Vetstreet tracks the trendiest and most popular pet names each year. In 2011, the name Ruby made it on the list, and of course, my little Ruby had quite a lot to say about that!

This year, Vetstreet looked at the names of more than 643,000 kittens born in 2012 to determine the trendiest cat names of the year. Apparently, there’s a difference between popular and trendy.


The most popular kitten name list doesn’t contain a lot of surprises. It seems like old favorites such as Kitty, Tiger and Callie continue to be popular choices for many cat guardians. Where it gets interesting is with the newer trends: not surprisingly, many of the trendy names come from popular culture, especially movies. Katniss, the name of The Hunger Games’ heroine, hasn’t quite made the the top 10 but is on the rise. Also gaining popularity are Loki and Thor, likely because of the enormous popularity of The Avengers movie.

Ruby was actually named after a Hunger Games character before I adopted her. She was listed as Cinnamon on the SPCA website, but her foster parents told me that she was really named after Cinna, the stylist for the games. They almost named her Katniss. Full disclosure: despite this connection, I gave up on trying to read The Hunger Games after the first 100 or so pages, and I haven’t seen the movie – it’s just too violent for my taste.

The list of trendiest names includes names such as Zeus, Jackson (maybe after Jackson Galaxy?), Thor, and Stella. Visit Vetstreet for the full list of the year’s trendiest cat names.

Did your cat’s name make it onto one of these lists? Share your cat’s name and how you chose it in a comment!

For the full story of how Ruby got her name, read Ruby’s Reflections: what’s in a name. Allegra came with her name, and it suited her joyful personality purr-fectly. “Allegro” is a musical term, meaning “cheerful” and “lively.” She is not named after the allergy medication!

Photo/list of popular kitten names from Vetstreet

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  1. My sweet tortie came to me as “Harlequinne”. i thought about calling her Quinney but everytime i looked at her I thought “I love you” – she is a very silly girl so I finally decided (after taking a poll with friends and family!) to name her “I Love Lucy” -Lucy for short! At the vets office, they started to call her Lucy Lu so, we’ve attached the “Lu” to her moniker!
    Previous kitties we have had were Cassidy and Sundance, Dot-Dot-Dot-Dot ( yes – a lovely white girl with four distinct black dots on her back). then there was Charley (short for Charlene) who was not the sweetest of cats! I also have a pup named Reagan (born the week that President Reagan died). He and Lucy Lu are best buds!

  2. My first cat was abandoned by one of my tenants. I had never had a cat, but didn’t have the heart to take him to the pound. He was 12 years old and his name was Cat Cat. I had him for 5 years and he passed away from old age a couple of weeks ago… was heart wrenching for me, but I held him in my arms as he took his last breath. My Papillion, Tom Tom, is so sad that his buddy is gone. He didn’t eat for a couple of days and just laid around and whined. He is doing better now, but we can tell that he is lonely.

    Tom Tom and I were so heart-broken that my husband has gotten me a new 7-month old kitten whose name is Carrot. I really do NOT like that name; so, we have searched and searched to find just the right name. My husband kept resorting to calling him Cat Cat No. 2, but I didn’t want to give him such a boring name. It finally came to me that I could make all of us happy. I named him Tali (Tah-lee), which is Cherokee for No. 2. I pick him up tomorrow and pray that he will like and accept his new name.

    • I’m glad you opened your heart to a new kitten. I think Tali is a perfect name, and I’m sure that at seven months, he will readily accept his new name.

  3. My first kitty is still alive, her name is Lilac, and she is a beautiful stray (female)
    The second cat I had, was named Lavender (my brothers choice) and was a cute gray and white cat, but she was annoying, because she figured how to open up our door and walk in, and she taught my other cat how, and then she woke us up at 4am for breakfast.
    We finally found her a home (we rescued her from the street and fostered) but then she ran away from there and we have not seen her since 🙁
    Another cat we got, I found on the street, and he was an orange kitty with white paws and stomach, and I named him Chewie (short for Chewbacca, not that I actually like star wars, but liked the name), but then our neighbor really liked him, and decided to take him in herself…good thing too, he is not spade and turned into a loving tomboy cat, who will love you and scratch you at the same time.
    Hoping to get another kitten, or maybe two soon, a female and a male-already have names picked out: Apollo fro the male, and I think Ruby for the female, any suggestions?

  4. I have 3 kitties. I have a male orange tabby named Pooh and I named him that because Im a serious Winnie the Pooh collector. I also have a female tortoise shell callico named Zoey Lynn, that was the name I was going to name my 2nd daughter but I had a boy. My third cat is named LuLu Belle. Her mother was a stray that we took care of and she ended up having the kittens in the dirt under a tree in our backyard next to a bell I have sitting on the ground and I have always liked the name LuLu.

  5. We have two strays that adopted us. Our first is a little tortie that found us when she was about one year old. We named her Reese because her coloring reminded us of the candy bar. She’s been with us 11 years now and she still rules the house, even though she only weighs about 7 pounds. About 3 years ago, we took in a 5 week old gray striped tabby (male) that got separated from, then rejected by his mother. We called him “Baby” for weeks, then tried a few other names before we settled on Brutus (OK – we’re huge OSU Buckeye fans). It was amazing that the first time we said “Brutus” he whipped his head around and looked at us like “how’d you know my name?” He has lived up to his name – 17 pounds of mischief – but he’ll still go “belly up” when Reese is not in the mood to tolerate him!

  6. I have seven pooties and one feral boy called Da Boy whom i feed and is responsible for my cat family. i named two of my girls without knowing from the list. Callie, who came to me as a kitten attracted Da Boy and her first born daughter i called Bella. Callie did the naughty again with Da Boy and she had two boys, one went to a girlfriend (called Manu). his brother unfortunately got ran over and was placed by my letterbox. Callie also had three girls along with the two mentioned males, i kept the girls and they are called Chinky, Elsa and Tiger respectively. It doesnt stop there. it took ages to get them all desexed and because Tiger was the last one to get fixed she did the naughty with her dad, Da Boy, and yep, you guessed it, another litter, this time of five. i kept the smallest one of the lot, a girl, i call Cica (Hungarian for kitten). This is my family!

  7. I have 2 Sphynx cats named Isis and Kamo. Isis being a Greek goddess and Kamo because she looks camouflaged. Since we had our son two years ago, their names have turned into Fatty and Tiny!

  8. We have a Lolli because she was all skinny with a big head and looked like a lollipop.
    We have a Chimpas, a Zippy, a Wongo, and a Chuche. I don’t know why these names just pop my and my husbands heads.

  9. Mine are named Sapphire(My girl, originally named by my ex as Booger), and Onyx(My baby boy who started his life with me as Squiggles. also named by my ex), When we went our separate ways, my babies names changed. they are sweet. Onyx is a black DLH who loves to just flop down and sleep anywhere. Sapphire is my firey girl that loves to play. They love to jump all over eachother and attack my feet at night. But I still love them!

  10. My cat was not originally ours so she was named by a friend of my boyfriends. They could no longer take care of the cat so she was given to us. She had an upper respiratory infection so they gave her medicine indicating to not feed her after midnight. Her name is Gremlin and the name is hardly fitting as she is a very sweet cat but it only adds to the hilarity. The even more amazing thing is my b/f’s sister recently adopted a corgi that was also named by the previous owner… Gizmo. Insane but a really fun thing to discover!

    If I got another cat at this point, I would likely name it Nidalee after a character from a popular online video game; League of Legends.

    I like a lot of the animals named after things people are fans of. Like Luna and Katniss. Thor and Loki are also very popular dog names now too. Very cute.

  11. I have had the honor of bringing a purebred lynx point snow bengal into my home. He was basically a breeder castoff and I paid a whopping $1 for him. At 10 months of age he had no name and little socialization. He was pretty much feral. Since he was a purebred and I had his papers I was able to read through his history and could see his descendents all had snotty names – with sir or prince in them. Soooo, I decided to call him Sir Razzamatazz. I call him Taz, Tazzy, TazzyWazzy, the TazzMeister, Mr T, the Tazzinator or Babaloo. He is my work in progress. He lived in my bathroom for 4 months until he would let me approach him. It took a year before he’d let me pet him and a month after that before he’d allow himself to purr. He is the sweetest thing. He is great around other cats, but is terrified of people. I adore him, of course 🙂

    I brought another snow bengal into my house as a play friend for him hoping to help him gain confidence. They have become great pals. She is a rehome. Her former owner gave her up because she had “accidents”. The vet said she was afraid of the dark (seriously???). I took her to my vet who determined at 10 months she had kidney disease and won’t live a lot of years. Her breeder name was Mentos (after the candy?), but the former owner named her Roxy. There’s not a lot you can do with that name so I call her Ro, Roro and Lulabelle. When I yell out Lulabelle she comes running at full speed, her tail spinning, all excited because she knows it’s play time. She runs my house and she is training me well . . .

    On Thursday I have a seal point siamese kitten coming home. I have tentatively named him Diego. I don’t know why and it may change once I get to know him.

  12. My cat’s name is Puck. He’s a character from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and some mythology. He’s a troublemaker, always causing mischief and mayhem. After having him for a few weeks as a kitten I decided the name was perfect. We’ve been together for eight years now and he’s still mischievous but he’s also my little buddy and I love him.

  13. Okay I have six cats and only one has a name close to those listed…Miss Kitty…
    here are the others: Isis…Belle….Bodhisatva (Bodhi)….Abigail (Abby)….Amelia (Amy)
    Here are the reasons for the names:

    Isis: She thinks she is a goddess so why not?
    Belle: As in Silver Belle…her meows have a tinkling effect and she is a silver tabby…
    Bodhisatva (Bodhi): In Tibet loosely means Man of Wisdom….
    Abigail (Abby): She just looks like an Abigail to me…lol
    Amelia (Amy): Hello…I am a Dr Who fan and this cat has all the personality of his fiery companion Amy or Amelia Pond…

    So there ya have it….

  14. My five are as follows:

    Mouse (she was so tiny as a kitten, and squeaked rather than meowed) Black Tuxedo cat
    Mickey (a coworker said it’d be perfect, with Mouse’s name…) Solid grey
    Crush (after the soda pop) Orange tabby
    Smudge (picked the name years before the kitten, but it is fitting as he has a smudge of grey on his nose) Grey Tuxedo
    And finally our pampered prince Jack. He is the floofiest white kitten and hubby wanted a ‘manly’ name for him to make up for the fact that he looked rather girlish, so we named him Jack (after Jack White, Jack Frost)

  15. What kind of dummy names their cat “KITTY” and why is it so popular ? how many idiots out there are that brainless. ??

  16. We named our cat Pippi, and it was after pippi longstocking because if you look at her legs it looks like shes wearing stockings.

  17. Sassy was named after the cat in the movie The Incredible Journey. She looks nothing like that Himalayan but the personality is identical. Sassy even insists on coming with me and the 2dogs when we walk.

  18. My two are named Mischief Maker, Mischief for short, and Drama Queen. Believe me, they both live up to their names.

  19. Marlon Brando — black, DSH, yellow-green eyes, rescued from beneath a car in Atlantic City, NJ.
    The chummiest, chattiest cat on the planet. Loves EVERYONE. But when stressed, licks himself bald. Now fangless (top) after a dental appointment.

    Princess Smidgen — tuxedo long-hair, green-yellow eyes, rescued from an animal “shelter” in NJ.
    Diva Incarnate. Must be combed daily and must drink from the bathroom faucet. Needed two surgeries (on the SAME eye) to correct entropion.

    Sing — lilac point, thick-bodied, densely furred — plush, profusely shedding girl with weird eyes: darker blue rings inside wider light blue rings. NO IDEA what she is, but she doesn’t chat like a Siamese. Adopted as a feral, spent two years underneath furniture, now a lap cat.

  20. My girl is Havoc and the boys are Chaos and Dax. I’m a George Martin fan so their names came from one of his early novels, Tuf Voyaging.

  21. Was told kitty was a boy, so named him Martouf after a Stargate SG-1 character. Later vet said kitten was really a girl, so now it is Lady Martouf.

  22. When I got my Jack from a friend when he was about 4 months her son named him Enoch. But after seeing him and getting to know his personality,I named him Captain Jack Sparrow. He has that same swagger and his escape attempts, from when I kept him in my room with a baby gate in the door so our other two cats could get used to him, reminded me of the the movies. And those were my favorite movies at the time.

  23. My tuxedo cats are Runtley and George. Runt was the runt of his litter. George was named after Washington.
    I adopted a kitten 2 years ago his name was Oliver. I didn’t change it. I tell people he is named after Cromwell.

  24. My cat Oliver made the list but we found him in 2001 and named him after the kitten in the Disney movie Oliver and Company. My other cats are Isabelle, because she’s a diva flame point siamese and needed a classy name and Casper, because he’s white and he showed up on my back porch close to Halloween 2 years ago. Coincidentally, Casper is the 2nd cat I’ve had who appeared on my back porch within a few days of Halloween. The first one, Spooky, was a short haired black cat with orange eyes who passed away at 17 years old in July. October of the same year was when Casper appeared. Casper is a long haired white cat with orange eyes.

  25. I have never liked the popular names for my cats…I have had Banana..Bulbber( he was all grey)..Harold..Elvis Jigsaw and Eggnog…now my cats are Peanut because he was very small when I found him in my garden…Cashew because I wanted to stay with the nut they both are nuts..and Mocha..could not think of a nut that fit her colors..the boys are both tan and orange..

  26. Our new furbaby was named after an episode of the Big Bang Theory (my favorite show) where Sheldon got a lot of cats because of troubles with Amy. We named him Zazzles but call him “Zaz”

  27. I have a 22 pound Maine Coon cat named Milo, he was born in my home so this is the only home he has ever known.. he is 11 yrs old now and he is so sweet and mischievous – I love my little man, baby Milo… 🙂

  28. My cat is named Morris. Ever since we adopted him, he´s been purring and making cute sounds as soon as we look at him. (I think he is very happy to have a home, he was very skinny and not in a good shape when we got him.) We are swedish, and “morr” in swedish means “purr”. So Morris is a perfect name for him. 🙂

  29. Right now we have:
    Trip, a big tux guy, because he likes to stand directly in front of you.
    Punky, short for pumpkin. A little brown tabby with beautiful orange eyes.
    Leo, short for Leonidas the Mouse Mauler. He’s a medium haired brown tabby.
    Butters or Butterball. He’s a petite long-haired orange boy. We didn’t know if he was male or female and were calling him Buttercup, trying to tame the savage beast. But thought Buttercup was too girly. Hence Butters.
    Gus, Short for Angus McPussPuss. He’s an odd eyed white boy.
    Lincoln, a yellow tabby boy. When we first caught him he stayed in the garage so we had a Lincoln in the garage.
    Beemer, a little brown tabby boy. Along the same lines as Lincoln. We had a Beemer (BMW) in the garage.

    Previously, my first two were named Daisy and Drew. They were brother and sister tabbies. We also had a Moo. He was white with black spots.

  30. My first cat was a Calico, first named “Princess” but I never liked it. She was co-owned with a friend until I moved out and took her. I changed her name to the ever-so-original Callie. My second cat, Tika, was a rescue cat whose shelter name was Luna, which I detested. My husband renamed her “Tika” but to this day I have no idea where he got the name. The third kitty, a seal-point Himalayan, was named Sassy. Then our neighbor’s cat had kittens, of which we took two: A grey marble tabby we named Arista, and a fluffy, long-haired tuxedo named Abby. These are the cats that gave us the moniker “AristaCATS… Arista, Callie, Abby, Tika and Sassy. We no longer have the littermates, but we do have another boy we adopted two days before Thanksgiving in ’05… He loved my husband’s laptop computer, so we named him Pixel.

    Nowadays, only Pixel and Sassy are with us. Callie and Tika have gone onto the Bridge, and are terribly missed.

  31. My babies are:

    Tabasco Marie-My daughter named her when she was 3 weeks old and being bottle fed. Perfect name for her as she is now the psycho cat from hell….all fire and spice!

    Maximus Samuel (Max)- Big, orange, 16 pound tabby. I couldn’t decide between Max and Sam, so I gave him both. I usually give my babies middle names, just like my children!

    Tinkie Bug- Started out as Jack, because we thought she was a boy.

    Mishka Tatiana-My sweet little bottle baby. I swear she is part kangaroo, part goat, and part comedian!! She LOVES doing parkour all over the house.

    Nippers-Another girl we thought was a boy. She started out as Sniper. She was a feral baby that was abandoned by mom along with her 4 brothers and sisters.

    Logan LeBeaux-My husbands HUGE gray tabby, and Nippers brother. Hubby loves X-Men, so Logan is named after Wolverine and Remy Lebeaux. The LeBeaux spelling is totally New Orleans.

    My feral Backyard Gang are Sylvie, mother of Smoke, Norman and Melvin. Smoke is the mother of Nippers and Logan.

    Jaws-HUGE gray tabby tom. He showed up with a broken jaw and couldn’t eat. We trapped him, had him neutered, and his jaw was repaired. He is the sweetest thing.

    Beau-Another huge tom. Always beat up, but always purring.

    I am a firm believer in TNR, so all of my ferals are fixed and have vaccinations.

  32. I started out with Rock Stars….my first kitties were Axl and Rose….

    Now? Star Trek (Deep Space 9)
    Jadzia, Curzon, Odo and Worf


  33. I know my current cat, Buster, has a popular name, especially for dogs. But starting a few years before I met and adopted him via Adopt-A-Pet, I had several dreams that my next kitty would be a big blustering tuxedo male and I would name him Buster.
    When I met him, I knew he was my cat; the one I had pictured in my dreams. He had already been through two different names, first Rocky, then Zorro. But I told his foster mom “Nope, this is Buster!” He raised his head and looked at me and ran over ! Why Buster? I think if he were a person, I always imagine a tall lanky Irish guy who always wants to arm wrestle you at the bar. That’s my feisty cat.

  34. My cats did not make the list…… how sad!

    Sunshine is a black female with white paws. She was a kitten we found in the grocery store parking lot. My daughter named her Sunshine, because she said she brightened her life up.

    DandyLion is my feral rescue. He used to run and jump after dandelions, and his face was fluffy, just like a dandelion. He got injured and I raced him off to the vet. They asked his name, and the first thing that came to mind was DandyLion.

    • Mine either. With names like Mr. Romeo, Miss Dimpy Do, and Loco I am not surprised. LOL It is great to be original.

        • I adopted a kitten last year and was going to name her “Lennon” for John Lennon, but a friend thought it might be mistaken for “Lenin”, and that just didn’t seem like a good idea, so I went with “Lenni”, and it suits her perfectly!

          • Oh, and “Lenni” is short for “Leonardo DiCat-prio”. A guys name, sure, but I still like it for her.

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