Tiki Cat has long been one of our recommended brands. They use quality ingredients, and their foods contain mostly protein with no fillers or vegetables added. They’re also high in moisture, and you can actually recognize the ingredients when you look at the food.

Tiki Cat recently launched a new line of foods. The Gourmet Carnivore selections feature 100 percent human USDA Grade products that are grain-free, carb-free, whole shredded meats cooked in natural consommé juices, not gravy. These new varieties nicely complement the existing 17 varieties of Tiki Cat Gourmet Whole Foods.

Like all of Tiki Cat’s offerings, the new line provides a biologically appropriate carnivore diet with no carbohydrates and a zero glycemic index. In addition, Tiki Cat has gone a step beyond in combining gourmet organ meats, which provide increased naturally occurring nutrients that carnivores need. The diet replicates a true wild prey diet which is 55 percent protein, 35 percent fat and zero carbohydrates. This new menu offers super premium proteins with higher naturally occurring fats plus premium cold pressed extra virgin olive oil to provide maximum nutrient absorption and health support.

We recently got a chance to test some of the new flavors. Since I don’t feed or recommend any fish based flavors, I asked  for the poultry varieties, and Allegra and Ruby got to test the Chicken with Duck, Chicken with Turkey, and Chicken and Liver varieties.

Allegra loved all three varieties. Ruby was a little picky about the Chicken and Liver flavor, but she’s not a huge liver fan, so I expected that. I loved everything about these foods, especially the high moisture content, which I believe makes these diets an excellent choice to prevent urinary tract problems. Two thumbs up from me, and four paws up from the girls (with the exception of the liver flavor, which gets only one paw up from Ruby.)

Would you like to try this food for your cats? You can order a sampler of eight different varieties from Amazon (shown above) with free shipping for Prime members.

FTC Disclosure: I received this product for review at no charge. Receiving the free product did not influence my review. All reviews on The Conscious Cat will always reflect my honest and unbiased opinion. Or, as the case may be, Allegra and Ruby’s honest and unbiased opinion.

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  1. I have a 14 lb (18 month) Bengal and I try to keep her caloric intake to about 200 a day. She appears a little over weight, but she is ALWAYS hungry. Am I feeding her enough?

  2. We have a beautiful purebred Siberian that’s just come up on his first birthday. Our breeder was feeding them Nutrience canned and kibble, as we were up till 3 weeks ago. Things we have noticed in switching to Tiki Cat is first off, the contents. I look at it this way, if it looks like real food as opposed to a bunch of stuff tossed in a blender and pulverized, even I would be more inclined to eat it! Our little guy goes bonkers for breakfast time…to the point he wakes me up early just so he can have breakfast! The product looks awesome, smells good enough that I think I’d even eat it, and the nutritional value, lack of grains, veggies and fillers makes all of us feel better about the product. We have read more labels than we care to mention, and Tiki Cat just makes us feel really good about feeding him the best and most suitable product for our kitty. One of the other big things we’ve noticed with our kitty, is how soft his coat has become since switching. With a Siberian’s triple layer coat, we thought he was soft before …. now …. He is soooo soft and has such a beautiful sheen to his coat it’s insane! Another couple things we’ve noticed since changing to Tiki Cat, is that he doesn’t have as bad ‘kitty breath’ as he used to, so that makes me think his diet is better suited to his needs. We have also noticed his stools aren’t as hard as they used to be, indicating to me that he is benefiting from the quality of the food itself as well as it’s high moisture content, without him having diahrrea issues. We have a kitty fountain, so he always has fresh clean water, and since we are on a well and our water is of an extremely good quality, that helps too! About the only thing that I do have to kind of agree on others comments are about feeding ocean fish, such as tuna. Since the Fukushima nuclear accident and it’s continued leakage of radioactive waste into the ocean, it leaves me hesitant to feed him much in the way of fish product for this one reason alone. If the girlfriend and I are eating way less ocean fish because of this, why would we want to expose our beloved kitty to this risk and more!

    I would like to thank Christine Hackett for producing such a high quality food that leaves you feeling good about what you give your kitty! Kudos …. keep up the great work!

  3. Hi Ingrid, it has been almost 6 weeks now since I have transitioned our cat to Tiki Cat (Puka Puka and Koolina Luaus). I have also added probiotics in the morning meal. We have seen an improvement in vomiting of hairballs or bile, it is not perfect, there was a couple episodes of bile coming up after a few hours on an empty stomach and yesterday, we found a tiny bit of fur on the floor. Still, it is better and it is quite reassuring but I assume we have to wait a few more weeks to see if he keeps improving.

    I have a couple more questions though.

    1/ I read that variety is good, so a cat won’t develop food allergy. I won’t feed fish for the reasons you have mentioned. What is the next best choice after chicken in your opinion ? Would chicken mixed with liver or duck be enough to bring variety ? Along with these combinations, Tiki offers beef or lamb, not rabbit.

    2/ We just did a blood test, his Eosinophils is slightly high (1,067; limit is 1,000). Fecal test was negative. Could the more frequent vomiting be a reason ? Like I said, there is improvement but maybe it is too soon to see it in the results ?

    Since Christine Hackett from Tiki Cat reads this forum, I would like to thank her and her team for making such great products. Customer service has to be better though, I have been trying to contact them since the end of January, by email and phone, I never got the answer to my question.

    • I’m glad things are going better, Jessica. I prefer poultry flavors, but you can certainly experiment with anything other than fish. I can’t comment on the blood test – I’m not trained to interpret bloodwork. Keep in mind that “normal” values on a lab reports are averages.

      • Thank you Ingrid, I appreciate your honesty. I asked our vet to wait a bit before investigating more since the value is barely above range. We also want to wait for the low fat/no carb/probiotics to work a little longer.

  4. I forgot to mention in a previous e~mail to your company, I am not only interested in the poultry pate flavors but I also want grain free vegetable free food.No seafood for sure as we are doing the allergy testing by using only one flavor at a time then introducing other flavors in one~month intervals.

  5. Hi Ingrid, Since it seems you have a contact at Tiki Cat already, do you happen to know why the calorie content has increased recently for both Puka Puka and Koolina Luaus? I did my homework before moving back, it was respectively 182 Kcal/6 oz can and 136 Kcal/6 oz can. Now, looking on their website, it shows 221 Kcal/6 oz can and 228 Kcal/6 oz can. That is good news as people don’t need to feed more good food but I wonder how they got there. I emailed them and called them twice this week with no success.

  6. I understand the risks of feeding canned fish (especially tuna, salmon and tilefish) to cats. But aren’t you equally concerned with organ meats? Liver is listed in most of these meals, and has been tied to food allergies and hyperthyroidism in cats as much as fish has. It also causes gout in humans. How is this better than fish?

  7. I love Tiki Cat cat food. So I was excited to try out their Gourmet Carnivore line, especially since they have more flavors to choose from than just fish (which I don’t feed my cat.) However, I just found out that Cholecalciferol (rat poison) is used as a vitamin D supplement in the GC line. I am very concerned about this.

    • Cholecalciferol is not rat poison, Lana. It is a common form of vitamin D3. High doses of anything can be toxic. I assume that the brands of rat poison that use it contain concentration high enough to be toxic to rats. I will pass your concern on to Tiki Cat.

      • Dear Ingrid,

        Thank you for clarifying this. You are absolutely correct. We noticed a pet med emergency site warning about this common food ingredient and failed to clarify the toxic level and explain it’s use as a supplement verses a true poison. It caused some alarm for some concerned pet parents.

        Likewise, an overdose or insufficiency on any of the micro-nutrients and some of the vitamins will cause serious health problems and have been the subject of food recalls in the past.

        We need a website that combines the expertise of veterinarians and food manufacturer’s to break down the food science for our consumers. I hope to contribute to that end very soon.

        Thank you!
        Christine Hackett, Founder and Formulator of Tiki Cat brand foods

        • Thanks for stopping by, Christine. You are so right, there’s a desperate need for more information for consumers about what goes into our pets’ food.

      • Christine, you stated that “an overdose or insufficiency on any of the micro-nutrients and some of the vitamins will cause serious health problems and have been the subject of food recalls in the past.” Does this mean you are aware that too much iodine can cause hyperthyroidism? Why don’t you test your products for iodine and other minerals and vitamins listed on AAFCO’s nutrient profiles if you are aware of the dangers of too much micro-nutrients? Do you test your seafood for PBDEs? My cat developed hyperthyroidism after only eating your food. His hyperthyroidism caused heart disease, which ultimately killed him. I’ve sent your company e-mails. I’m still waiting for a response.

        • Hi Viv,

          I’m so sorry about your kitty. My oldest has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism a few years ago, but looks like we caught it on time. She’s on tapazole now, but I’m concerned about your accusations. Do you remember which Tiki Cat flavors you’ve been feeding your cat? And for how long? I’ve tried Tiki Cat’s “Gourmet Whole Food” line before, but my cats weren’t really taken with it. I want to try their new “Gourmet Carnivore” line since it doesn’t contain carrageenan, which is hard to find. But I worry now about making my cat’s hyperthyroidism worse. I hope you see my comment and reply. I’d really appreciate it.

    • Here’s the response I got from the Tiki Cat rep:

      This is absolutely an essential nutrient. In humans, our bodies create Cholecalciferol when we expose ourselves to the sun each day. Vitamin D must be consumed if you do not get enough sun exposure and pets need to find this nutrient in their food.

      The problem is, for any mammal, it is unnatural and dangerous to overdose on this nutrient. Many natural products are used to ward off pests and may have unintended consequences such as when pets get into snail ‘poison’ or other products around the house.

      The levels we provide are necessary and beneficial. You can find many sources that describe this ingredients use when consumed as prescribed for people and pets. AAFCO has long studied this nutrient’s benefits and efficacy for a complete and balanced diet for cats and dogs and most canned pet foods use this vitamin D source in their products, some only list it as Vitamin D3, which is not in compliance with label rules. We are using a human grade certified quality source from the #1 highest quality supplier available in the industry.

      We can provide you the actual lab analysis results that show the actual levels in our products if you like.

      Please let me know if I can provide any further information to relieve your concerns. We have found that the internet creates a considerable amount of alarm due to failures to completely explain their science or warnings to consumers and we will include your question I our future FAQ of our ingredient glossary for future customers once our new website launches in hype next week or so.

  8. Ingrid, that’s good news. My cats used to love TikiCat. I’m now feeding them Weruva which they also love, but we do like variety to keep things interesting! I will try this! Now, for some dollars and sense! haha (sorry). I looked this up on Amazon, and the cost as of this morning was $34.18 with Prime (my Prime membership includes “free” shipping). I went to my cat food, toys, etc supplier of choice at http://www.chewy.com, and they have the same 2.8oz pack of 12 sampler for $17.09 (regularly $20.99). If you order $49 worth of supplies from Chewy, shipping is free. I get an order from them every two weeks, so you can imagine my total is at least that! Anyway, the flavors included are: Beef & Liver (1), Beef Liver & Chicken (2), Beef Liver & Lamb (1), Bonito Tuna (1), Chicken & Liver (2), Chicken with Duck (2), Chicken with Turkey (2), Seabass (1) and Tilapia (1). The reviews do confirm that it is a LOT of broth, but I think it’s ok to “mix it up” from time to time, and to be honest, I feel bad when there are leftovers so…I’m definitely going to add this to this week’s order. Thanks, again, for keeping us up to date in The Wonderful World of Cats!

  9. I was hopeful until I read that they are (at least the 3 I checked) 45% consomme. That’s the reason for the low calorie content which makes it an extremely expensive food. I feed canned as well as local free range raw meat. The meat is a lot less expensive than this food is for the same number of calories. I might keep a couple cans on hand as a bribe food for a sick cat.

  10. My human and I just got some of these flavors yesterday (yes, I went to the pet store with her and helped her pick them out!). I had one can last night, the chicken and turkey and it was tasty! My human’s only concern is whether it has enough calories for me as a growing kitten. The servings seem a little light weight, although it’s all quality ingredients.

    • I think they might be a little too low in calories for you, Summer, but there’s an easy fix for that: just tell your human she needs to feed you more of it!

      • true, there are no kitten mice in the wild.. kittens eat the same thing as adults just more of it.. so if you are feeding good quality food, there is no reason not to feed more

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