The Cat Crib, a hammock that fits underneath virtually any chair in your home, makes a great hiding and napping space for your cat. It is made from a sturdy fabric with a soft, microfiber type lining. It securely attaches to the chair legs with velcro straps and clamps.

The cat crib was an almost instant hit at our house. I had barely attached the hammock underneath a dining room chair when Ruby immediately checked it out. I think it took her about two minutes to curl up in the hammock. It’s become one of her favorite after breakfast and after dinner napping spots. The photo of her in her hammock below went viral on Facebook after I posted it on October 29, when hurricane Sandy blew through our area. I titled it “Ruby’s hurricane shelter.”


And now you can win a Cat Crib for your kitties – we’ll have three winners, and the winner gets to choose the hammock’s color! The Cat Crib comes in black, light brown, and purple.

To enter this giveaway, tell me in a comment why you’d like to win a Cat Crib, and which color you’d like. For an additional chance to win, share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest, and leave a separte comment for each social network, letting me know that you shared (no need to post the link to your share). This giveaway is only open to readers in the contiguous United States, and ends Thursday, December 20.

For more information about the Cat Crib and to purchase, please visit

151 Comments on Giveaway: Cat Crib cat hammock

  1. Another brilliant kitty invention! I would love to have this crib in our home for our 6 rescue cats who always want a new comfortable chill spot. I can see the two youngest curling up together in there…or definitely one of our torties, Elvis (who looks just like your Ruby) and Priscilla (her dilute sister), finding it to be a cozy nook. If we won one of these we would love it in black. …sharing to facebook now! Merry Christmas to Ruby and Allegra.

  2. I would like to win the purple one since my kitties are black, I think they would look cute in purple 🙂 But I think any color will be fine since it will be nice and cozy for them! They are always looking for cozy spots to nap 😉 Sharing this on my facebook page!

  3. I got an entire crew but especially, my furry boy, would LOVE this. Great idea! Blue would match his gorgeous eyes. Shared on Facebook! Thanks & Merry Christmas!

  4. My cat Trixie is always under the bed. but she has been coming around a bit more in the new house and has been sitting on one of the dining room chairs. I think this would be a great alternative for her. And for my other cats too. I would prefer the cat crib!

  5. I have six cats all of whom would absolutely love this hammock. My cats are my world & they make me happy everyday so it would be nice to give them an awesome hammock to lay on..thanks

  6. We have a very shy cat who would love to be able to hang out close to us yet still have his own space. I would love to have this in purple.

  7. Portia and Ginger think this is very cool!! They would love to win one and they say, in any color it is “pawsome”.

  8. I am a new Mom to Tippy and Tuffy three month old adoptees we are in love with. The shelter had a few of these and I NEVER saw one empty. I would love to have this for the girls!!!

  9. My Tortie, Betsy, would love this best. We have the kind that goes in a cardboard box, but that means there’s an ugly cardboard box next to my chair. It would be her favorite place!

  10. I would love to win a cat crib as I have 2 inside cats and they are constantly wanting what the other one has. Maybe if I had a Cat Crib there would be peace in my home. I just think it is the neatest thing since sliced bread!! I would love to have a “purple” one as that is my favorite color.

  11. I would love a neutral cat crib – a few of my 9 rescues are bush dwellers and love being under chairs, end tables, etc.

  12. This would be fabulous to win bc I’m stuck in a room w my 2 cats so any extra space would be great. I would choose purple.

  13. My kitty Tita would love to hide from her silly sister Sugar, a white mini-schnauzer, under the kitchen table. She would LOVE this crib. Hope we win!!!

  14. The kitty in the purple bed looks exactly like my ChiChi! I wish I could post a picture for you!
    Love, love, love – love!

  15. Kitties here would love a hammie like this to curl up in. We’ve moved and no longer have some of their favorite snuggle places available. Trying to re-establish kitty comfort spots for them. The kitties are thinking that purple would be a good color choice! Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. I know that all my four rescue cats will love this. I also know which one will claim it first! Bella the ex-feral kitten has made her own world by determinedly ripping up the underside of our box springs under the bed so she can get inside, and one of the armchairs too, where she literally hangs out sometimes. Shared on Facebook – and thanks for what you do for cats!

  17. I have 7 cats & this would be such a cool thing for them. Any time I get something new for them, they are so fascinated……They don’t really sleep in cat beds much but they would love this hammock! What a great idea! The purple one!!!

  18. Kiki and Jayda would love to win a purple cat crib just like Ruby and Allegra have! The girls would really enjoying “hanging out” in their crib 🙂

  19. My little girl has started trying to sleep under the couches, so I think this would be the perfect alternative for her!

  20. Our cat Messi would love a cat crib… she is always looking for a new place to take her ‘prey’ (socks, dusting cloths, and other dangerous things she has killed)! She would like black, it’s scariest for the prey.

  21. I think my tiny Oliver would like his own bed. He’s always trying to find a laundry basket to nap in, maybe this would keep him from decorating everything with his fur. (Probably not lol)

  22. This sounds like an awesome invention, so simple yet so useful. I often wonder why I don’t come up with things like this. Anyhow this would go great for our new kitten Saul, the other cats have pretty much staked out the cat trees and the cat beds so he’s always looking for somewhere to crash when he runs out of energy. I have no real preference for the color but the wife would probably like the purple one.

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