Research on the human side has shown that bright light therapy, which involves daily exposure to intense doses of white light, regulates seasonal mood swings, improves sleeping patterns, and produces a general sense of well-being.

Max Marvin, the founder of Pawsitive Lighting, experienced the benefits of light therapy firsthand when he was battling severe insomnia. A sleep specialist suggested that he try light therapy. Max lives in Portland Oregon, where sunlight can be scarce, so the idea was that it could help set his sleep cycle by mimicking the sun. In addition, light therapy balances melotonin production, which is an important component of healthy sleep.

Light Therapy for Pets

After only a week, Max noticed a difference. He found the light to be incredibly invigorating and an excellent way to liven his spirits every morning. He also started sleeping better.

What he also noticed was that his dog Luke would be consistently basking by his side each morning.  Whenever the light was out, so was Luke.  That’s when something clicked for Max. “We all notice, and often laugh at our pets following a single stream of light throughout the house,” said Max, “but why is this?”

Max did some research, and talked to established veterinarians. It turned out that similar to humans, animals also require sunlight, and those who don’t receive enough, can suffer from seasonal affective disorder.  Max found this fascinating, and was curious what veterinarians were doing to treat these animals who were suffering from a lack of sunlight.  What he found was that increasingly vets prescribe Prozac and other antidepressants in an attempt to boost pets’ serotonin levels.

The idea of treating pets with a safe and natural remedy as opposed to pharmaceuticals with potentially dangerous side effects appealed to Max, and he founded Pawsitive Lighting. He teamed up with a manufacturer in England who had experience in developing high quality light therapy devices, and they designed the first ever light therapy box made specifically for pets.

Here’s a testimonial from a cat guardian who has successfully used the Sol Box:

I was desperate for some help for my nearly 16 year old cat who has recently taken to roaming  the house and yowling at night. I saw you on the local news and had never considered that she  might be suffering from something akin to SAD. After some research, I thought it made perfect  sense. This is her second winter in the Portland area, coming from sunny California.  We have used the Sol Box now for a few days. I’m up early and turn it on for both of my cats.  They both seem to like the light and are more than willing to lay in front of it for 30-60 minutes  after they eat.  I have had two peaceful nights of sleep. She did get a little fussy last night when I first went to  bed but she settled down into her bed after only about 2 minutes. I’m very optimistic that the Sol  Box is doing the trick.

Do you think your cats could benefit from light therapy?

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70 Comments on Giveaway and Special Discount: Sol Box from Pawsitive Lighting

  1. One of my boys can no longer get up to his favorite places to enjoy the sun, so I think that this would really benefit him. After a severe illness, someone told me to take him out in the sun, and it really seemed to give him a much needed boost.

  2. We live on the west side of our building, in Vermont. and don’t get any sun until late afternoon so I know this would be wonderful for my felines since I can’t let them outside for some sunshine due to living near a busy road.

  3. I love the idea of this alternative light therapy for pets. Our rescue kitty, ZuZu makes the rounds around our house following the path of the sunlight coming through the doors and windows! In the morning, she sits in the sun from our front door (glass pane door) and then goes to another window as the sun rises, then ends her day as the sun sets on the other side of our home by the patio sliding doors. This would be a wonderful benefit for her when the sun is not out – especially in the region of NE Pennsylvania where we live. We get a lot of rain, and very snowy winters – not a lot of sun unfortunately. This would make her so happy to have her own personal “sunbeam” to bask in! :o)

  4. I think my Maxwell would definitely benefit from this – he tends to get bluesy in the wintertime until the sun rays are warm again.

  5. I’m a huge proponent of mental health wellness…whether it be us humans or are dear pets. At this time my kitty is the solo cat in the home and I often wonder whether there are periods where she suffers from SADs, stress, and even boredom from being alone. I do plan on adopting another cat some time towards the end of this year, but until then I wonder if such a product would increase “pawsitive” energy within her. Great giveaway!

  6. My neighbor cares for many senior and FIV+ cats and I think this would be wonderful for them. Thank you for the fantastic giveaway and for bringing this product to my attention.

  7. would be totally interesting to see what would happen with it. My house doesn’t get a heck of a lot of sun due to the placement on the lot..

  8. I would love to win this for my cat Meeko. He is 10 years old and always been a behavioral cat. He gets nasty attitudes a lot with me and his brother Cisco and especially his sister Princess. I have noticed that he likes to be in the light when he is able to. I don’t let my cats outdoors for safety and he isn’t always able to get sun from the windows he can sit near. I would love to see if this would help him.

    Thanks for the chance!

  9. All my cats are indoors and i worry about them getting enough sunlight. thsi would ease my mind. thanks.

  10. I have a cat who has not been herself ever since a new cat joined our family a year and a half ago. I would love to win this to see if it might help boost her spirits, because nothing else has done the trick, and I can’t get rid of the “new” cat. 🙁

  11. This seems like such a neat product, and I would love to see what effect is has on my boy Smokey! 🙂

  12. We live in an apartment on the back side of the building, so Jynxx only gets to see the sun and not lie in it like he wants too.

  13. I pinned and shared on Facebook. I am sure my cat would be really happy with a sun box. She misses the sun!

  14. This would be fantastic to give my “closet cat” a boost to her life. I rescued an adult female cat from my elderly neighbors that said they were going to “put her down” as they couldn’t imagine her living with anyone else-they were afraid no one would love her and care for her like they did. Well, hearing this, I plead my case and they felt she would have a wonderful life with me. Now, I have 9 cats that were all introduced as kittens into the existing population each time. This time, I knew there would be challenges. There were! Sadly, most of the other cats were and are, extremely territorial and either chase Gladys back into the closet or hang around the exits making it nearly impossible for her to leave her quarters. ALL this to say, she only gets sun if I carry her outside and hold on to her skittish self, or she bolts right back into the bedroom closet, usually with a cat on her tail! So this Sol light would be a mood enhancer for my sequestered girl!

  15. I would love to win this for my cat. We live in an apartment complex where our unit faces the back and has no direct sunlight. I was going to buy this light for him when it was on sale, but he needed to have surgery. All of the money I had saved to go to the light had to be used for his surgery to remove a large mass by his spine. Luckily the mass came back negative for cancer.

  16. I have a 20yr old kitty named Squeaky that is always restless during the night and early morning. And most nights he also hollers. I think he could really benefit from using Light Therapy. Thanks for the giveaway.

  17. My oldes boy might be SAD also, the description sounds right… I’d love to try this and see if I can perk him u0p when the sun is not out…

  18. I cannot believe I’ve never heard of these until now! Living in a small apartment with minimal windows, I know my foster felines and my own adopted cat would pawsitively LOVE a Sol Box! I do my best to take the kitties outside with properly fitted harness, for a few minutes of sunlight but a Sol Box would help all of them feel and be so much healthier!

  19. Don’t enter me–give the chance to someone else!

    I can attest to the effectiveness of white light on humans and cats. Two years ago when I “renovated” my studio I equipped it with daylight-balanced compact fluorescent bulbs so that I might see colors correctly in all I do in the studio–15 of them, when they are all in use, and sometimes they are. With the light reflecting off the white walls and cabinets it is intentionally quite bright, but not blindingly bright, just feeling like a nice sunny room.

    While I love my art, I moved my “office” from my living room to my studio, especially for the winter. And all my cats spend time in there, not just to be with me, but to be in all that wonderful light, and I have made sure there are comfy places for them to hang out where they are not in danger from any of my tools or dropping fur on anyone else’s art!

  20. My two cats, Daisy and Daphne, and I live in New England, where there’s less sun than other parts of the country. Daisy and “Daffy” are always looking for the sunnier parts of the apartment to see what’s happening outside, watch for birds and just chill out. Often, if a beam of sunlight happens to peer in through the living room window, I will find one of them sitting in it and blinking up at the light. At night I often hear “Daffy” chasing her toys around so I know she could use more light. During the Fall, Winter and earliest part of Spring when the sunlight we get isn’t as warm or strong, a Sol Box would make them so happy!

  21. I’m okay during the summer, but in the winter our lives in this box of a house are miserable. I have 10 cats now, many rescues. But in reading some of the above comments, I can see how many cats and their people can really use this. At least my cats get to go outdoors in the nice months. We’ve been confined due to a new neighbor who traps cats with a vengeance and has caused so many behavior, territory, and other issues with our cats. Anything to keep cats indoors in these situations is helpful.

  22. If I won this, I would donate it to Good Mews, the cat shelter where I volunteer. We have a few cats with health issues and have to eat a special diet. They are “kitchen cats”, so they do not get to benefit from the sunlight that comes through our windows, because there are no windows in our kitchen. And because they have health issues, they are not as adoptable, and will be at the shelter for a long time, if not all of their lives. So I think they would like this.

  23. My cats love the sun, but I only get it through my front window for about 4 hours.
    But I have a blanket hanging in front of the window to block out some of the heat, so having this therapy light would come in very handy for all 4 of my cats!!! >^.^<_______~~

  24. My Nala who is almost 16, loves to lay in Sunlight, sadly, this new place, does have many spots
    For her to get sunlight, and I need her feeling better, the other day vet said, her kidney. Are almost half the size should be. So I want to keep going and feeling better, she been getting sick to, so seeing if new meds help, but hate have them on meds if something eles can make them feel better. She also last her mate who was almost 18, live cancer, and high calcium. My poor girl! I believe she would enjoy the light, I which I had more sun coming through for her

  25. I’ve always suspected that my cat Daisy suffers from SAD…every year, right around Christmas (and the Winter Solstice), she becomes a little withdrawn and spends all day sleeping in the spare bedroom away from everyone else. A catnip banana usually perks her up but I think this might be a great solution. I also think it might help with my cat Hobbes, who, frankly, is kind of a jerk but is always much better behaved if he’s had some time to bask in the sun on my little balcony. It never occurred to me that his behavior might be a form of SAD too.

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