Hey, everyone! Guess what today is? It’s my birthday! Mom says she can’t believe I’m four years old, because I still look and act like a kitten.


Can’t she see how much I’ve grown since she first fell in love with me when she saw this photo of me online?

As for still acting like a kitten…well, what’s wrong with that? Mom says sometimes I take the whole tortitude thing a bit too far. I can’t help it – I’ve got to be mee!!!

I can’t wait to see what Allegra and Mom have planned for me today. I’m queen for the day! Wee!!!

Conscious Cat Sunday will return next week.

27 Comments on Ruby’s Reflections: It’s My 4th Birthday

  1. Well done Ruby….. we thought to send congrats. to Allegra a few days ago when SHE turned five but our Mumsie being on the dozy side we never got round to it and she forgot to let us use the computer so may we say a very happy birthday to her and hope you will always go on being kittens……

    We are 14 and 15 and still behave years younger and our favourite vet says we are very good for our years.

    Happy happy birthday little Ruby girl

    Love and purrs from George, Ella and Alice from the UK

  2. Happy 4th Birthday!!!! We hope you have a really fun day! Blazie- our resident Tortie says that you aren’t Queen for a day – she says torties are queens everday!

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