Cats can go through finicky phases where they will turn their little noses up at a food they’ve been eating for months. This can happen when a cat is not feeling well, but it can also happen when a manufacturer has changed the formula. One of the ways to avoid this is feeding a rotation diet using different proteins, textures and flavors) so your cat doesn’t become dependent on any one brand or flavor. But sometimes, you just need a little extra help to tempt finicky felines to eat. That’s where flavor enhancers come in.

You can try sprinkling freeze dried chicken or salmon on top of the food. A little bit of tuna or clam juice drizzled over the canned or raw food can also help. Other “bribes” can include cooked meat, cut in small pieces, a spoonful of meat-based baby food (make sure it doesn’t contain onion powder). Some people have good luck with grated parmesan cheese (yes, the stuff in the green can).

When Lincoln Bark contacted me to see if I wanted to take a look at their newest product, Kitty Sprinkles, I readily agreed. Even though Allegra and Ruby are not the best test case for this – thankfully, they’re enthusiastic eaters and they’ve never turned their noses up at anything I offer – I liked what I read about the product, and wanted to see for myself.

Kitty Sprinkles are nutritional supplements designed to enhance the taste of food  while adding a healthy boost of protein. They come in three flavors: salmon, chicken liver and shrimp. I like the purity of the ingredients: they contain 100% protein, with a little rosemary added for flavor. The supplement is a very fine powder, so it can either be sprinkled on top of food, or mixed in. I gave it to the girls “straight up” because I wanted to see how they reacted, and the licked it up immediately.

I also see another application for these Kitty Sprinkles. If you’ve read me for any length of time, you know that I don’t recommend dry food for cats. But I also know that it can be challenging to transition some hard core dry food addicts to a grain-free canned or raw diet. I think these Kitty Sprinkles could provide incentive to even the most resistant kitty to try a better, healthier food.

Have you tried flavor enhancers for your cats? What has worked for you?

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  1. We’ve had great success with sprinkling nutritional yeast powder also called brewer’s yeast when our bottle raised feral cat goes through a finicky stage. Also when I was growing up in Texas, yeast powder and a tiny garlic powder sprinkle kept our animals flea and tick free

  2. Faraday will sometimes turn his nose up at his (wet) food, and I’ve used sprinkles similar to these – and 100% protein – for just that reason. It works like a charm! I’ll have to keep my eye open for this new brand, as I’m reaching the end of my current bottle.

  3. I would be interested in trying this product. My finicky cat Billy has given me a lot of experience in getting a cat to eat. I’ve tried all kinds of food enhancers- all the ones you mentioned Ingrid- but always get the “you’re trying to trick me” look from him and a refusal to eat. When we were transitioning him to canned food (after being a dry food junkie) the only thing that worked was giving him a couple of his favorite treats (Greenies) and then quickly putting the bowl of wet food under his nose. If I get him started eating something he likes he will continue eating things I put in front of him. I like the idea of giving the Sprinkles as a treat. Then maybe he won’t think I’m trying to trick him!

  4. Sometimes I just like to spoil them! This would definitely come in hand with a cat who isn’t eating for health reasons as well, always good to keep something on hand just in case.

  5. hi ingrid

    thanks for this recommendation! i use nutritional yeast that i sprinkle on top of the wet food – that works wonders 🙂


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