Allegra and Ruby recently reviewed Brawny Cat’s newest lounger, the Sleeky Lounge XL. They absolutely adore these sturdy, beautifully designed loungers. They’re made with a hand burnished cardboard scratching surface, and a big, comfortable back rest and side bolsters. They look and feel like they’re made out of wood.

And now you can win one of these beautiful lounges for your kitties! The Sleeky Lounge XL comes in three colors: Lavender Blend, Blue Patina, and Royal Red – winner gets to choose the color.


To enter this giveaway, please visit  leave a comment and let me know why you want to win a Sleeky Lounge XL for your kitties. For an additional chance to win, share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest, and leave a separate comment for each social network, letting me know that you shared. No need to post the link to your share. This giveaway is open to readers in the continental United States only, and ends Thursday, April 18, 2013. Winners will be chosen by random drawing*.

For more information, please visit You can also find Brawny Cat on Facebook.

*No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Winners will be notified via e-mail. Prize winner must provide The Conscious Cat with a physical address to which the prize will be mailed within 72 hours. If this information is not received, an alternate winner will be chosen by random drawing. Winners will be announced in a separate post following the drawing.

180 Comments on Giveaway: Sleeky Lounge XL from Brawny Cat

  1. I would love to win this for my kitties. I have bought several inexpensive scratcher bed and they fight over who gets possession of it.

  2. The reason why I would love to have one of these loungers for my cats is not only because they are beautiful but because I want my own sofa back to sit on. There is no room on it for me AND two cats and they don’t like to lie on the floor….

  3. I would love to win a Sleeky Lounge XL for my Sammie who just turned 2. Then we both would have sweet dreams!!

  4. That is one of most elegant and appealing pieces of cat furniture I have seen. It would easily add to our decor. I cant wait to see what else you will come up with. Our cats would love to win this

  5. They would all love it, but what color to choose- One that coordinates with my tortoiseshell, tabby, or calico? 🙂

  6. I would love to win a sleeky lounger because the two I bought are already so well used! I have 13 cats in the house and they fight over them! I am a non-profit rescue, not just a crazy cat lady 🙂 Sleeky loungers are awesome!

  7. I am convinced my kitties would LOVE this because it is big, scratch-able, and it would mean they’d have a couch of their very own. 🙂 Thank you!

  8. I would love this for my elder cat Micah. It would work well as a nice sleeping spot under the bed, as he has trouble getting into bed lately.

  9. I would like for my kitties to have a place to scratch and a nice bed of their own, and I know they would love this too!

  10. My boys would love this lounge, because they are furry lounge lizards. They are big boys, and the XL would be purr-fect. They love cardboard scratchers too.

  11. My two litter sisters would love to cuddle together with their brother in this beautiful lounger! They share everything!

  12. It was our Mario’s 7th Birthday on April 5th & he’s been back with us, thanks to the Love Train, for a month! We had been apart for a year! Mario’s a big boy and he should would enjoy this lounger, but I’m sure he would share with his sisters, Angel & Kensey LOL

  13. My girl would love this infront of the patio window for bird hunting ,then I could move her cat tree to my other window.Some say shes spoiled!

  14. My kitties would love to have this and so would I …to keep all three of them from “lounging” on me!!!

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