One of the paws down best parts of this year’s BlogPaws conference in Salt Lake City, UT was the Catification Lounge, brought to us by Miss Moderncat Kate Benjamin and Cat Daddy Jackson Galaxy.

Picture an entire hotel ballroom full of cat furniture, cat toys, and other cat paraphernalia – the definition of paradise for cat lovers. Kate has some great photos of the lounge on Moderncat. Everything on display was given away to some very happy winners. I won a Moderncat Scratch Tower, which I had shipped since it was most definitely too big to fit into my suitcase.

Allegra and Ruby got very excited when I told them that the bix box that had just arrived was for them. As soon as I opened it, they both went to investigate. I had barely taken out the Scratch Tower when Allegra immediately put it to the test and had a nice long scratch. She gives it four paws up: the unusual design really intrigued her, and she kept trying to scratch from different angles and heights.


 Ruby, on the other hand, was more interested in trying to get the red ball at the top of the post to move. She was unsuccessful, but that didn’t stop her from trying over and over. The top does unscrew so you can replace the cardboard as needed, but unfortunately for Ruby, you do need opposable thumbs to do that.

I love that the girls love this scratcher – but I also love that it looks so gorgeous. It’s not just a cat scratching post, it’s like a piece of sculpture. Okay, maybe you have to really love cats to consider this a work of art – but like all of Moderncat’s offerings, it’s so much nicer than your average cat scratching post.

Want one for your kitties? You can purchase the Scratch Tower in Moderncat’s Esty Shop.

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6 Comments on Allegra and Ruby love their Scratch Tower from Moderncat

  1. I like Ruby’s outlook on things: persistence pays off, or at least it gives you something to do, which is also an important aspect of catification! But mostly I like the determined expression on her face. She is left-pawed, too.

    It is a very interesting design, I just wonder how long it would last with these six, all of whom LOVE cardboard and use it even if it isn’t in the form of a scratcher, like my vertical stack of cardboard sheets I use to make boxes for shipping, “broken in” on all sides…I think I remember reading that the cardboard construction on these was more durable than the usual.

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