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Grace from The Tiniest Tiger, a popular blog about cats both big and small, will be heading to Beverly  Hills to join celebrities at the Emmy Red Carpet Celebrity Gift Suite. She’ll be tweeting live from the event as she and her human, Joanne McGonagle, meet and mingle with the stars, and Allegra, Ruby and I are going to join in on the fun!

And you can participate, too! You’re invited to a Red Carpet Cat Twitter Party on Wednesday, September 19 from 5:30 – 7:00pm Pacific Time. This party will feature The Tiniest Tiger on the red carpet as they debut their new The Tiniest Tiger Tote Bag to the stars. And we’re very excited about this, because the bags contain, in addition to many other fabulous things, one of our beautiful Buckley’s Story bookmarks!

Participating in the Red Carpet Cat Twitter party is easy, just pop on over to The Tiniest Tiger and add your Twitter handle to the RSVP list. You will have a chance to tweet and mingle with the stars right along with Gracey, and you’ll be eligible for fantastic giveaways every 10 minutes!

And if you can’t make the Twitter party, you can still have a chance to win. Stay tuned for more information on how you can win one of the same special Tiniest Tiger Tote bags filled with lots of goodies from sponsors that the celebrities receive!

Joanne McGonagle, a zoologist and author of The Tiniest Tiger, just returned from Namibia where she studied at the Cheetah Conservation Fund. In July of 2011 she lived among lions and the Maasai in Kenya as part of a Global Field Master of Zoology program. The Tiniest Tiger’s Conservation Cub Club cares about all cats big and small and has raised over  $30,000 to help both domestic and big cats program.

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  1. It is hard to say what show is my favorite of my favorites as there are a few. I guess if I had to pick a very favorite I would say Parenthood. It is touching, funny and deals with family relationships in a very meaningful way. Unfortunately no cats although one of the characters, a boy with Aspergers, is desperately wanting a dog. Anyway I would definitely get use out of this tote as I use one everyday for work.

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