Natura Pet Food, the makers of Innova, EVO, California Natural and Healthwise brands, is recalling multiple lots of several of their dry cat food brands due to possible contamination with salmonella. The recall also includes a number of dry dog foods. Click here for a complete list of the recalled products.

Natura posted the following on their website:

Dear Natura Family,

As pet parents and dedicated pet health advocates, it pains us to inform you of the first recall in our company’s 21-year history.

During a recent random sampling, the FDA confirmed the presence of salmonella in one of our products. We take this extremely seriously, because your pets are like ours – they’re part of the family – and we aren’t taking any chances. As a result, we have voluntarily recalled a number of our products as a precautionary measure. Fortunately, there have been no reported animal or human health issues associated with these products, and we have confirmed that this is not a widespread issue.

Natura was founded on the commitment to provide the healthiest natural pet food in the world. As Natura employees who live this commitment every day, words cannot express our disappointment with this finding. We place quality as the cornerstone of our products. It is a process of ongoing improvement, and we will continually review and raise these standards. Unfortunately, salmonella and other contaminants pose a great challenge to the food industry, and no company is immune.

We want to assure you, our valued customers, that we are more committed than ever to animal and human safety. We have fully investigated and identified the cause of this incident. Our production is ongoing, and you can continue to feed any Natura products outside of this incident with confidence.

We know that trust is earned. This incident further fuels our passionate commitment to your pet’s health and safety. We promise to demonstrate this commitment through our actions now and in the future.

Click here for details on the recall products. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at (800) 224-6123.

April 19, 2013 Update

According to Natura, the recall now includes ALL dry cat food and dog food brands with an expiration date of March 2014 or before. For more information, please visit the Natura website.

12 Comments on Natura Pet Food Recall Includes EVO and Innova Dry Cat Food

  1. I am heartbroken. I bought this food (Evo Chicken) for my Abby after she refused to eat Wellness food. She eats soft Wellness but won’t touch the kibble. This was about two weeks ago and she LOVED the Evo. Several days after I started feeding her this food she began to vomit a LOT every day. She then stopped eating her loved soft food. I have an appt for Friday since she continues to vomit. I am assuming this food might be the cause. I hope I have not harmed her by feeding her what I thought was a great food. I do not have the bag but I do have the receipt and will take back the bucket to the store tomorrow.

    • I’m sorry your Abby got sick, Hilde. If she’s already been vomiting for two weeks and hasn’t eaten, I wouldn’t wait until Friday to get her seen by a vet.

  2. Hi Ingrid! I cannot thank you enough for this information! Last Saturday I purchased the EVO dry kibble bag in the Harrisburg area and after reading your post, I checked the bag last night and my heart sunk as I looked at the UPC and lot number….they matched the recall. I haven’t noticed any unusual behavior (and I watch both girls like a hawk!), but I think that is because they only get a teeny tiny amount of kibble as a late snack (I feed them grain free wet food for their main meals). I contacted Natura last night and I am going to contact the store where I bought the food today as well. Thank you again Ingrid for bringing this to our attention, if you wouldn’t have posted this, I would never have known 🙂

    • The manager at the store showed me an email that she just got from Natura. Even though my lot and upc numbers matched, the email said that it was for specific dates. Turns out that my bag is ok but what a scare!

  3. Thanks! Good to spread the word! I don’t use EVO (Can’t find it here in Canada anyway) or Innova. I don’t feed my kitties dry food, but we do occasionally buy Innova wet food so it’s good to know!

    • Michelle, click through on the link at the end of the first paragraph – it’ll take you to the Natura website and the complete list of products, including lot numbers.

      • Thank you, I had found that info. What I’m talking about is where on the bag of cat food is the lot number? Thanks!

        • Michelle, the lot number should be located at the top of the bag. When I checked my 6.6 lb bag, the numbers were near the top of the cat’s ears.

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