Ola Liola cat print

I can’t recall where on my online travels I first saw the art of Ola Liola, but her stunning prints definitely made an impression.

Ola Liola was born in the Ukraine and grew up surrounded by incredible majestic nature. When she was 16, she moved to Israel with her family, where she studied design at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. She is a freelance illustrator and fashion accessory designer. Working in fashion drove her to create through questions. How could emotion be expressed with color? How could thoughts, feelings or special events be relayed through visual expression?

Ola Liola cat print

Her images of animals emerged as a result of these questions. The illustrations are hand drawn and scanned in high resolution. She uses  water colors and ink, and occasionally black pen lines.

For more of Ola Liola’s stunning artwork, and to purchase, please visit her Etsy shop and her website.

Ola Liola cat art

Ola Liola has generously offered to give away one of her limited edition cat prints to one lucky winner. Winner gets to choose the print.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment and tell me why you’d like to win, and which print you would choose. For an additional chance to win, tweet about this giveaway or share on Facebook, and post the link in a separate comment. This giveaway ends Thursday, August 16. This giveaway is open to readers everywhere.

95 Comments on Giveaway: Limited edition cat art from Ola Liola

  1. I would love love to win one of the art pieces and would proudly display it in my home! I will also write about the kitty art on Examiner.com where I am an Entertainment and Family examiner. Thanks very kindly for the consideration. Will share this also on Facebook. My kitty is nearly ten-years-old, and his name is Cheeto. This week, he won the Cat vs. Dog contest on the WCIU website! He was rescued from a dumpster late 2002. I have had him for nearly eighteen months, truly the best time of my life. He is my first kitty as an adult and I strongly encourage all to adopt older kitties when they can!!! Thanks very much for this consideration.

  2. They are all so beautiful! The Sunset Cat or the Twins are wonderful! Our 1st cat was an orange tabby named Amber! Mario is a black & tan tabby & we have 2 calicos. I would love any of her creations!


  3. I like many of the prints, but first choice would be the Sunset Cat followed by #16-Blue Cat, then #17 with the Sleepy Dandelion Cat family and finally #42 the Owl. I too was involved in cat rescue and currently have 12 indoors and 2 outside ferals…I am always looking for that painting/drawing/print that “captures” the cat…

  4. I love the “Sunset cat” print…but there is also something about the way the “Cozy & Curious” cat tilts her head that I just love. So I think I would have to go with that one. Anyways…I love the color combos in these pieces…so alive! Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. These prints are absolutely beautiful. Love the colors. My favorite is Sunset, the pink w/blue eyes is stunning. I would love to have this!
    Thanks for the drawing!!!

  6. Hello!
    It is really hard to choose but I think that I would choose the 18 cozy and curious print. I work in a feline-only veterinary hospital and I would love to have one of these framed in the front lobby!

    Thank you!
    Dru Jackson

  7. Her work is stunning! I love all of the animal subjects she chose, but cats reign supreme in our house, so I would have to say Blue Cat is my favorite!

  8. They are all absolutely lovely, but I like the orange colored one pictured above the best. It would look so nice in the new home we are moving into in about 16 months along with all of our kitties!

    Thank you!

  9. I am commenting again, I just showed these to my daughter and this is the artist that she bough wonderful pictures from for Christmas 2 years ago (I knew they looked familiar, I have a bear, fox and an owl) there is such detail and beauty in them. Good luck!!

  10. I would love to win the print of the 2 sleeping cats. They remind me of my mom’s 2 cats that slept on her bed during the time she was dying of breast cancer. They were such a calming influence to us caring for mom and more importantly to mom during her process of dying.

  11. I have been rescuing cats for as long as I can remember, I have 13 but I still pick up strays and hurt animals and find good homes for them, always requiring spaying and neutering that I will gladly get done if someone cant afford it. I am by far a cat person!…As well as other animals. If I win a print I would prefer the first one listed, or the second…but if I got the third I would not be unhappy 🙂

  12. Such beautiful work! I would probably ask for Sunset Cat as the prize and would have to buy 16 and 18 to go with her! What talent.

  13. Beautiful art!
    I would love to win Blue Cat 🙂 We need a beautiful piece of artwork for our living room wall. This would be perfect! 🙂
    Thanks for a great contest!

  14. Would love to win one if the fabulous pieces. I like the blue cat! I just redid my guest bathroom & in blue & cream 7 am still looking for some artwork to go in there!

  15. I absolutely love “Harvest Owl”. It would be great to win because I have a perfect blank spot on my wall that it would brighten up.

  16. I would love Sunset cat. I would love to win as I obviously love cats and my walls have no art, this would certainly help create a beautiful room.

  17. Cat Face! That cat looks so much like my baby; the blue eyes are so entrancing. I’m moving to a new house next week and am completely re-doing my home decor style. This print would be astounding in Misty’s room.

  18. I would choose the Lacey twins as well. The cats almost seem to be wearing Scandinavian sweaters! And I have a soft spot for orange tabbies. . . I’ve had two, Rupert and Max, who were near and dear to my heart.

    The designs remind me of the Ukrainian Easter eggs. Her work is beautiful and the prices more than reasonable.

  19. I love the brilliant colors of all of Ola’s work..I am a cat lover and was introduced to Ola’s work on Facebook..Ola’s artwork would make a fantastic tattoo..I would love to the win the print Sunset..wonderful colors plus its a cat

  20. I’d love to win the one with the two orange cats. Sitting side by side with flowers. I enjoy and appreciate beautiful works of art. Particuarly with cats.

  21. I’d choose the Lacey twins print for the cat room of our house. Its needs some feline art to bring it together.

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