Earlier this week, I received Cat Fancy’s 50th Anniversary issue in the mail. It’s also, sadly, the magazine’s final issue. I had known about the magazine’s demise since the beginning of December, when I received a call from editor Susan Logan-McCracken. As a contributing writer, I very much appreciated that Susan took the time for this personal notification.

Cat Fancy was acquired by I-5 Publishing at the beginning of 2013. In July of 2014, the acquisition of Catster made I-5 Publishing the world’s largest owned and operated online pet network with approximately 5 million monthly visitors. I-5 also acquired CatChannel, Dog Fancy, and Dogster.

I’m very sad to see Cat Fancy go – not just because of its history, and because I was a contributor, but because I hate to see publications disappear that provide solid, factual information, to be replaced by glossy entertainment. It seems to be a trend in publishing in general, not just in the cat world.

I understand that publishing is a business. The trend in cat culture, especially online, is toward entertainment and humor, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. And while I’d like to think there’s a place for both in this world, I also understand the economics of having to give the public what it wants.

My memories of Cat Fancy go back to the mid 1980’s, when I moved to the United States, and when my first cat Feebee came into my life. I knew nothing about cats at the time other than that I loved them. Cat Fancy became one of my most trusted sources of information for me (keep in mind, this was the dark ages before the internet…) and I looked forward to each new issue.

Cat Fancy is probably also ultimately responsible for helping me find work that I’m passionate about: writing about cats, and educating cat guardians about how to keep their cats happy and healthy. I have a vivid memory of reading an issue of the magazine sometime back in the mid 1990’s, thinking how cool it would be if I could find work that would allow me to work with cats all the time. Shortly thereafter, my “fancy” became a reality when I started working at veterinary hospitals. Then about eight years ago, I began writing (mostly about cats) full time.

The good news is that I-5 is not completely giving up on print media. Cat Fancy will relaunch as Catster Magazine, which will come out six times a year. The tone of the new publication will most likely mimic Catster’s online presence and tone. When I talked to Susan Logan-McCracken about the new magazine, I joked that it sounded like it will be “Cat Fancy Light.”

As Susan wrote so eloquently about the new magazine in her final editorial in Cat Fancy’s final issue, “It will still be a voice for all cats and people like you who love them. Cherish life. Celebrate love and things that never change. But embrace transformation, for without it, there’s no growth or progress.”

I’m trying, Susan. I wish I-5 much success with Catster Magazine. But as I’m reading this beautiful final issue of a magazine that has been such a significant part of my life, I can’t help but shed a tear or two. The cat world won’t be the same without Cat Fancy.

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  1. I Stopped getting Cat Fancy as it was over 50% ads for breeders. Catster is aimed more at the plain ordinary guy on the street cat owner, lover, enthusiast.

    • I enjoyed subscribing to Cat Fancy cause it was informative about certain breeds. This was the kind of issue whether you are a pet owner or just a breeder. I am so sorry it’s no longer in the magazine market. I truly hope this CatFancy magazine returns back on the news stand.

  2. 9/2012 – Thurs.

    Dear Sirs:

    To the new owners: If I subscribe … will this still be magazine issues and how much is your 6 mo/only product to be ? From Cat Fancy to Catster.

    • I turned 18 in 1985 and started selling magazines. Yes, I was one of those annoying kids who’d knock on your door and talk about a contest. It’s too bad what that business ultimately became. Apparently I had joined when it was making its transition from being a great job and travel opportunity for a young adult to having white trash stealing from people all over these United States.
      But I digress.
      I did it for a couple of year and really enjoyed it. Towards the mid to late 80’s it became a haven for runaways and chain smoking morons, to put it lightly. I stopped in ’88 and started University.
      But anyway…I loved Loved LOved selling Cat Fancy!! We had cats, growing up and I knew all about them…and my mother had subscribed to Cat Fancy…So I actually knew what I was talking about. It was one of the very few ‘fall back’ magazines I could almost always get a nice lady to purchase from me. That, and Ladies Home Journal; my first magazine sold…To an older gentleman who thought “how in the heck do I get this annoying kid out of my condo?” So he bought LHJ for his wife…renewed it, actually.
      The woman, funnily enough, wrote to the company and sent me a letter. She thanked me for getting her husband to stand up from his recliner and have a conversation with someone besides their dog! I never laughed so hard.
      Anyhow…my wife and I subscribed to Cat Fancy until it went to the wayside…What a bummer!
      And to think, now everything is being replaced by a bunch of glittery hogwash. I mourn for our country.
      I hope we start realizing we’d best start taking life a little bit more seriously…pretty soon. : )

  3. it was truly love at the first sight when i come to know about cat fancy magazine. that time i had a contact with susan logan. in the year 2005 (august issue) one of my photograph was published.This is the one and only magazine I received and I will keep it till my death. Cat Fancy was a Royal magazine with unique taste and flavour to the Animal Lovers. I wish it must come back someday. (suphal from Kolkata, India)

  4. I was given a subscription for Christmas and when “Catster” showed up, I thought they must have changed their name. and wondered why after 50 years they would do that.
    I haven’t opened “Catster” (ugh that name is so bad! 🙂 We call people and places that try too hard to seem cool “so and so -ster”, like “Oh look, there go the churchsters into that place that looks like a neon Starbucks”)

    I learned a lot from Cat Fancy over the years and have always had kitties in my life. I really hope it doesn’t become the magazine version of Awesome Funny Cat Videos on you tube.

  5. Looking to find 50th Anniversary Cat Fancy Magazine. Please let me know if I am able to get one . Thnak you.

      • I have looked everywhere for 50th Anniversary of Cat Fancy. I grew up with my cats using this Magazine as a guide. My cats lived to be 17,18 and one 21 years old. Please give any information. The new Magazine has BIG shoes to fill. Dana

      • I am unable to find the 50th Anniversary of CatFancy. I grew up using this magazine with my cats of 17,18,and 21 years. This new magazine has BIG shoes to fill. Please let me know if anyone finds one Thank you. Dana

    • Mine is around here somewhere, I would be very happy to give it to someone who it would be meaningful for. If you are still looking, let me know, I’ll check back here in a while and watch my mail for follow-up comments 🙂

      • Amy, I read your email to Ingrid and I am Looking for the 50th Anniversary of Cat Fancy. I raised my cats on this magazine. They were 17,18 znd 21 years and it helped me tremendously. Please let me know if you still have one . Thank you. please do not hesitate to email anytime . Dand

        • Hi, I saw a couple of anniversary issues listed on Ebay. They were starting at 99 cents. By chance did you attend Austin Peay State Univ. in the mid 1970’s? I had a friend by the same name!

          • Alicia I graduated in 1980. I had a very good friend name Alicia when I lost contact with her when she moved from Nashville, Tn.I went to church with and I think her father was a lawyer

          • If you are my cat loving friend, Dana Krehmeyer Blumenfeld, contact me! (
            Hope you were able to buy the anniversary issue of Cat Fancy on Ebay.

  6. I work with periodicals/journals in our library. I think that Cat Fancy is still going to be published but just under a new name — Catster. I’m checking further tomorrow.

    • As I mentioned in the article, I5 will publish Catster magazine six times a year, Linda, but it will be different from Cat Fancy as far as tone and content goes.

  7. I liked Cat Fancy, at one point I had a subscription. For the most part I found the articles to be really informative, I saved a lot of the magazines. On feline nutrition, however, I always found the articles to usually be disparaging of raw feeding (even HPP raw), as well as pushing kibble diets as appropriate.

  8. Ingrid, This is sad news. But I am heartened because your blog will still be available, keeping us amused as well as updated on so many cat-related issues.

    Thank you for your hard work, research, and caring!

  9. Such sad news. I always look forward to my monthly issue of Cat Fancy. I’ll try Catster but I agree it’s a silly name. Since there are only 6 issues a year I should have more time to follow my felines fine example and take more naps.

  10. Sad indeed to see a well established and informative magazine go the way of so many.

    Most interested to read YOUR comments Ingrid, and all the others.

    Hopefully eplacement will be equally good in its way but most have treasured memories of “how it used to be.

    It’s the old thing of nothing lasts for ever I suppose – sadly.

  11. Wow, I got the issue in the mail, but haven’t read it yet. Will they refund the balance of our subscriptions?

    It’s sad that so many online writers and editors, newspaper writers and editors, and magazine writer and editors are out of work (many websites use other staff to post things on corporate websites now, and have laid off editorial staff).

    I suppose Dog Fancy is going under, too?

    • Current subscribers will automatically receive the new Catster magazine, Nancy. And yes, Dog Fancy is also disappearing and will be rebranded and issued as Dogster magazine six times a year.

  12. I just saw an issue at the vet’s & was happy that CF was still ‘going strong’ now. 🙁 I would have opened it had I had the time, but my vet was seeing 2 of my cats at once & there was little down time. CF was my Bible when I rescued my first kitty in 1989 or ’90 — who turned out to be FeLV positive. I learned all about the leukemia virus, treatment, how to pill, and what to watch for. I learned how to manage & provide care for the local colony. I became the building ‘consultant’ on all things feline & met some great neighbors who became friends. I’m sad to see it go, but hope that it will continue to offer much-needed information. The Web is great, but anyone can post anything. I always trusted the information in Cat Fancy.

  13. How sad to see Cat Fancy go. Catster sounds like a stupid name for a magazine. But what can we expect from a publication that feels it must dumb down to it’s readers in order to be profitable? It’s an insult to Cat Fancy readers everywhere. There is still room for the solid factual information Cat Fancy provided AND glossy entertainment. And they did not have to change the name. After my subscription is up I will not be renewing it. Modern Cat is a great magazine and I’ve heard the same about Cats World. I think I’ll give them a try.

    • I agree with you. I’ve been getting Cat Fancy for years and will miss it. I thought the same thing – the dummies at I-5 “dumb down” a good magazine to attract the dumbed down generation. I guess they’re to going to include articles about celebrities too. OK – I guess if you like to read about celebrities – I don’t. No renewal for me and I won’t insult my cats by lining the litterbox with Catster.

    • I agree with you. I loved Cat Fancy and it is very disappointing to me that they have to change it. I for one will not be subscribing to the new magazine

  14. Oh no, a sad, sad goodbye to Cat Fancy! Yes, Allegra looks very solemn.

    Condolences to editor Susan Logan-McCracken and all the writers who made the magazine so fun and useful! As a former newspaper reporter and editor in the similarly challenged news biz, I know how much such a venerable masthead will be missed. Midnight Louie, who was honored to have a romp through the pages now and then, will miss Cat Fancy too. I’m glad a bi-monthly print successor is coming. Mystery Scene magazine has gone to that format and is doing well.

    But . . . no more Cat Fancy format? Meow phttt!

  15. I love the pic of your kitty with the magazine. The way her fur is painted, it looks as if she is about to cry because Cat Fancy’s reign is ending! aw.
    Like you, I was a subscriber before the internet was widely available, and I learned a lot. I wanted to know as much as possible about all things CAT. Thanks for your blog and for keeping us informed.

  16. This is really regrettable. Not just because of Cat Fancy but many other publications that have stopped printing and are only available online. I for one HATE to read on the computer. But, Cat Fancy will publish on paper again, just in another form, right? When I see all the bookstores, recently Barnes & Noble shut their doors, it really scares me that some day, maybe even in my lifetime, there will be no more books or magazines printed on paper. I stopped my subscription last year in order to begin downsizing my household but I must rush to Pet club and see about getting that final copy. Cat Fancy was my first source of information to go to when I suddenly became a cat mom for the first time in March of 2000. And I ran across it accidentally at Pet Club. Read that issue and was hooked. Many years later I am a fountain of information about cats but will still miss the news. Luckily, we have Ingrid to fill the gap.

  17. What sad news. Cat Fancy has been a much loved magazine for me. It led me in 1995 to my Birman kitten who was the greatest cat. I have so much to thank them for in terms of care. Food and vet care. This is sad that it is a victim of bad corporate restructuring. I will not bother with the new version. It can never be worthy. Thanks for letting us know.

  18. I’m sorry to hear this. I will cherish the Maine Coon edition of their Popular Cats series. I also see the end of Cat Fancy opening a door for someone or more than one someone to start a new publication. How about you, Ingrid?

    • I don’t think I’ll be starting a print publication in this current market, Michelle, but The Conscious Cat will continue to publish new information every day.

  19. I think its a real shame that Cat Fancy is gone. While cats have become a source of entertainment in society, many people who adopt cats, or have cats, don’t have a clue how to properly own them. This is leading to more cats being dumped at shelters and outside, more breeding that the world doesn’t need, and definitely death (both outside and in shelters). There are no really good sources for advice on raising a kitten, or working with adult behavioural issues. I see the same questions crop up constantly on FB groups. We’re now having to rely on social media to educate the public on how to properly raise a cat. That’s not a good thing. We need a definitive source in the cat world, for the well being of cats everywhere. The public needs to be more aware that while cats can be very entertaining, they’re not always easy to live with. I’d love for a group of cat people to get together and start an independent magazine, to fill (some) of the void Cat Fancy left behind.

    • I think social media has opened new channels to educate people about cats, but you are so right, Anne, the information needs to be available to share! It’s one of the reasons why I work so hard at making this site a solid source for information on feline health, behavior, and more.

  20. I read this and suddenly became very sad. I’ve read cat fancy since I was a kid and own many books the have released.

  21. I’ve had a subscription to Cat Fancy for over 20 years. I understand my current subscription will be transferred to the new Catster magazine. I’ll give it a try…but I’m sure going to miss my Cat Fancy.

    Island Cat Mom

  22. I am so sad. I had just re-subscribed about three months ago. Do you have any idea if they will refund subscriptions or if they will just fulfill the obligation with the new magazine? I am so like a cat in that I HATE change. My friend tease me about it actually. They say that is why I’m such a cat person.

  23. Ingrid, Thank you for the elegy and alerting me to the passing of Cat Fancy. Not only did I read it occasionally, but saw it at the vets, the library, cat shows, seemingly everywhere. I read the thoughtful sentiments in Comments and agree with most of them. By using the internet for my cat information, I probably contributed to its demise as well. I hope all of the writers, editors, and staff will keep up the good work in some other venue. — Mary

  24. As a contributor to “Catster” online magazine with both me Traditional Persian cats having their personal diaries updated regularly actually thought that “Catster” was shutting its “Cat” online business.Surprised to read that it has actually purchased a cat magazine “Cat Fancy” and to date has not closed its “Catster” online site.As a reader and writer i understand the loss of a favourite magazine to its regular readers, a addiction to many.Thats life and business in a ever-changing world of economics and pet business.

  25. I, too, am very sad to see Cat Fancy come to an end. I love that Cat Fancy provides its readers with factual information rather than just entertainment. I hope that Catster will incorporate some informational articles into its magazine as well. I’ve loved Cat Fancy for many years and wish it could stick around. At the same time, things do change, and I wish l-5 the best of luck with their new publication.

  26. I am also devastated about the news, that Cat Fancy will cl0se Down. The magazine has been a part of my life for a lifetime. There was always something to think about and good stories I will deeply miss it. Progress is not always a positive thing, and this news is definitelly not. And as there are not many cat publications around the World, it is more so a sad thing.

  27. Cat Fancy has been a steady stream of reading and understanding my little furry ones. It is a sad day to know this very well written and informative magazine will be gone. Sometimes we take for granted this, as in this magazine, will just always be there for us. I, for one, will truly miss it.

    Sometimes progress and change can be a challenge, but it can also be questioned, as to the why of it all. Not publishing Cat Fancy will, for me, fall into the later, WHY?

    • I think it’s like Newspapers…they are going under because Millennials and others prefer to watch CNN or get their info online or via their phones. And costs to print and deliver mags. have gone up, too.

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