (at 15 yrs of age!). It’s not for everyone but if you can find a vet to work with you, you might try it to ease Pepper’s pain and maybe even reverse the disease. I will blog about DMSO soon (See website below) so I can share what I have learned.

  22. My spouse is a medical patient, and our cat with severe IBD actively seeks a secondhand hit when she’s feeling poorly–we feel she knows that the smoke helps her flare-ups.

    • Even though Dr. Brandon doesn’t recommend this, I find it interesting how your cat intuitively seems to know that the smoke can help her.

    • As katnip lounge said, the cat comes at certain intervals and I bet when he or she only feels like it or the need to take a hit off the splif. Accepting in the second hand smoke and only to a certain degree and is then done and walks away. Next you’ll be calling it addiction? The more good than harm I’m banking is a landslide. As countless numbers of people have been documented as to using marijuana both medically and recreationally, with a houshold of more than one cat and some as many as five, the cats with the ailments out of the bunch have some how taken a liking and they themselves will come up to the user and inhale the second hand smoke where as the others have absolutely no interest. Please don’t ask me to show you proof, use an address bar and see for yourself. Again I am so glad you have a product available that may or may not help, but don’t discourage others from other methods or forms because you and your company are not testing those methods and their positive and negative points.

      This comment has been edited by the site owner.

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