There is no question that cats are good for us. They can function as therapists and comforters. They lower our blood pressure, remind us to live in the moment, and keep us warm at night. And sometimes, they grace us with special moments that melt our hearts.

These special moments don’t happen every day. I’m not talking about the joy we feel when our cats greet us at the end of a long day, or the exhilaration we feel when we watch them play. I’m talking about those truly magical and rare moments. 

The photo above captures a special moment between Ruby and me. Ruby is my little lovebug. If she had her way, she’d probably be permanently glued to me. She loves to cuddle and hug and rub her face against mine. What made the above moment so special for me was that I was able to capture it on camera.

Allegra has been giving me her own brand of special moments lately. Allegra is affectionate, but she is not a lap cat. It took months after I first adopted her at seven months of age before she would even come near my lap. She liked being in the same room with me, even sit right next to me, but my lap? That was off limits territory as far as she was concerned. Up until recently, lap time was something that was reserved for very special occasions. She’d come up on my lap maybe once a month, and stay for a few minutes at the most. Lately, she has been asking for more lap time, and she stays much longer.

Ruby is not sure whether she thinks that’s such a good thing, but it makes my heart sing.

Our friend JaneA Kelley recently wrote an article about special moments with cats for Catster, in which she shares how her three cats have worked out an arrangement that allows each of them cuddle time with their mom. I’m  hoping that Allegra and Ruby will learn from Siouxsie, Thomas and Bella.

What special moments have your cats given you? If you have more than one cat, do your cats share you, or are you dealing with some jealousy issues?

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27 Comments on Sharing Special Moments with Your Cat

  1. How wonderful to have those special moments. I could write a book about mine and am fascinated and blessed at the change in my gang. Not sure if it is because they are maturing, but Zee, Rolz, and Mia who were never lap cats before have become increasingly affectionate, clingy, and lap cats. Especially our Zee. Dan and I treasure the moments as they come and we take it slow and on their terms.

    Purrs from the Zee and Zoey Gang!

  2. The three boys at home are particular characters… as all of us are, so each of them has its own way.
    The eldest comes onto my lap, purring like a boeing engine, and bumps his head against me to get a good scratch. He also gets on top of my chest when I am reading in bed to catch my attention.
    The middle one, the elegant black boy, also gets on top of me to ask for a good scratch and some petting. He vocalizes a lot asking for attention.
    The youngest is a sweet tabby pie, he is a lap cat, comes close to my face and we touch noses, he rubs his head against me and loves to sleep on my lap.
    There are serious jealousy issues among them. We try to keep everybody happy and to avoid confrontation, but it is not easy.
    But they always have known that I love to be with them, and come to share moments with me at every chance.

  3. After my back surgery last year I could only sit in an outdoor cushioned chair brought into my living room. It was the only chair I owned with arm rests in the correct position for me to push myself up again. My kitty Zoe would crawl into my lap every time I sat there and comfort me. It was the only place I was comfortable for months after.

  4. I love the moments when my cats are simply there while I’m doing chores, watching TV or tapping on my computer. Recently, my 18 year old little tuxedo Luna decided it wasn’t enough to just lay stretched out right above my keyboard. She slowly reached out her tiny paw over the keyboard and tapped on a series of letter keys, then blinked up at me as if to say, “See, I can do this, too, Mom!”

  5. I have two beautiful cats – Billy and Bella – and I love the moments when I catch them cleaning each other or being really friendly. To put it into context, they tend to avoid each other – but there are a few special moments when they get along and it makes me smile 🙂

    • I can see where those moments feel like special moments, Jenny. And that’s pretty huge that they groom each other even though they tend to avoid each other!

  6. Cashew loves to stand on hind legs till you pick him up and he hugs you. He is a bit jealous of my 3 others sometimes. Garfield loves to have special play time every morning with my son. Sometimes if I have a blanket he will cuddle underneath. Charlie likes to come and sit in your lap only if it’s his idea. Tubby will rub up against you for a pet. He does love to be talked to but; not really held. Tubby also sleeps near my son’s head at night. Interesting how each has their own likes and dislikes.

  7. funny you wrote this and timely! Cody LOVES to climb onto my chest when I am just about to fall asleep. (I think it is the toothpaste smell he likes, I’m not kidding!) He purrs, and I pet him and tell him what a “good kitty” he is, and I tell him how I MUST play with him more, and we talk about the day, or kitties on the blog-o-sphere or whatever. Cody stares at me in the dark while I talk and pet him (my husband ADORES this routine…NOT! lol) but Cody and I do it anyway! Cody will never stay more than maybe 10 minutes but he LOVES that time and so do I. Then he leaps off of the bed and goes off to whatever it is he does during the night…usually that involves counter and stove surfing 🙂

  8. When you were talking about Ruby it made me smile. It reminds me so much of my Cisco. He always head bumps me and rubs his face against me. He loves my lap. In the winter when its chilly and I have a blanket on me he will crawl under the blanket and lay on me. Since I rescued my newest kitty Sam, just last August, Cisco doesn’t come to my lap as much because Sam is always hogging it. Sam loves to talk and then lay on my lap. I think I am his security blanket after being in a shelter. If Cisco is able to get to me before Sam then Sam will lay right next to me. My only girl, Princess, loves to be on my lap too, but she usually doesn’t get a chance because of Cisco or Sam. If I call her over one of them comes running. I do have to sometimes tell them they have to wait because I don’t like ignoring any of them. My Meeko would never get on my lap. He will lay right next to me or up against me but that is it. He has however started walking on my lap and standing there for a few seconds. He is the one though that has always liked to be wherever I am. He was my first one out of these four. I think they have all sensed at different times when I needed their loving more than other times. One time I remember when I had an upset stomach Cisco came and layed right on my stomach. It’s funny, but it did make me feel a little better. It seems when I’m down they hang around me more too. I am so lucky to have them in my life. I hope as I age I am always healthy enough to take care of my cats because I never want to stop having one to live with.

  9. My two cats have sharing me down to an art. Just for one example, in the morning I lie in bed waiting for the apartment to warm up. Gordon and Jasmine take turns getting under the covers with me to be scratched and cuddled, first one and then when that one leaves then the other one. One of my favorite moments of the day is just before bedtime when I stretch out and read in my recliner. Jasmine is always on my chest and Gordon always curls up on my legs. I’ve never seen any jealousy between them. If only we humans could be so smart.

  10. i had just lost one of my stray cats i’m caring for and wanted to connect with her in my heart. so i laid on the couch in the fetal position and closed my eyes. maxie came to me immediately and laid herself in the curve of my belly. i stayed in this beautiful moment for a while and when i finally opened my eyes again i noticed my cat semire, only a few months old, laying in the curve of my belly. i did not notice her coming to lay with me like that at all!
    that was a very sacred moment. to this day semira always, always knows……we are connected on a very deep level.

  11. So many cat and so many moments.

    — Our first cat Basia, when she was not even three months old. I would come home from work and she would prance around my shoulders, purring and rubbing. Eventually, she would curl up on my chest in a little loaf, purring and rhythmically squawking, perhaps annoyed that she was falling asleep. Soon she wouldn’t have the energy to meow out loud, but her mouth continued working in a silent meow. That would stop and then the purring, and she would be asleep at last.

    — Our late Dubya, second kitten; the first time he jumped on our bed at 3AM and perched on my chest, purring and staring at me, until he reached out one paw and brushed my mustache.

    — Jewel, that one time she walked over the back of the couch to me, put her face to mine and started “nursing” on my cheek.

    — The time our Tiger, so timid and fearful after being abandoned and rescued outside our old apartment on a freezing Thanksgiving weekend, finally felt comfortable enough to “prank” us by leaping at the hall light switch, turning it on and off.

    — Our Alison’s first night with us, after spending months at the shelter depressed at the death of her previous owner. She jumped into bed next to me and laid her head on my pillow, and purred herself to sleep.

    — The first moment I saw my late Neko, the only cat with whom I formed an instant and permanent bond.

    — The first time our Nikita, so hostile and untouchable at the shelter, jumped into my lap and started licking my nose, before going to sleep in my lap.

    That’s all I can think of at the moment. I’m sure there have been more.

      • I just saw the pic of u and Ruby. So cute. My Milly puts her front paws on my chest and rubs her face on mine. She lies on my lap for hours. The most affectionate cat I’ve ever had. She brings me back to the present moment every time. We share a unit together, but she has the run of the place. Definitely the boss. I’m sometimes tempted to get another cat. Would love a Ragdoll one day. ☺

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