When it comes to giving pills to pets, dog owners tend to have it easier. Put the pill in a little bit of peanut butter or cheese and most dogs will think they’re getting a treat and won’t argue with the owner. When it comes to cats, it’s usually not quite that simple. Rumor has it there are some cats who will allow their guardians to pill them easily, but if my personal experience and that with veterinary clients is any indication, they’re few and far between.

There are multiple options for pilling cats, from quickly shoving the pill deep into the cat’s mouth to using a pill gun to pill pockets to crushing up the pill and mixing it with a small amount of food (caution: the latter may not be appropriate for all types of medication, check with your veterinarian to be sure). Many medications are also available in liquid form, which may make dosing easier for some cat owners. Some can even be compounded into tuna or chicken flavored liquids. Another option may be transdermal delivery: the medication is compounded into a cream that is rubbed on the inside of the cat’s ear.

Gelatin capsules make giving medications easier

One option that is often overlooked when it comes to pilling cats are gelatin capsules. These empty gel caps come in different sizes. Since they’re capsules, they’re easier to administer and slide down the cat’s esophagus easily. They are especially useful for cats who are taking multiple medications at the same time: simply open the capsule, put all the meds in the capsule together, and administer. Instead of having to give multiple pills, you only have to pill your cat once.

Gel caps also avoid the dangers of “dry pilling” (giving pills without following with a syringe full of water) a practice that can cause serious damage to the delicate lining of the esophagus.

Capsuline CATcaps: flavored gel caps  for cats

Capsuline, a manufacturer of hardshell gelatin, vegetable and flavored capsules, has taken the gel cap concept one step further and has added flavoring to the capsules, making administration even easier. CATcaps are available in chicken and beef flavor.

Allegra and Ruby have been healthy kitties who haven’t needed any medications, but I used gel caps extensively with all of my previous cats, and I wish I had had the flavored versions available back then. Even though the unflavored caps worked great for us, I’m sure that the experience would have been even more pleasant for my cats with a little flavor added. As Mary Poppins sang “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down” – when it comes to pilling cats, a flavored gel cap helps the medicine go down much easier.

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For more information about Capsuline, and to purchase, please visit their website.

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  1. My cat won’t take any medicine without some sort of expensive food. I’d love it if she would just eat these capsules.

  2. I would like to win them so I can donate them and the giftcard to the Misfit Critter Farm and Sanctuary. It is one woman who started this rescue and continues to do it all on her own. Take time to check out her fb page Easter the Extraordinarily Optimistic Kitten of Misfit Critter Farm and her website Thank you!

  3. Pilling can be stressful for everyone and this is the solution! I hope to always have kitties to care for and will forever search for ways to make life harmonious and healthy. Your writing assists me, so much!

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