For most of us, our cats are a big part of our  holiday celebrations, and they probably take having a warm place to sleep and snuggle, plenty of food, and plenty of toys for granted. Thousands of shelter cats aren’t so lucky.

For the past five years, Dorian Wagner, the founder of, has helped bring some holiday cheer to shelter cats (and dogs) with her Santa Paws Drive program. Santa Paws Drive is an online Christmas toy drive dedicated to pets. The inspiration for the drive was “Toys 4 Tots” and other similar programs that collect donations and then distribute them to the needy – and Dorian wanted to do the same for animals.  ” Our ultimate hope is that each of these dogs and cats finds a forever home,” says Dorian, “but if that doesn’t happen, we want our furry friends to wake up on Christmas morning to gifts and toys and treats… and a little extra cash to help the shelters out.”

Each year, the organization picks six shelters.

The picture at the top of the post shows Pimp, one of Dorian’s cats, helping her organize last year’s donation (although it looks to me like Pimp is falling down on the job…) What you see is only a small fraction of what she received.


You can donate cash or bundles of cat toys. Cash donations start at $1, toy bundle donations start at $10. Please visit Santa Paws Drive for more information, and to donate. Toy donations will be accepted through December 13, cash donations through December 20.

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  1. I am so excited that Savannah’s former shelter, Contra Costa Humane Society was selected as a recipient this year. We will of course donate…and I am getting ready to post, FB share and Tweet BIG TIME. Because…our shelter just was forced to move because the landlord hiked the rent almost double and demanded a multi year lease…so they had FIVE days to move the whole organization…thankfully Kitty Corner only had 9 cats so they were easily transported in my loyal 4Runner. Thank you for doing this special post. Savannah and Mom Linda and Dad Peter

  2. I just donated yesterday! I donated last year so I received an email from them. I want and like to help all the poor babies in the shelters. I wish I could find them all homes with me. That would be my absolute dream, to have a home big enough to take in all the unwanted pets and have them stay with me until they found a home, or if not, then they stay with me permamently. I would never turn one away or put them out on the street or in a shelter. Everytime I go to a pet store it breaks my heart to see the pets in those cages without permanent love. They need a home and forever love, just like us. When I was younger I used to bring strays home all the time. I was lucky enough to have a father who was an animal lover too.

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