When it comes to cat loungers and scratchers, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything better than the Brawny Cat line.

The original BrawnyCat Scratch’n Slumber Comfort Lounge was designed by Andrew Lesko for his 25-pound cat when he found that “she loved to lounge on her cardboard cat scratcher. It was just her natural spot to hang out on. Her own scent, left by her scratching activity, gave her a sense of ownership and comfort. Not that it was comfortable. It was flat and small (for her). She needed something larger that would also give her more comfort.”

He couldn’t find anything in stores that worked for her, so he decided to design his own. “My prerequisites were that it would be oversized and accommodating for cats of all sizes, be super comfortable, and incorporate a heavy duty, long lasting scratching pad that was also reversible and replaceable. It would be earth friendly, elevated, and have a hidden storage space for kitty toys which would also collect cat scratching residue flakes to keep floors clean.”


In addition to being fantastic from a feline’s point of view, these scratch lounges are also beautiful! Here’s what you get with these lounges:

• Gorgeous Smooth-Sanded Authentic Cedar Wood Frame. Brawny Cat puts old growth, reclaimed, Pacific Northwest Western red cedar to good use. The sweet aroma of cedar is as natural as it gets!

• Ultra Hardy honeycomb cardboard scratching surface from the symmetrical, sculpted, reversible, replaceable Comfort Padlet.

• Tail Slots & Footsy Rests. A girl’s got to have the finer accomodations so Brawny Cat oblidges. Fun for boy kitties too!

• Sculpted Side Bolsters. These are magical for kitties that desire a cat scratch lounge that will put their slumbering abilities to good use.

• Off the Floor Elevation. Why Scratch’n Slumber on your Comfort Lounge if you can be elevated and feel like the Royal Kitty that you are. Stainless Steel leg glides are capped with floor-safe felt pads.

• Hidden Storage Area / Cardboard Residue Collector. This is a cat guardian favorite because not only does this area store your kitty’s toys, grooming brushes, catnip and other things – it also keeps cardboard scratching residue off the floor or carpet.

• Room for Two – Brawny Cat’s Comfort Lounge is great for even the biggest kitty or for kitty pals who like to hang out together.

Enter our giveaway to win one of these fabulous lounges for your cats  – a $198 value!

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment and tell me why you’d like to win. For an additional chance to win, tweet about this giveaway or share on Facebook, and post the link in a separate comment. This giveaway ends Thursday, August 2. Due to high shipping costs, this giveaway is limited to readers in the United States.

The winner will get to choose the wood for their lounge. Choices are Natural Cedar, Dark Mocha or Dark Cherry as shown on the Brawny Cat website. For more information about these loungers, and to purchase, please visit BrawnyCat.

Photo of Petunia on her Brawny Cat Lounge by Robin Olson, used with permission.

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217 Comments on Giveaway: Brawny Cat Original Comfort Lounge

  1. I would like to win this because I have awesome kitties who deserve only the best. And this looks like the best cat bed ever!

  2. I have recently adopted a special needs Persian kitten, Roman. He was born with one normal eye and one very tiny eye. He may not be beautiful in the eyes of others, but to me he is the most beautiful kitten in the world!! His loving personality makes his handicap invisible… I think he deserves to have the best that I can offer. So I’m entering this contest for him. Thank you

  3. I have always wanted a ‘Scratch and Sleep’ for my cat, hehe. Love the quality of this bed. So would my cat…

  4. My three cats would love to have the brawny original comfort lounge! I have a stand up scratcher that only my female cat uses. I have two cardboard floor scratchers that my 2 male cats use. They love to dig the cardboard to the point where I have pieces all over the house. Sometimes they even get in the mood to chew the corners of it. This would be ideal for them because they would be able to scratch without as much mess. Also, they like to lay on the cardboard scratch boxes and this would be so comfortable for them. They would be in heaven if they had this. Unfortunately I can’t afford to buy it due to health, financial problems so unless I win it I can only dream. Of course I won’t tell my cats about it and get their hopes up! 🙂

  5. I have 4 cats who would love this! Rescued all 4 and they’re amazing creatures. They deserve something like this. Thank you.

  6. My kitties would dearly love something like this.
    We just had to do a little spring cleaning and remove some of their
    worn out toys and scratchers, and I haven’t been able to replace them yet.

  7. I want to win this because it is an AWESOME prize. My cat, Thomas, would absolutely LOVE it!!! He is a rescue, and he lived a tough life in the beginning. He deserves the BEST!

  8. I would love to win this for my 2 babies. They are always sleeping on top of one another and this would be a great place for them to hang out and cuddle up! Thank you for the chance to win!

  9. I have a kitty who loves lounging on the foor(or paper bags) and this would be perfect for her! Please consider me in the drawing for this lounger!

    Thank you!

  10. If only I were a kitty! Looks soooo comfortable. My tag-team siblings would love it (and hopefully share!) Such a lovely item…

  11. I have one cat who loves to sleep in baskets so I think he’d appreciate having his own lounger.

  12. My oldest, Demon, has had a really rough year-first excessive vomiting, then diagnosed with pancreatitis, he has to eat prescription food which he hates, and then he somehow lost his front top teeth between the canines with no sign of disease or injury. He could use a special bed of his own.

  13. How wonderful to be given the chance to win this fabulous Comfort Lounge! A most regal Lounge for the kings and queens of lounge. I can imagine all three of our cats, Dude, Miss Thang, and Silas, relaxing on the Lounge all at the same time. They would love it! So much in fact, we would have to put the Comfort Lounge on our laps!
    Thank you so much for this opportunity, and congratulations to the winner!

  14. I would love to win this for my 5 cats Trey, DJ, CeCe, PoohBear and Miss Prissy.

    They would love to take turns lounging around on this.

  15. This is an absolute gorgeous piece of furniture! I would love to win this for Montana. He would love to relax on this while watching the birds in the yard!

  16. What cat wouldn’t want one of these! It’s super. Like the custom king size bed at the luxury hotel. I’d love to my cats on these.

  17. Oh, this lounger would be so nice for our foster meezers! We foster for Virginia Siamese Rescue, ( – Right now we have Bella (VA8683) and she is so very unhappy. She’s been in at least 3 homes and the Humane Society in the past couple of years. At just over 4 years old, she’s a beautiful seal point girl and a lounger might help her relax. She is our 40th foster over the past 5 years or so and is the most upset meezer we’ve ever had.

    I feel so bad for her – her world is upside down again. She’s so upset that I can’t even pick her up to hold her.


  18. it’s as luxurious as it can get (says my Kitty Tuna)
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  19. This is a wonderful prize giveaway!

    My husband and I rescued an abandoned mother cat who birthed five kittens in our backyard. We kept the mama cat and two kittens, and the other three kittens were adopted out to wonderful homes. After 1 1/2 years, one of the adoptive owners needed to give her boy kitten back to us, and we eagerly brought him back into our home…his forever home now.

    Now with four cats, we could sure use a scratcher and lounger such as this in order to offer our cat crew a variety of places to scratch ‘n nap!

  20. I would love to have this for my kitties! It is not only beautiful, it’s practical and fun for the kitties. I think the drawer underneath it is a great idea. And reversible, and made with real wood sides! What a nice piece of kitty furniture!

  21. I would love this for my sweet cat Pumpkin. He was born with 3 legs and is amazing. He lost his older brother Teddy in May and has had a rough time with that. He is very loving, gentle, adorable and I know he would absolutely love the Brawny Cat Original Comfort Lounge. I think he truly deserves special comfort since losing his best friend. Also, he gives me constant comfort and unconditional love .

  22. I have 5 kitties and they all love to lounge on scratchers! This one would be perfect for my kitty Surrey! She is a big girl! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  23. Our old guy Puff would love his own throne. Outside all his life, he has recently joined the indoor brigade, but hangs out on the steps to the food dishes. This beautiful Comfort Lounge would be perfect for him!

  24. My furkids love chairs; any size any shape. They would love to have one especially designed just for them — and I might actually be able to sit on my couch again!

  25. This is the coolest and we would love to have the Comfort Lounge! Scooter was given a little box-type scratch pad, and she uses it but also loves to sleep on it. Her feet hang out one end, and even though the thing is only 1″ high, she actually fell “out of bed” one night while watching TV with us. This would definitely be great for her.

  26. I have a senior kitty with some mobility issues after years of diabetes…he’d totally dig having his own place to relax.

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