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Today’s giveaway is for one of the more unique products I’ve seen lately. The Cat Caller is a remote locator that goes on your cat’s collar. A. A wireless remote keychain transmits a unique signal to each individual receiver. There is also a “panic button” that sends a signal to all receivers at once. It is said to work through walls, closets, indoors and outdoors.

The Cat Caller was invented by Pat Hill. Like all good mothers, she worries about her babies. She got frustrated with her cats getting into the most unusual hiding places. They also seemed to have an uncanny way of knowing when she was getting ready to leave the house. We all know that there’s nothing worse than thinking that your cat might be trapped in a closet, or slipped outside unnoticed. Pat worked with an engineer for several years to figure out how to make a receiver that would attach to any collar, be bright enough to see, loud enough to hear and have a range just far enough to be able to do both. And of course, it couldn’t be a nuisance to the cat. The Cat Caller was the result of her research.

I could certainly use a cat tracker like this for Allegra! Ruby always comes when I call her, but Allegra is selective about responding. I still remember the day she hid inside our kitchen cabinets, and for a good twenty minutes, I thought I had lost her. Those twenty minutes felt like they took about twenty years off my life! A Cat Caller would have been handy then, that’s for sure.

If you’d like to try this for your own cats, enter our giveway to win a Cat Caller! Winner gets to choose between white, pink or blue.

To enter this giveaway, tell me about about your cat’s most creative hiding places in a comment. For an additional chance to win, tweet about this giveaway or share on Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest, and post a separate comment letting me know that you shared. This giveaway is only open to readers in the United States and Canada, and ends Thursday, December 6.

For more information and videos of the cat tracker in action, visit You can also find The Cat Caller on Facebook.

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  1. My kitty likes to get under the dining room table and then hop up onto one of the chairs. As the chairs are pushed up to the table and there’s a table cloth, it’s practically impossible to see him without crouching down and looking closely. It took me quite a while to discover this hiding spot!

  2. Oh my gosh this would be an absolute blessing because my sweet cat has become taken it upon herself to become the guardian for my darling chihuahua as he is now older, blind and almost deaf. He sometimes wanders around the house a bit lost and he will get himself wedged behind or under something. And kitty stays right there with him, and wont leave him until I come and find them both. My kitty use to come running when I called her name but one day she just stopped and at the same time I couldn’t find my adorable little old man either. I started to panic thinking, how in the world could they both have gotten out!? It wasn’t possible and I started looking behind everything in the house looking for both of them, thinking the worse. When I pulled out a little dresser to look behind it, I found my sweet little boy back there shaking and kitty was right there with him nuzzling him as if to reassure him. Since then everytime he gets up to walk around the house, she quietly gets up and follows him wherever he goes. Ive had to go looking for both of them a number of times since and I always find kitty right there with him, guarding him and keeping him safe and warm. I would place the Cat Caller on my sweet little girl and within moments I would always be able to locate them both! How wonderful that would be!

  3. One of my cats is a creative hider and has made me near crazy looking for him I would love this! One o fthe most creative hiding places in in a kitchen cupboard that appears that there is no way he could get in and close the door but he doeas!

  4. Mine likes to enter any door we open. I have no idea how she sneaks past me. I have locked her in the spare bedroom for 12 hours before. I thought to look for her a couple times, but thought “Oh, she’s here somewhere.” I freaked out by the end of it though and thought she got out when I let the dog out. This would have helped during the frantic half-hour search.

  5. Queenie just showed me the need for this product last night. We could not find her. We looked everywhere and rattled her bag of treats. No meow, no cat, nothing. My husband looked behind the couch and there she was. She refused to come out for treats and wouldn’t meow. She really worried us!

  6. I have 2 outdoor cats that we have to find and bring in at sundown or the coyotes may find them… We would live to try these to avoid the heat attack that is caused when we can’t find them as the sun sets.

  7. Queenie routinely hides in the kitchen cabinets with the pots and pans. Princess likes to hide in the cabinet above the refrigerator so Queenie will not disturb her nap.

    Queenie hides behind the couch when she really wants to hide or doesn’t want Princess to catch her in ‘cat chase’ games.

    Both Queenie and Princess have gone into the bedroom closet when my husband or I are selecting clothes to wear. We don’t see the cat for a few hours and then hear meowing coming from the closet or open the closet door to get something else and a cat wants out. Both cats want extra attention after having been forgotten in the closet by their own ‘cattitude.

    We always check when we leave to go out that we can see both cats to ensure they are not in the closet.

    This device sounds wonderful to solve this hiding problem all cats seem to be born with. 🙂

    I will share on Facebook and Twitter.

  8. What a great idea! We don’t know where our Tortie’s best hiding place is because she’s never revealed it to us. We’ll be tearing the house apart looking for her and she’ll come sauntering from a different direction every time. I use the locator on the phone, why not one on our beloved Stella? Thanks for the clever giveaway.

  9. One of my 3 furry babies seems to always know when it is time to go to the vet. Did I mention ALWAYS!!! She is a master at hiding and this time was the best she had ever done. On this particular day I had closed the doors to all the bedrooms, and even the bathrooms. I thought for sure this would work. Well, when it was time to leave I went to look for her and could not find her. I am certain when we closed the doors that she was not in any of the rooms, but somehow she must have made it into a bedroom and hid under a bed. Needless to say, we never made it to the vet that day. We looked and looked for her. After 4 hours of not seeing her, I was beginning to think maybe she ran out of door when my father came over. Later that evening, about 6 hours later, she finally appeared!!!!! I had never been so happy in all my life to see my sweet little Layla!!! Oh, how these would be wonderful for my 3 kitties. I don’t want the other 2 to take lessons from Layla. That would be bad, very bad!!!

  10. One of these would be great for us, there are two cats they would be handy for. Maia our little gray tabby sometimes gets outside and likes to go up on our patio awning or the roof. Speedy our older male will actually go into the cupboards above the kitchen counters so it’s next to impossible to find him. The worst place we ever had a cat hide was when our cat George got into the refridgerator.

  11. My cats best hiding place is in the bed. With the feather mattress, they hunker down and pull the heavy comforter over them (okay, I pull the heavy comforter over them) but they almost completely disappear. We once lost a cat in the laundry basket – lucky we found her before laundry day!

  12. I would love this for my Jynxx. He likes to hide under the bed and dresser, way in the back where I can’t see him.

  13. I would love to try this! I have 4 cats that all have unique hiding spots. Cindy and Vivian like to hide in my closet under my clothes, Violet likes to hide on my bed inbetween all the pillows and Cleo likes to be up high on top of things. It can be really hard trying to find everyone!

  14. Harvey, my cream tabby, loves to hide in the closet behind my luggage. He is just like Allegra and only response when he feels like it so if I don’t dig around the bedroom closet he may be trapped in there all day. I’ve had that happen before.

  15. This is pawsome! I could so use and would love this.

    My rescue kitty, Riddle, is the master hider. He has a lot of incredibly sneaky hiding places and when he gets in them, he will sleep and I won’t be able to find him….which usually leads to me panicking! His most recent hiding adventure was when I was about to leave for work, I looked to check on him before I left…and he wasn’t to be found! After nearly half an hour of turning everything over and scouring every nook and cranny, I turned around and he was sitting in middle of room blinking sleepily. I still didn’t know where he was at!

  16. I would love to have one of these (blue) Cat Callers for my boy Smokey! I refuse to leave the house for work in the morning without first locating him to make sure that he’s ok and tell him goodbye. He always runs off and hides, however, just in case my day’s agenda includes a trip to the vet for him, I suppose. His unique hiding places include on my bookshelf (hiding in plain sight), under my bed, behind the window blinds, and under the kitchen sink in the cabines. Thus, I need one of these! Lol.

  17. This is a very unique idea! I have never heard of this before. I love it! All 3 of my babies will hide under the bed. I have one that goes behind the couch. One of them will go in the bathtub and we keep the shower curtain closed, lol. They also lay on the chairs when I put a tablecloth on the table so you can’t see them. When I am trying to find one of them I have to look in all those places. Sometimes they will come when I call, but only when they want to or when they want to eat they come find me.


  18. My grey and white cat, Kool, has a hiding spot in our apartment that I have yet to discover. I’d love to use this product to locate him when he’s being difficult by hiding. My orange cat, HooDoo, usually comes when I call, but would still benefit from this product.

  19. The only one of my 5 indoor kitties that finds and uses real hiding spaces is my tortie, Ginger. Once, she had climbed up on a box in a closet that was rarely opened – I had had it open to change out some seasonal items. She got in when I wasn’t looking, apparently. When I was done with the closet, I shut the door and moved a chair back in front of it and went about my business. Later that night, I realized she was “missing” when she didn’t come to dinner. I went looking for her, becoming more and more frantic as she seemed to be nowhere in the house. Finally I remembered that I had had that closet open for a few minutes, moved the chair and opened the door, calling her name, and sure enough, there she was, blinking sleepily up at me from the top of a box, asking me, “What’s the matter, Mommy? I was just asleep!” Heart attack averted, I learned to always check closets for her, as those have become her favorite hiding spots. I even leave some closet doors open on purpose, now, just for Ginger. 🙂

  20. wE STILL Have not FOUND their outdoor hiding place. Indoors is behind the bed’, on the floor below the headboard. We use a flashlight to search back there, as the headboard is large and blocks our view. We cannot get the cat(s) out of there unless we take the mattress off. Outside, I think they sleep under the deck or the neighbor’s deck; I’d like to know.

  21. I have two cats. Leo is always around but Molly loves to hide in the house (in the tiniest spaces imaginable) she has also snuck out on a couple of occasions on us. She is usually easily located but on one occasion two years ago she was missing for 3 nights. I was devestated. She had escaped while one of us was going out (we watch her more closely now) and ran across some back yards and into an abandoned house that sits on the end of the new owners property. They had been working on the house during the day, Molly went in and got trapped for 3 days until they returned to work on it again. Nothing like this has happened since then and she hasn’t had any big escapades but the peace of mind would be wonderful. Thanks for reading

  22. This is a great idea! I have two cats, one always comes when called but my Silly Siamese is spotty at best responding when called. To be quite honest, I have no idea where he hides. And isn’t that his point? LoL I could use the caller to find him! It’s so hard to one up a cat!

  23. My cats love to hide in the closets when they have the opportunity! However, I would love to win this for the outside cat I’ve been caring for. I let him in at night ( he’s neutered) but he demands to go out every morning & visit all the neighbors.

  24. The absolute best place Bradley hid was on the bottom shelf in the pantry behind some tall jugs. I called and looked for what seemed like hours. Some of that time right in front of the shelf! I thought he’d escaped outside. Finally out he comes, when HE was ready. Occasionally we refer to Bradley as Eddie Haskel. If you’ve watched Leave it to Beaver you know what that means.

  25. I would love to have this i have 8 cats in and 3 out door and their are many time that am looking under beds,closets.I found one of my cats in my bran new box spring i would never have look their i called and called until i heard a cry i follow that cry and i can go on .I never heard of cat callers.I can truly use one for sure.

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