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When Tom Nazziola, the creator of Music My Pet, contacted me about reviewing some of the music he created specifically for animals to provide comfort and soothe anxiety, I was intrigued.

Nazziola’s music, ranging from film music to choral and orchestral pieces, has been performed around the world, as well as broadcast nationally and internationally on radio and television. But what really grabbed my attention was that Tom served as one of the principal performers for Disney’s award-winning Baby Einstein CDs and DVDs for more than 10 years. These CD’s and DVD’s are designed to enlighten and entertain children of all ages. “I’ve always been fascinated by the effects of music on people,” says Tom, “and I was curious as to how classical music in particular affects pets – especially those that suffer from anxiety.”

Studies have shown that pets respond favorably to classical music under stress-inducing situations and often slip into a very serene and peaceful state of mind after only a few minutes of listening. One study at  Colorado State University is even looking at how classical music can help make a veterinary visit less stressful.

Nazziola discovered that it is important to use music that maintains a soothing dynamic from start to finish, which is not the case with most “off-the-shelf” classical music. The arrangements on the Music My Pet cd’s feature soft piano and string versions of classical pieces and have been re-orchestrated using soothing sounds, chords and harmonies. I am absolutely in love with these cd’s.

Tom sent me three cd’s: Mellow Melodies, Classic Cuts, and Holiday Treats. I can’t say for sure whether Allegra and Ruby are more relaxed when I play the cd’s, but they’re not exactly leading stressful lives to begin with. But I can tell you that feel calmer and more peaceful after listening, and I have no doubt that these beautiful selections will work on stressed cats. And since our stress affects our pets, I’m all for something that calms both cats and their humans.

Right now, I’m particularly enjoying the Holiday Treats cd. I have a little ritual during the holidays: each night before I go to bed, I spend half an hour or so in quiet contemplation. I turn off all the lights in my living room except for those on the tree, and I simply sit by the tree and enjoy the lights, ornaments, and the profound sense of peace these moments bring. Usually, Ruby joins me in my lap; on very rare occasions, Allegra graces me with some lap time, too. The beautiful arrangements of Holiday Treats has become one of my favorite cd’s to play during that time.

Any of these cd’s would make a great holiday gift for the cat lovers on your list. In fact, you could make a little relaxation gift package for the cats and humans on your list by combining the cd’s with a little catnip for the kitties and some relaxing bath salts or tea for the human.

For more information, to listen to samples, and to purchase, please visit

These cd’s were sent to me by MusicMyPet. Receiving the complimentary copies did not influence my review.

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  1. Thank you for the review! This is a must have – more for the woman than the cats, but when she is calm, we are all calm. Definitely will order!

  2. Hi Ingrid,

    I am a big fan of Tom’s music and wanted to point your readers in the direction of which has FREE MP3 players available to registered 501 (c)3 shelters. There is music from Music My Pet and many other artists. The rescue I volunteer with requested and received one and the difference it made in the dog kennel was fantastic, barking turned to silence and relaxation. As I said unfortunately the player is free only to registered non-profits not individuals but I am going to try to contact someone there and see if they would make them available for sale to the public. I am sure you have many readers who are associated with or have rescues and they might want to look into this project. Thanks for all you do. Kathie and the Kat Haven Gang

  3. That’s very interesting.

    My human and I love to listen to Rachmaninoff.
    My human’s Mom likes to listen to Pavarotti but when I was around and she would put a CD of him (well, sung by him) I would run to the bed and hide under the covers. Every time! Of course, after three times, she **got** that I didn’t like it and stop listening to him when I was with her!

    I’ll ask my human to check these CDs!


    • Allegra and Ruby have pretty discerning musical tastes, too, Texas. Anything too loud, or too much of a bass line is a no no – I have to limit playing that type of music in the car.

  4. once again you made me smile! When I was married to my ex and used to decorate for Christmas…one of my most FAVORITE things to do was to turn out all lights (except for those that we had on the tree and around the living room…we hung lights everywhere lol) and I used to just sit and think and watch the snow fall outside.
    These CD’sound like the purrfect holiday gifts!

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